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Most Admired CEOs of 2011 - In this special section, we recognize area business leaders whose names were submitted to the Business Magazine as consistently demonstrating strong leadership, integrity, values, vision and commitment to excellence in their business dealings.


<ul><li><p>BUSINESSM A G A Z I N E</p><p>VOLUME XXIV, NUMBER 2 FEBRUARY 2011Manufacturer &amp; Business Association</p><p>MOST ADMIRED</p><p>CEOS OF 2011</p><p>/ PAGE 8</p></li><li><p>When it comes to health care, you and your employees want the same things. Great coverage and less costs. With Health Spending and Health Savings Accounts from Highmark, you can work together to get it. Because when your employees have a reason to evaluate costs before choosing care and where to get it, they have the power to make health care more affordable. One more way to have a greater hand in your companys health. Find out more at 888.286.8414 or highmarkbcbs.com.</p><p>ONLY YOUR TEAM CAN DRIVE DOWN COMPANY HEALTH COSTS. With Health Spending and Health Savings Accounts from Highmark.</p><p>Coverage subject to the terms of your benefits program.</p></li><li><p>FEATURES &gt; 2 / SpotlightHamilton W. Strayer, retired company president, discusses his thoughts on leadership and how Erie Strayer Company found its niche as leader among concrete batching equipment manufacturers.</p><p>8 / Most Admired CEOs of 2011In this special section, we recognize area business leaders whose names were submitted to the Business Magazine as consistently demonstrating strong leadership, integrity, values, vision and commitment to excellence in their business dealings.</p><p> 19 / On the Hill Association State Government Relations Representative Anna McCauslin explains how Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett can balance the budget by following the example set by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.</p><p>22DEPARTMENTS &gt; 5 / Business Buzz12 / HR Connection 16 / Legal Q&amp;A20 / People Buzz </p><p>EDITORIAL &gt; 7 / Health Matters How investing in your employees can help you lower your health-care costs.STEPHANIE FUDURICH</p><p>11 / Legal BriefWhy mediation is becoming an increasingly popular option for business leaders who want to resolve their commercial disputes.GREGORY P. ZIMMERMAN</p><p>15 / Blue Ocean StrategyHow to unlock new demand by looking at strategic groups within your industry.ANGIE ANGUS 5</p><p>&lt; SPECIAL SECTION / Insert Learn about the upcoming professional devel-opment and computer classes available at the Manufacturer &amp; Business Association, in our new quarterly Training Catalog!</p><p>Register now to receive your FREE e-Edition of the Business Magazine online at www.mbausa.org! </p><p>BUSINESSM a g a z i n e</p><p>VOLUME XXIV, NUMBER 2 FEBRUARY 2011</p><p>Manufacturer &amp; Business Association</p><p>Most AdMired</p><p>Ceos of 2011</p><p>/ PAge 8</p><p>Blue Ocean Strategy Center</p><p>2</p><p>February 2011</p><p>February 2011 &gt; www.mbausa.org &gt; 1</p></li><li><p>Please describe Erie Strayer and the products you manufacture. My father, George H. Strayer, started the Erie Steel Construction Company in 1912 with 10 employees. The company fabricated structural steel for the construction of factories and office buildings in the Erie area. Some of those customers were Lawrence Hotel, Boston Store, Richford Hotel, Erie Forge &amp; Steel, and many of the factories on West 12th Street. One of the most repetitive customers was Eries General Electric.</p><p>World War II came along and the company started manufacturing thousands of clamshell and dragline digging buckets for the Corps of Engineers and Bucyrus Erie. </p><p>In the late 1950s, the company changed its name over to Erie Strayer Company, which was more allied to the industry. Also, at that time, the company began to manufacture concrete batch plants for the domestic and international markets. </p><p>The industry-wide recognition and international scope of our operation might surprise many Erieites. We have secured a premier spot among our competitors.</p><p>What is the size of your operation employees, facilities and production? Our manufacturing plant and office facilities, located at 1851 Rudolph Avenue, are in a 175,000-square-foot building on 21 acres. It can be seen from the I-79 northbound overpass between West 26th and West 12th. ERIE employs approximately 100 people.</p><p>As the second generation in your family to run Erie Strayer, how would you describe your leadership style? We describe ourselves as a fiscally conservative company and are so known throughout our industry. This has been our management style during three generations, and it has served our business well. </p><p>I am now retired, and my son, Robert F. Strayer, president and CEO, owns and manages the company. Kyle Strayer, my grandson and Roberts son, has recently joined the company with the goal of becoming the fourth generation leader of Erie Strayer.</p><p>We always emphasize the family-owned advantage when dealing with our company. It is a basis for stability and is confidence-inspiring for our customers. Our stability and longevity are rare in todays climate of mergers, acquisitions and closings. </p><p>In your opinion, what are the most important qualities of a successful CEO? Remain true to your word and never play favorites. In other words, be fair, firm and consistent with unwavering integrity. </p><p> Be inspirational. By garnering the title CEO, you must be passionate about your position. If you are able to convey this passion and excite others, then productivity will be improved and employees will feed off of and grow from your energy. </p><p>Since 1912, Erie Strayer Company (ERIE), headquartered at 1851 Rudolph Avenue in Erie, Pennsylvania, has been a major force in manufacturing. Hamilton W. Strayer, retired company president, was the second generation to run this international business, and it was under his guidance that the company found its niche as leader among concrete batching equipment manufacturers. The Business Magazine recently asked Mr. Strayer to share his thoughts on the company and leadership.</p><p> VOL. XXIV, NO. 2 FEBRUARY 2011</p><p> Copyright 2011 by the Manufacturer &amp; Business Association. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial, pictorial or advertisements created for use in the Business Magazine, in any manner, without written permission from the publisher, is prohibited. Unsolicited manuscripts cannot be returned unless accompanied by a properly addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. The maga-zine accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or artwork. The Business Magazine and Manufacturer &amp; Business Association do not specifically endorse any of the products or practices described in the magazine. The Business Magazine is published monthly by the Manufacturer &amp; Business Association, 2171 West 38th Street, Erie, Pa. 16508. Phone: 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660. </p><p>Mission StatementThe Manufacturer &amp; Business Association is dedicated to providing information and services to its members that will assist them in the pursuit of their business and community interests. Board of Governors</p><p>Manufacturer &amp; Business Association2171 West 38th Street Erie, Pa. 16508 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660 www.mbausa.org</p><p>Manufacturer Yvonne Atkinson-Mishrell&amp; Business John ClineAssociation Board Dale Deistof Governors Timothy Hunter Dan Ignasiak Mark C. Kulyk John B. Pellegrino Sr., P.E. Dennis Prischak Robert S. Pursell Lorenzo Simonelli Sue Sutto Phil Tredway</p><p> Editor in Chief Ralph Pontillo rpontillo@mbausa.org </p><p> Executive Editor John Krahe jkrahe@mbausa.org</p><p> Managing Editor &amp; Karen Torres Senior Writer ktorres@mbausa.org</p><p> Contributing Angie Angus Writers Jessica Crocker Stephanie Fudurich Gregory P. Zimmerman</p><p> Photography iStockphoto.com</p><p> Advertising Sales Lori Maus Joint 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660 ljoint@mbausa.org</p><p>Design, Production Printing Concepts Inc. &amp; Printing printcon@erie.net </p><p> 2 &lt; www.mbausa.org &lt; February 2011</p></li><li><p> 1109 East 38th Street 1005 Greengarden Road</p><p>2436 Buffalo Road 518 State Street 5500 Zuck Road1220 West 32nd Street 1825 Downs Drive </p><p> (Located in new Walmart Supercenter - Peach &amp; I-90) </p><p>Contact us today! 