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CyclePath Magazine is a one stop magazine that specializes in all forms of Custom Motorcycles, Scooters, Quads, And Trikes. Read and enjoy, look for our Ultimate Two Wheeled Nation Motorcycle Showoff Coming Soon. Come check us out at cyclepathmagazine.com join the forum and let us know what you think. Thank and get committed with The Ultimate Two Wheeled Nation.






Ruckus Ride

Ride hosted by: 3 aka Brad on TotalRuckus.com Meet: Valencia Destination: Shakeys Pizza in Palmdale Round Trip: 80+ miles Head count: Approx. 20+ riders Powerband: 49cc to 180cc12 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM

A day in the Desert


growing trend and a promising tomorrow, Ruckus riders all across the US are meeting every weekend to spend a day of riding their cool little scooters on the open road. On one particular morning, Jan. 23 2011, a group of riders from the San Gabriel Valley, better known as RUCKSTERS, joined Killer Scooter on a caravan to the city of Valencia. Awaiting them were a group of local riders and Palmdale peeps. As they pulled up to the spot, the taste of freedom was in the cool breeze. Eagerness filled the desert morning, as everyone awaited their journey ahead. For some it was just another day, for others, the Palmdale roads meant no stop signs, no signal lights, and no traffic. Can any 2-wheeled enthusiast ask for anything more??CYCLEPATHMAG.COM | 13















ROJOMess with this steel beast and hell leave you seeing nothing but red. Thats what Robert Trimino did with this 1987 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. Robert had a vision; this vision didnt come together overnight. It took years for Robert to have his Ah Ha! moment. In 1987 Robert purchased his brand new red & beige Harley Davidson Heritage Softail from Bellflower Harley Davidson (which is now L.A. Harley) for $9,500. Robert wouldve never bought the bike if it wasnt for his childhood friend, Leo Mouneu. Leo, the owner of Road Dog Customs bought the same bike in black & white the day before and asked Robert to come along to drop off his bike to have some work done. Thats all it took for Robert to ask, Where do I sign?





At the time, Robert made a couple of small changes to his bike; he changed the pipes, to make it louder, he changed the seat and the handlebars. After enjoying his Harley for a little over ten years it was time for a makeover. He wanted to stay true to the Harley style as much as possible, but wanted to customize it to make it him. Robert went to another one of his childhood friends, Chubby, owner of American Cycle to redesign and customize his Harley. Chubby had also purchased a 1987 Heritage in a two tone color the same week Robert and Leo did. Chubby was hard to work with, Robert comments, they argued every step of the way on how he wanted his bike done. Robert won that fight, when the bike was finally done they were both truly satisfied with the results. Most parts used in rebuilding the bike were genuine Harley parts. The fenders and tanks were extended and he added shocks, brake calipers and 16 rims. The original frame was painted Candy Apple Red and metal flake ghost flames added to the rugged look on the tank. All this work took Chubby eight months to complete and lots of money. Robert dug deep into his pockets for about $17k to customize El Toro Rojo.28 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM


I asked Robert,Do you have plans on adding or changing anything to your bike? He quickly answered, No, Im happy with my finished product. This bike has been featured in a few magazines, has won Best in Show, and continues to be put on display at local shows. Robert has received offers from interested buyers from as far away as England and Canada. He also received a trade offer for a Corvette. Robert being 65 in stature knows hes more intimidating on his Harley Heritage than in any sports car. You can catch Robert riding around Orange County or down the coast in Laguna Beach. Both, his Compa Leo and his friend Chubby still own their 1987 Harley Heritage bikes. Robert is looking at a touring bike next. Im sure well be doing his story on how he customized that very soon. I just hope he remembers to make sure theres a back seat for his wife.CYCLEPATHMAG.COM | 31



PICCOLO aka The Se

n Aug. 6th of 2009, the three brothers from RUCKSTERS took a long journey from So-Cal to the beautiful state of Washington to premier their newly built custom Ruckus Project UTAH at the Conference of Noise RUCKUS CON in Seattle. It was an ambitious journey indeed, 20 hours of driving after an 80 hour work week. No sleep for the wicked as one might put it. But who needs sleep?? After all, this is what a 2-wheeled life style is all about. Meeting other riders, having a beer, being against the wind and enjoying the open road in some strange & far away place. Lucky for them, the local riders welcomed them with open arms and they all embarked on a weekend tour around the city on their scooters. After too much fun and one too many drinks, the 3 amigos packed their bags and headed home. Without skipping a beat, they were back to work the following day. Not too long after, one of the local riders from Seattle whom they met at The Con contacted them and placed an order for one custom Ruckus. It would not be until a year later that Project PICCOLO aka The Seattle Project premiered at the 2010 Motorcycle Show in Seattle. In the end, the ambitious journey proved to be worthy, for a life time of good memories and another build to add to their portfolio. The experience itself was priceless.



eattle Project 2010







Special Features:


rPRO GY6 Custom Fatty Kit rPRO GY6 Engine Mount System rPRO Custom Handcrafted One-Piece Rear Frame rPRO Custom Integrated Upper Shock Mount rPRO Custom Handcrafted Lower Shock Mount rPRO Paint Job rSPEC Ultra Wire Tuck Grip Ace Controls Engine: GY6 150cc Yoshimura Custom Exhaust BTX Header Pipe Composimo Anklebiter Stage6 Air Filter Wheels/Tires/Suspension: rPRO 12x7 5-Spoke Rear Wheell Daytona 10x2.75 5-Spoke Front Wheel rPRO Front Hub rPRO Rear Disc Brake Hub rPRO Triple Tree Heidenau K61 Tires Brembo P32 Calipers Front & Rear38 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM

KN Kikaku Low Down Forks ATR Rear Shock Braking Rotors Front & Rear Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines CNC Master Cylinder Parts & Accessories: rPRO Monster Drag Bars rPRO Monster Kickers rPRO D1 Kit rPRO Custom License Plate Mount Password JDM Gas Cap Bride Seat BTX Billet Grips Trailtech LED Head Light Turtlehead Tail Light








Biker Build-off

odfather of Freestyle Motocross is one of action sports biggest names. He pioneered the way for the FMX riders of today with his innovations and unique style he brought to the world of freestyle Motocross. Mike Metzger was born on November 19, 1975 in Huntington Beach in California. His FMX career has been one of the greatest impacts on the world of freestyle motocross then probably anyone. Metzger became one of the biggest names when he threw down the first ever back-to-back flip in the 2002 X Games. Mike Metzger has three gold and two silver summer and Winter X games metals. In 2006 Mike Metzger completed the impossible jump in Las Vegas. He threw down a massive record breaking 125 foot back flip over the fountains at Caesars Palace. Metz was only the second person to complete a jump over the fountains, but the first to back flip them. The Godfather being an innovator jumped at the chance to showcase his other talents to the world. With that over the top Metzger style he built this amazing KX 250 for the Biker Build off. Going up against Larry Linkogle for the first dirt bike challenge the godfather took first place. Metzger convinced he can go bigger, faster, sicker, and can make bikes look as sick as any v-twin. Knowing what he had in mind Metz took apart the KX 250 to the bare bones so he can change and modify almost everything. He added some of the most exotic race components, Candy paint, powder coating, polish, and you have to have gold to make it clean and crispy. Special foot pegs, a precession cut seat, and freestyle cutouts. Because if you have no cutouts there will be no superman seat grabs and this bike is not all show. With the foot pegs widened an inch, and the teeth as sharp as possible there will be no falling off them when56 | CYCLEPATHMAG.COM


Mike Metzger


youre upside down, doing sick inverted back flip variations. Besides a world-class rider, Metzger is an accomplished artist whose angry vision jumps off the canvas. But on the bike, he had to play nice no over-the-top kind of paint job. People see the bike for the first time and sit there and look at the paint job. He wanted everyone to get the full effect of the two tone almost chameleon paint with tons of flake to give it that never ending sparkle and making it a three dimensional work of art. Metzger put the pinstripe to add a lot more detail make the paint seem as if the bikes was ripped open. 24-Carat gold rings for the down tubes, and the pinstripe to bring out the color scheme is what make this kx250 rip. The Anodized linkage looks sick against the chrome swing arm. The bike sports the first heavy-duty factory freestyle triple clamp, and oversize bar mounts designed by Metz. The factory freestyle design beefed-up clamps that sport three bolts per side, instead of the t