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From insight to idea, to implementation Design Thinking & Lean UXGrew up acting, dancing & painting. Studied business & visual communication. Desperately needed to escape the midwest, USA and find my roots back in Norway.Start working as a graphic designer in 2005, and move to Norway in 2006. Spend the first 7 years designing from the brief, and the next 4 years forming it. What is Design Thinking?In short, design thinking converts needs into demand. Its a human-centered approach to problem solving that helps people and organizations become more innovative and creative. Tim Brown, CEO Linda Halvorsen, BEKKIf I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Henry Ford Improve the current product or . . . the right product! Co-creative Holistic Empathetic Iterative Daring Innovative 7CHARACTERISTICS DESIRABLE (human)FEASABLE (technical)VIABLE (business)VALUE-DRIVEN SERVICESFIRST STEP: GAIN INSIGHTInsight & analysis is half information and half inspiration. - Linda Halvorsen, BEKK The prepared mind comes from insight "After the preparatory work, the mind is fertile and ready. All that is needed for sudden creativity is a catalyst a chance observationwhich triggers the insights that build on each other. In this mode of creativity, preparing the mind is crucial. [...] It brings the necessary ideas to the mind at the same time so that they can be combined in novel ways. When the combination happens, there is a sequence of insights and then the Aha! experience of discovery." - Stefik, M. and Stefik, B. (2005), The Prepared Mind Versus the Beginner's Mind. EMPATHY We need to put ourselves in other peoples shoes. Truly understand their needs and motivations. Book: This is Service Design ThinkingSupportProduct DevelopmentMarketingStrategyDesign Thinking = Co-creationDesignConsumer needsDesign Thinking in practice Experiences from Posten Norge175 838 62 430 31 733 111 736 136 961 01.01.12 01.01.13 01.01.14 01.01.15 26.06.15 Registrations per year: private sector Marketing campaigns Letter sent to residents in Norway Public Sector joins Digipost App-redesign Improved registration Redesign UX FOKUS UX FOCUSTHE CHALLENGE: How do we create a two-way communication system that puts our consumers in the drivers seat?IMPACT MAPPINGWhy are we doing this = business goals. Who will be impacted by it = actors. What are the actors needs = impact. What are the features that meet these needs = deliverables. Business goalWHY: S.M.A.R.T. goalsActorActorWHO:Primary actors Secondary actors Off-stage actorsDeliverableDeliverableDeliverableDeliverableDeliverableDeliverableWHAT: High level deliverables (Epics)ImpactImpactImpactImpactHOW: What an actor wishes to accomplishBusiness goalDigitalize papir mail and increase digital communication. ActorDoctor Private practice Small businessImpactSimple, secure and effective communication with my clients. DeliverableAn interface that allows me to compose dynamic letters that can be filled out by the recipient. This is where Lean UX comes into the equation. Make CheckTHE LEAN UX DESIGN PROCESSIterateFORSTELSETESTELSNINGSFORSLAGEGENSKAPERSKAPELREThinkMakeCheck60 PERCENT OF THE FEATURES WE BUILD IS WASTE. The research shows that more than 60% of features in software products are rarely or never used. CENTERED HYPOTHISES TESTINGI have an idea!Ah, this is how they experience it!ASSUMPTION HYPOTHESIS EXPERIMENT PROOF Our consumers need this feature We assume people need this because . . . Design and test Results: Value +/- MVP: Minimum Viable Product A product built from the smallest set of features that delivers customer value. USEFULDESIRABLE! mapping Primary goal: Create a two-way communication channel for sending and receiving sensitive information. Login Compose Step 3 Step 4 = high level user story aka the voice of the human using your product Who + The task + The value Epic High level user storyWho: A doctor or small business owner Compose a dynamic letter so that it can be filled out by the recipient.User stories when you break down the epicCan write and stylize text Can create a customized dynamic form module Can upload their contacts Can get a confirmation that the letter is sentProduct Backlog Ready to pullPrioritized user storiesEpic User story Technical task Bug DoingAnalysis Test LaunchDesign Thinking Lean UX AgileDirectionConceptDESIGN THINKING/ LEAN UX ROADMAPClear needsResearch ObservationPrioritize insightBrainstorm conceptsHypothesisEXPERIMENT & ANALYSELEARN BUILD MEASUREDone is never done. Just launch. Then improve through feedback. 0 3 6 9 12 0 % 25 % 50 % 75 % 100 % Test participantsUsability problems found5 tests lets you find almost as many problems as you will find using more test participants. Source: Nielson Norman Group User TestsTestGuerilla TestingInterviewsSurveys & Beta testingAnalytics, Event Tracking & A/B testingRetrospective and reflectionHangouts for Entrepreneurs: Lean Startup Meets Design Thinking in 10 Minutes To conclude . . .UNSEENSEENDesign thinking is about creating a VOICE that communicates needs loud and clear, so that CHANGE can happen. Lillian Ayla Ersoy Practice Lead Insight & Analysis, BEKKLEAN UX is about testing your service early, so that you discover failures and achieve SUCCESS. Lillian Ayla Ersoy Practice Lead Insight & Analysis, BEKKAsk yourself, is the brief I am working on, the real problem we need to be solving? Should we be making the product right or making the right product?Thanks! Tweets @lillaylaux