814-825-2436Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000</p><p>and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government</p><p>National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency</p><p>NCUA</p><p>Business Solutions to save you time &amp; money:</p><p> Helping our members to achieve their dreams of owning a home, buying a car, </p><p>or running a business is what we do every day. Were </p><p>proud to be a part of the Erie community and happy </p><p>to be making a positive difference in the lives of </p><p>our members. </p><p>The Erie Federal Credit Union is ready to answer </p><p>your questions and provide you with the resources </p><p>you need for financial success. To learn more, visit </p><p>us at www.eriefcu.org</p><p>MANF Ad half-pg (0111).indd 1 1/6/11 1:06 PM</p><p>SPOTLIGHT &gt; by Karen Torres</p><p> Have a vision with regards to the direction of the organization. These visions then must be converted to strategies that will grow the business, keeping the organization one step ahead of the industry and lead to continued success.</p><p>Of all the company presidents/CEO in the country who do you most admire? I would have to say the one that jumps right out at me: Warren Buffett. Buffett has had an uncompromising work ethic from a very young age that has led to his continued success. Regardless of his wealth and accomplishments, he has remained unusually humble and has donated billions of dollars to charity. He keeps his personal life as simple as possible, yet his business ventures are brilliantly strategic. He is a genius investor and decision-maker.</p><p>What was the best business advice you ever received? Know your competitors products and their capabilities, and then keep a step ahead of them. </p><p>What management book would you recommend? Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Although the books title seems to be about growing rich with wealth, Hill details how to enrich your confidence and utilize skill sets even more effectively. In addition, Think and Grow Rich details the steps to achieving your goals, which is not only effective in running a business but also ones personal life. </p><p>As a longstanding member and 1971 chairman of the Manufacturer &amp; Business Association, how would you describe the importance of the Association to your organization? My relationship with Dana Jones, Howard Kelly, Ray Weber, Claudia Haller and Ralph Pontillo, Association directors, gave me an expansive overview of large and small companies, which assisted me in the operation of the Erie Strayer Company.</p><p>The Association also provides informative materials/publications that are valuable resources as well as conducts forums that allow our business community to keep current on hot button issues. </p><p>February 2011 &gt; www.mbausa.org &gt; 3</p></li><li><p> The Areas Only Complete Document and Data Management Center.Off-Site Storage&amp; Retrieval</p><p>File Tracking </p><p>Regular Deliveries</p><p>Safe, Secure Storage Facility</p><p>Indexing And Retention Management</p><p>Bar Code Indexing</p><p>Locally Owned and OperatedPh 814.454-7984Ph 814.969.2939</p><p>Matt@archivalsolutions.com</p><p>Off-Site Storage:With the combined cost of labor, real estate, and technology, managing all of your vital documents on-site can be an expensive and time consuming process - a process that is likely affecting your bottom line. 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The award honors collision repair facilities that demonstrate their commitment to customer service as reflected by their customer satisfaction scores. </p><p>The class of 2010 Premier Achievers in-cludes top-performing collision repair facilities of all sizes, from small, family run businesses to large consolidators, and represents 37 states across the United States, as well as British Colum-bia. In an industry of nearly 50,000 collision repair shops in North Ameri-ca, Bates Collision is one of fewer than 500 Premier Achiever winners in 2010. </p><p>DEPARTMENTS &gt; Contact: Jessica Crocker</p><p>J.H. BENNETT MOVING &amp; STORAGE INC.J.H. BENNETT MOVING &amp; STORAGE INC.A Family Tradition Since 1914</p><p>814-456-5377 1-800-452-8668 1705 Raspberry Erie, PA 16502www.jhbennett-moving.com</p><p>Providing full-service relocation and transportation services...from anywhere in the U.S. ... to anywhere in the U.S. </p><p>Celebrating our 95th year in business! </p><p>J.H. 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