How to Outsmart Your PPC Competition

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DESCRIPTION - This presentation covers the elements of piloting a successful PPC campaign while getting ahead of your competitors. You'll learn how to bid on branded terms, trademark policy issues, and tools we recommend.


  • 1.How to Outsmart Your PPC CompetitionJon Lisbin Founder Maria Nikishyna Sr. Client ManagerDecember 16th, 2009

2. About Point ItPresentation Agenda Launched in April 2002 Seattles largest independentsearch marketing firm PPC & SEO 12 team members, 40+ yrsof SEM experience Servicing clients across allverticals and revenuemodels 3. Competitive Intelligence Presentation Agenda 4. Todays Agenda Presentation Agenda Bidding on Branded Terms: Yours and Theirs Google, Yahoo, Bing Trademark Policies Whitehat, grayhat, blackhat PPC Tools we recommend 5. Your Branded Terms Presentation AgendaWhy bid on your branded terms? Drive other listings lower on the page Ensure you have the correct messaging Drive traffic to the right landing page Capture misspells Avoid Affiliate Arbitrage Branded terms are usually cheap 6. Branded TermsAgenda Presentation - Mispells 7. Presentation AgendaSearch Engine Trademark Policies 8. How Does it Look? Paid ResultsOrganic resultsPage 8 9. Do you want their branded terms? Page 9 10. What your competitors may do Page 10 11. Google Local 12. Blackhat PPC Examples 13. Competitive ToolsPresentation&Agenda Coverage RankJan 09 14. Competitive ToolsPresentation&Agenda Coverage RankFeb 09 15. Competitive ToolsPresentation&Agenda Coverage RankMar 09 16. Competitive ToolsPresentation&Agenda Coverage RankApr 09 17. Competitive ToolsPresentation&Agenda Coverage Rank May 09 18. Competitive ToolsPresentation AgendaBudget Comparison 19. Competitive ToolsPresentationSEO PPC VSAgenda 20. Competitive ToolsPresentation Agenda Spyfu KW Overlap 21. Competitive ToolsPresentation Agenda Spyfu KW Overlap 22. Competitive InsightsPresentation 23. Competitive InsightsPresentation 24. Competitive InsightsPresentation AgendaGoogle Apps for Salesforce 25. Competitive Tools Presentation AgendaGA Network Location Report 26. Competitive Tools Presentation AgendaGA Network Location Report 27. Free ToolsGoogle and Yahoo Alerts Competitor insights that you may have otherwise overlooked and not been aware of.Keyword Typo Generator Great for creating misspells of branded terms. 28. Paid Tools Free Trial, Pricing starts at$199/month. Depends on the # ofkeywords you monitor. Trademark monitoringis more expensive. Monthly Subscription $59.95,Annual $395 29. Q&AJon: JonL@pointit.comMaria: