Getting Emails Delivered in the World of the Intelligent Inbox

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<ul><li> 1. Getting Emails Deliveredin the World of the Intelligent Inbox<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. About Silverpop<br />1,400+ customers<br />Across 38 countries<br />24 billion emails sent per annum across our customer base<br />97% avg. deliverability rate<br /> 3. Why spend 45 minutes today talking about deliverability?<br /> 4. Because it isnt a technical issue<br /> 5. Its a business issue<br /> 6. Just how big of an issue is it?<br /> 7. <br />It could be a 400,000 problem for your business<br /> 8. Lets do the maths<br />25,000,000 emails per annum <br /> X 0.10 revenue per email sent<br />==============================<br /> 2,500,000revenue per annum <br />==============================<br />Average industry delivery rate 85%<br />375,000left on the table (undelivered)<br /> 9. Not convinced?<br /> 10. Lets do the different maths<br />You spend 50,000 per annum on email marketing<br /> X 47 per 1 spent in return<br />==============================<br /> 2,350,000revenue per annum <br />==============================<br />Average industry delivery rate 85%<br />352,500left on the table (undelivered)<br /> 11. What makes for good deliverability?<br /> 12. Art<br />Science<br /> 13. 14. Its all about Engagement<br /> 15. Each ISP has their own rules for using reputation to determine inbox placement.<br />Yahoo!<br />Hotmail<br />Gmail<br />Comcast<br />AOL<br /> 16. Unknown User<br />Spam Trap<br />Complaint<br /> 17. How Can I Improve Engagement?<br />17<br /> 18. Welcome Series<br /> 19. 20. Promote Update in Welcome Email<br /> 21. Optimising Delivery Time<br /> 22. Little TikesIncreased metrics across the board with Send Time Optimization<br />Overview<br />Regular weekly promotional email<br />Established open and click rate trends<br />Results on first send<br />Open rates increased 20%<br />Click rates increased 30%<br />Total revenue generated increased 75%<br />Average value per order grew 35%<br />Using Silverpops Send Time Optimization feature has allowed Little Tikes to take a more sophisticated approach to our email marketing with no extra effort on our end.--JulieGibson Email Coordinator, Little Tikes<br /> 23. EncyclopaediaBrittanicaEncyclopaediaBrittanicasolves decade-old marketing dilemma of when to send an email by using Silverpops Send Time Optimization feature<br />Business Challenges<br />Finding an innovative way to boost sales for its online store<br />Targeting emails to their customers specific window for purchasing<br />Overview of Solution/Benefits<br />The company first tested the feature in an email alerting its 120,000 subscribers to the companys Spring Sale.The results included: <br />20-46% increase in open rates<br />30-50% increase in click rates<br />30% increase in total number of orders per campaign<br />EB has now made STO a standard in their campaigns<br />If I can get to our email subscribers when they want to hear from me, that made a lot of sense to me. It gave me a competitive advantage.<br /></p> <ul><li>-Kassie Stephenson Adams</li></ul> <p>Director of Consumer Marketing and Campaign Management, EncyclopaediaBrittanica<br /> 24. Preference Centres<br /> 25. Master the art of Email Marketing Ju-Jitsu<br /> 26. Take a break. Hit Snooze.<br />3-5 per cent decrease in unsubscribes.<br /> 27. Worry (a lot) about your Reputation<br /> 28. Infrastructure<br />List Hygiene<br />Complaints<br />IP Permanence<br />Message Quality<br />Engagement<br />Reputation is a set of metrics based on your sending behaviour<br /> 29. But how do I knowwhat my sender reputation is?<br /> 30. 31. Authentication<br /> 32. Types of Authentication<br />SPF (Sender Policy Framework)<br />Sender ID<br />DomainKeys<br />DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)<br /> 33. Why we need authentication<br /></p> <ul><li>Spoofing </li></ul> <p> 34. Phishing 35. Spam</p>