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    Vol. 11 No. 2

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    4 Metabolic SyndromeDr. Hister looks at an everincreasing and life threateninghealth condition that affects upto 1-3 Americans.

    5 Top Health productsGreat selection of products tohelp you live a better life.

    6 Macular DegenerationPeoples Pharmacist Ian Lloyddiscusses the prevention andtreatment of age related maculardegeneration.

    7 Vitamins & SupplementsGreat savings on quality healthand wellness supplements fromPeoples Pharmacy.

    9 Pharmacist RecommendedHealth news on the heart healthbenefits of a fish diet. Read aboutMelatonin and how this bodyhormone may help you sleep.

    14 Maximizing EnergyDarlene Booth offers daily tipson how to add a bounce to yourstep and your everyday life.

    15 Thai Spinach DipBrand new feature recipeFrom Companys Coming30-Minute Diabetic Cooking.

    Eye HealthPage 7

    The leading cause of blind-ness in adults over 40 isthe degeneration of the

    macula of the eyes.Read PharmacistIan Lloyds article

    on page 6.

    On-the-go!Page 5Did you know that suffi-cient levels of fibre arenecessary for maintaininga healthy digestivesystem?


    Helping People Live Better Lives

    contentsPeople First

  • The metabolic syndrome is a lot like happinessamong Gen Xers, the power play unit of the TorontoMaple Leafs, and the TALENTS OF Justin Bieber: thereis a terrific amount of debate among the cognoscentias to whether or not that specific entity even exists.But while the singing talent level or not of

    young Bieber doesnt matter a whit to even the onebillion or so young kids who are currently sufferingfrom Bieber fever or to you and me (you might saythat we leave it to Bieber believers to debate thatone), and the existence or not of the power play unitof the Maple Leafs doesnt matter a jot to anyone liv-ing outside the 416 and 905 calling areas, unfortu-nately, the issue of whether or not there is such athing as a metabolic syndrome - and more impor-tant, what to do about it if it does exist - matters agreat deal to a huge and rapidly increasing number ofpeople.And I do mean a huge number because, a recentAmerican study estimated that there are currently 50million American adults - more than 1 in 3 of them, inother words - living with the metabolic syndrome andthat number, this study also claims, is increasing rap-idly, and most alarmingly, perhaps, increasing mostrapidly in younger women.So enough mystery, already (as my mother always

    says when I take too long to get to the point): whatexactly is this metabolic syndrome, Art, and why doesit matter so much?Well, if you believe in a metabolic syndrome, and

    the vast majority of medical experts do believe it ex-ists as an entity unto itself, its a cluster of crucial meta-bolic changes that significantly raises a persons riskof dying from a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes, severaltypes of cancer and probably even Alzheimers dis-ease, too.This cluster of changes includes the following (to

    be specific, you need 3 or more of these to qualify forthe metabolic syndrome club, a club you really dontwant to join): Abdominal obesity, which is defined as excessive

    fat tissue in and around the abdomen Blood fat (or lipid) disorders, which should includethese big three:- high triglycerides- low HDL cholesterol (thats the good cholesterol)and high LDL cholesterol (thats the bad cholesterol)- High blood pressure Insulin resistance (people who weigh too much es-pecially around the middle and who do very little ex-ercise become resistant to their own insulin, andeventually because of that resistance they develophigher glucose levels and diabetes).Whew!By the way, if youre still pondering that list and

    wondering what exactly we mean by excessive ab-dominal fat tissue, most experts say that if you meas-ure your waist and its over 102 cm (40 inches) formen and 88 cm (35 inches) for females, then youhave excessive fat around your middle (some experts

    Continued On Page 11

    Dr. Hister

    ManagingMenopauseMetabolic Syndrome

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    I like to believe I enjoy seeing things. Trees, flowers,the sky, my paycheque, and my daughter are all thingsI enjoy gazing upon (I wont bore you with which oneI like the best). What if one day you couldnt see,oreven worse, what if the vision loss was gradual, so youknew it was coming? This is the reality of macular de-generation, the progressive damage of the part of theeye which is responsible for sharp, central vision. Thismonth, I will discuss the early warning signs, preven-tion and treatments for this sight-robbing condition.The bodily function known as sight is fascinating,

    complicated and fragile. Light passes into our eye andis focused onto the thin tissue on the back of the eye,called the retina. The central portion of the retina iscalled the macula and it is this area that is responsiblefor sharp, central vision. An early symptom of maculardegeneration is the gradual blurring in the central areaof vision. Another symptommay be when straight linesbegin to appear wavy. Macular degeneration may onlyoccur in one eye; in this case no vision changes maybe noticed. This is why regular visits toyour optometrist are important.There are two forms of macular degeneration (MD),

    wet and dry. The dry form is the most common; about85% of cases are of this type. Dry MD occurs when thecells of the macula break down and cause yellow de-posits to form under the retina. As the deposits increasein number, there is a greater risk of developing theother form of MD, referred to as wet MD. This occurswhen small, fragile blood vessels form under the retina.These fragile blood vessels tend to leak blood and fluidand can rapidly damage the retina and macula. Whileboth types of MD can cause significant vision loss or

    blindness, the risk associated with wet MD is greater. Ingeneral, both forms of this disease are referred to asage-related macular degeneration (AMD). The degen-eration can be caused