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Email marketingWine & WebAugust 25, 2015

Email Marketing an overviewWhats Your Why?DeliverabilityWhy it mattersThe Deliverability BurgerAcquisitionGrowing ListsOnline, Social, Physical, MobileOptimized DesignEmail Client Market ShareMobile designCTAs, Subject lines Content ExamplesWelcome SendingNewslettersSales / RetailEvent-basedMeasuring Results

Lisa Trifone | @LisaBeesaCurrently: Marketing & Publicity, Music Box FilmsPreviously: Marketing Consultant, ExactTargetClients: LiveNation, Scion, Driscolls Berries

Whats your why?Email Marketing is still the highest ROI in the digital marketing space.

Mission TO accomplish

Decide what you want to accomplish with email from your overall program to every single email you send, and build the program to that goal.Sales? Event attendance? Community newsletter? Informative update? Regulated communicationson and on..4


DeliverabilityISPs (service provider) are keeping an eye on what you send, and to whom.

They know how much of it bounces, andhow many complaints it generates.If you send unwanted mail, or send to bad listsit will get blocked.

An undelivered email is business lost.


So do it right.6

The deliverability hamburger

Yes. Hamburger.

Email Marketing programs need a home. There are basic services & low-cost solutions the white buns.

If you plan on a more robust program or high-volume sending, consider a service thats more whole wheat or brioche.

Hamburger Buninfrastructure

CheeseAn IP identifies a sender and builds trust in the inbox.

Once in place, it should stay where it is, keeping your email program together.

Try removing the cheese thats melted onto the burgerIp performance

TomatoesAn old, mushy tomato will ruin a burger!

Old, bad data is exactly the same. Gain permission not everyone likes tomatoes and keep lists healthy.

Scrap the old tomatoes!List hygiene

SauceA high amount of spice (spam traps/spam words) wont sit well with some people spam filters are the same.

Thresholds and tolerance should be factored when creating your burger.content

PicklesTheres an optimal amount of on a hamburger -too many and it ruins the overall taste of the burger.

Likewise with Complaints, too many will lead to poor sender reputation.complaints

MeatThe meat of the burger engagement with your program is the single most important part.

Engagement is exactly the same, without it, deliverability suffers.engagement

The deliverability hamburger

Now you know.


Acquisition opportunities

Sales PersonnelTransactionKioskIn-StoreText to JoinFB Custom AudiencesFB Social PagesTwitter Lead-Gen CardsSocialCross-Channel SweepsOnlinePartnerships / E-Comm SitesGoogle SearchSimple Email CapturePopoversSlide-up requestsLightboxes

Website placementMake opt-in prominent, compelling, and everywhereFooter is OK, header is betterPersistent on every pageEliminate friction in the opt-in processProvide an incentive to actBriefly explain your why

Pop-oversWhen done right, pop overs can be extremely effective.Key success factors:Simple and easy formsCompelling reasons to sign upSmart interactive coding/business rules

Social sign-up

Facebook email signup: CTA on pageHousekeeping postsSponsored posts

Twitter email signup: Test posts with and without imagesLead Gen cardsHousekeeping posts

In-store / physical

Mobile opt-in

Content & optimization

Have list. Will send.Design considerationsOptimizing content through testingSubject Lines Email examples

Consider the audienceDesign for your audience for how theyll experience your email and what you want them to do with it.

Performance driven designGuide the subscribers eyes through the email, and get the conversion with clickable link styling

Primary call-to-actionAdds prominence withButton treatmentSecondary calls-to-action usingLinked textHeadlines using size and color to create hierarchyQuick Bites or summaries for easy consumptionText wraps at less than 400px wide for legibilitySocial optionsPreheader Teaser Text Background coloroffsets content for legibility

Mobile awarePlan the mobile experience without a specialized setup.

Highlights: single column hero, big images, text & buttons.

Nail the subject linePique curiosity. State the facts. Dont bury the lede. Ideally a subject line would be less than 50 characters, mobile truncates at 40 charactersVary subject lines to avoid fatigueUse caps and symbols. Sparingly.Consider your pre-header as an extension of your subject line, especially for the mobile user

Look at emails on your phone for inspiration!

Tests are your friendPersonalization Short vs. LongSymbol vs. No SymbolOvert CTA vs. No CTAButton Placement, Color, LanguageImages / Video

Welcome MessagingHere's who I am,here's why you signed up,here's what you can expect from me,here's the ongoing value you'll receive from our relationship,and here's how to get more out of our interactions.

Welcome seriesUshers the subscriber through a process, an education or an offer.

newslettersLots of information, organized and encapsulated.Employs a hierarchy of content determined by the sender.


One call to action.

Zero distractions.

Holiday & occasion sends


Measuring resultsRemember the Why?Measure to THATComparison is the kiss of death.Is your program meeting your goals?Plan the ReviewMonthly, quarterly put it on the calendarThere is no set it and forget itAn email program takes ongoing maintenance

Thank you!Lisa Trifone@LisaBeesa