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  • Julie Wells never stops learning

    Spring break travel tips

    February 2011

    Keri MoenssenSkinny Jeans winner

  • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1 s h e m a g a z i n e p a g e 1

    6 Julie Wells has a great imagination

    ON THE COVER Keri MoenssenPhoto by Joe Harpring


    12For your wedding

    go vintage

    February 2011

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    Five Things...

    Keisha Keen4


    Breakfast for dinner42

    Just a Minute

    Quick tips48

    View from Mars

    Christmases to remember46

    Cash Talk

    Financial preparations40


    Healthy heart month38

    EDITOR Kelsey DeClue

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    WRITERS Ryan Brand

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    Jennifer Willhite

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    FEbRuARY 16, 2011

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    Just one more month, just one more month. Undoubtedly, thats what Ill be reciting to myself when this editors note hits your doorstep. Im one who tries not to embrace the grass is always greener mentality and instead be thankful for and appreciate what I have at any given time, but lets face it: Weve had quite the winter.Usually around these parts, we see a few days of mild temps that whet our

    appetites and excite us for the mild season to come. Winter 2011 has been a bit different. Instead we dealt with bouts of snow that left us with several weeks where we were unable to remember if there, indeed, was green grass underneath all that white stuff.The end is near, people. In a few short weeks many of us will be enjoying

    an annual staple that leaves the streets of Bartholomew County rather bare spring break. Even if youre a family without school-age children but still taking a trip during that sacred week, it serves as a wakeup call for better weather.During my childhood my parents used the BCSC spring break as our annual

    family vacation. If I recall, I began packing for this trip (usually to Florida) about a month in advance collecting clothing, beach toys and must-have supplies in a box until I was actually permitted to pack my luggage.I generally labeled the box (as if Id forget what was in it) with the term SB

    (insert year here) in chicken scratch. I spent childhood spring break vaca-tions in the hotel pool, leaving only when my parents made me because I was beginning to resemble the wrinkly frog I thought I was. It was glorious.In this issue we embrace this annual ritual with a story designed to ease the

    pain of spring break travel. Also in this issue youll meet our She Wants in Her Skinny Jeans challenge winner, Keri Moenssen. Her story will not only make you realize why she won, but inspire you to challenge yourself and pursue your own dreams.Spring also means preparation for that high school rite of passage that all

    teens love and parents dread prom night. And prom night means our an-nual contest, Prom-a-rama. In this issue well tell you all about this years sponsors and prizes and how you can win.As always, thank you for your time; now onto the rest of this issue. Happy


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  • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1 s h e m a g a z i n e p a g e

    Five Things...

    Keisha Keen4


    Breakfast for dinner42

    Just a Minute

    Quick tips48

    View from Mars

    Christmases to remember46

    Cash Talk

    Financial preparations40


    Healthy heart month38


    Check it out Zonta international and Granny Connection are hosting com-

    munity events on March 8 in honor of the 10th anniversary of international Womens day.

    the celebration begins with a lighted walk at 6 p.m. at Yes Cinema. Entertainment by indianapolis group thin Air and a box dinner featuring a choice of international cuisine follow.

    tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door and are avail-able at Viewpoint Books, Locketts, natural Choices, Flowers by Lois, Claudias Flora Bunda and By Word of Mouth Catering.

    SheQuick Note

  • 5 tHinGSI kNOw

  • 5 tHinGSKeisha Keen kNOws fOR suRE

    She Facebook fan Keisha Keen lives in Columbus with her hus-band and a fuzzy, hyperactive kitty. She is a photographer and vet-erinary technology student. She volunteers for CARE and spends her free time reading, crafting and learning how to cook.

    its the smallest of things that make the largest impact.

    My amortentia (which is a term from the Harry Potter franchise that means a love potion that smells different to each person) would smell like leather and cherry to-bacco. it reflects back on my grandfather and husband, one smells like cherry tobacco and the other one like leather.

    You can learn a great deal from an old man.

    i do not need an alarm clock. i have a cat!

    Wisdom is gained through trials and tribulations, lessons you learn yourself and a vast array of observation.

    f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1 s h e m a g a z i n e p a g e

    Photo by Keisha Keen

  • p a g e s h e m a g a z i n e f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1

  • by Jennifer Willhite | Photos by Kelsey Declue

    Julie Wells has always been a firm believer that one should never stop learning.Little did she know

    that motherhood would usher her from book-keeping to a world of pure imagi-nation and education.Imagina-

    tion Station was born of Wells in-terest in the specialty toy market. As a new parent, she was un-aware of the availability of non-traditional toys on the pe-riphery of the commercial mar-ket. Those toys withstand the test of time, without featuring a cartoon character to ensure their success.While on business trips as a

    certified public accountant, Wells was introduced to a niche toy market that helped shape her entrepreneurial journey. The de-sire to offer her children unique, educational toys encouraged her dream of opening her own spe-cialty toy store one day.After 10 years as a CPA, the As-

    bury University alumna opened her first store in downtown Franklin in 2004.

    Initially, Wells relied on the ex-pertise of sales representatives

    and toy manufacturers in the industry to

    gain a working knowledge of

    the market. She soon

    became a mem-ber of t h e Ameri-c a n S p e -

    c i a l t y Toy Re-

    tailers As-s o c i a t i o n ,

    which aided with the develop-

    ment of her expertise.I have been fortunate to build

    relationships with individuals who are well versed in the spe-cialty toy business, she said. Toys are my passion, and I con-tinue to search for ways to build my knowledge base.In November Imagination Sta-

    tion came to downtown Colum-bus. We had a really strong custom-

    er base from Columbus that trav-eled to Franklin to shop, Wells said. And getting to know those customers and their families and children led me to explore Co-lumbus as a location.Independent toy

    stores offer chil-

    dren the opportunity to play out-side the box, so to speak. With a classic and educational focus, the toys offered by Wells stores are built to last through multiple children and numerous stages of learning.Please touchWhen children visit Imagina-

    tion Station, playing with the toys is encouraged.I think thats what makes our

    store so unique and sets us apart from others, Wells said. Not only the products, but just the experience that the kids can have here. They can touch so many things.Wells children, Oscar, 9, and

    Sara Kate, 7, often accompany her to work and en-joy helping out. The store has always been a part of their lives, since Os-car was not yet 3 when the first one opened.When visiting

    Imagination Station its not uncommon to also see Sophie, the familys 5-pound Ocherese dog, socializing or napping in the corner. Often working part time for cucum-

    bers or carrots (shes impar-

    f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 1 s h e m a g a z i n e p a g e

  • 3183 N. National Rd. Columbus 812.376.4020

    We are pleased to welcome

    CAROL JORDAN to our practice.


    Offering clinical facials, chemical peels, and waxing.


    Laser Hair RemovalIPL-PhotorejuvenationTitan Skin TighteningLaser Genesis Skin RejuvenationVascular TherapyBotox

    Dermal FillersDr. Susan M. Dorenbusch, medical director

    tial), the mix of Pekinese, poodle and Maltese breeds enjoys her own fan base that comes to visit. When shes not working, Wells enjoys

    spending time with her husband, Craig, and their children. She believes that people should enjoy every day and value the people around them.

    I think when you lose sight of the people that surround

    you, your whole focus can be off, she said.

    Each F e b -ruary, We l l s t ravel s to New York City for the Ameri-can International Toy Fair. The exhibit highlights the latest in childrens toys that can be purchased by independent retailers.latest and greatestWells loves to travel