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Is your email inbox overflowing? Do you feel hopelessly overwhelmed by the amount of email you are dealing with? Attend this seminar and learn how to become an email ninja with Inbox Zero! In this seminar, you will learn how to: * Keep your inbox empty * Become more productive using email * Check email less often * Lower your stress level * Ensure nothing falls through the cracks Following this seminar, you will be able to implement this system immediately and start feeling good about your email.


  • Inbox Zero HOW TO BECOME an Email Ninja Your email management process will never be the same again PRESENTED BY: MICHAEL REYNOLDS

Michael Reynolds About Michael: President / CEO of SpinWeb Cellist Sushi connoisseur Tennis player Marketing/tech nerd Special Thanks Concepts pioneered by DAVID ALLEN and MERLIN MANN. The Problem Inbox Count How Many Messages (would you guess) are sitting in your inbox right now: ! 0-20 21-100 101-500 500-1,000 Over 1,000 help! Email is Just a Medium Managing Email Means: ! Convert actions Process to zero Only 4 folders Working in Contexts Context Includes: ! Writing Processing On the phone Running errands In meetings Multi-tasking is a myth Keep Email Closed Unless you are acting on it How Scary Is It To Close Your Email For Hours at a Time: ! Sound like a nice break to me! It might freak me out but Ill give it a try No way! What if I miss something important?! How to Act on Email Delete (or archive) Delegate Respond Defer Do Delete Ask: ! Will you ever really do anything about it? If not, delete (or archive) it Dont feel bad about being realistic Any modern email system can handle a large archive of email (i.e. Google Mail, MS Exchange) Use search to recover archived email Delegate Is it more ecient for someone else to deal with it? If so, delegate it, CC yourself, and place a copy in your Waiting For folder. Respond Can you respond in 2 minutes or less? If so, go ahead and respond. Then delete or archive. Defer When to Defer: ! Will it take longer than 2 minutes to deal with? If so, defer it Place it in Action Required or Someday Maybe folder Place it on a todo list (then delete/archive) Warning! Do not let Action Required get out of control! Do Can you act on this message in 2 minutes or less? Then DO IT! ! Then, delete/archive. Email Actions Choose One: ! Delete/archive Delegate Respond Defer Do Four Folders No More, No Less: ! Action Required Archived Someday/Maybe Waiting For Aaaaaahhhhhh Mobile? Considerations: ! Ok to process inbox Make sure mail is synced Can make it easy to cheat Catch up later Turn O Notications! Dont let set your phone to constantly blow up with new email notications. Youll be in a state of constant distraction. Work in Oine Mode Eliminate distractions of incoming email while you work through folders. Migration to Inbox Zero Steps: ! Create your 4 folders Organize all other folders into them Delete other folders Freak out Set aside a block of time to process Inbox Enjoy your state of Zen How Scary is the Thought of Eliminating Your Folders? Freak Out Level: ! No big deal when do we start? Not sure if I feel comfortable with this Yikes! I'm twitching just thinking about it! Ive already logged o of this webinar because I simply cant imagine a world without my 87 folders Multiple Accounts? No problem. Use the same system for each account. Inbox Zero is Not a Perfect System Its a state of mind Go Forth Questions Contact information: ! Michael Reynolds: