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Candlelight is a bi-annual publication of Christadelphian Aged Care.


  • April 2013

    Candlel ghtMagazine

    A publication of Christadelphian Aged Care

  • Editor-in-Chief: Jane Burns Editor and designer: Jenny Pogson Cover photo: Jane Burns

    The Candlelight Magazine is published by Christadelphian Aged Care, a not-for-profit provider of aged care and retirement services in NSW. 2013 Christadelphian Aged Care 11 Queensbury Rd, Padstow Heights NSW 2211, P.O. Box 690, Riverwood NSW 2210Phone: (02) 9782 6000, E:









    A symbol of creativity

    CAC News

    Residents get their hands dirty

    Becoming a leader in care

    Childhood sweethearts celebrate 74 years of marriage

    Researching to improve care

    Beginning a life of care

    Avoid a cold this winter

    Year of Innovation only the beginning

    Year of Innovation Staff Day Photos

    Maintaining a smooth operation

    A recipe for safe food

    Our facilities

    Types of care

    This year began with a celebration of the outstanding initiatives of our staff aimed at improving care throughout the organisation.

    The Year of Innovation in Aged Care Staff Day held on February 20 was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the various projects implemented over the past year.

    I was impressed with the passion for care shown by all the staff members who presented on the day.

    In the end it was Southhavens Fitting Together program aimed at improving the environment for residents by bringing fun and laughter into the workplace that was awarded the top honour and $3000 to go towards staff activities.

    Congratulations to all staff at our facilities for your efforts.

    We look forward to your continued contribution of ideas to your facilities.

    This year will also be a busy one at Southhaven as, God willing, the redevelopment of the site gets underway.

    The changes will be to the benefit of the residents, families and staff at Southhaven, and we appreciate everyones patience as the construction work begins.See page four for more details.

    As always we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all His blessings.

    Graham Cavanagh-DownsCAC Chairman

    Celebrating our staff

    16 Sharing a laugh and a song

  • 3Casa Mia is now home to a beautiful symbol of the creativity of students and teachers from Heritage College, Kemps Creek.

    The school recently donated a mural the children made based on an interpretation of Monets famous Water Lilies painting.

    The mural will eventually be hung on the back fence after it has been strengthened to take the weight, but for now will reside on the front fence for residents, staff and visitors to enjoy.

    Casa Mias director of nursing, May DeGuzman, says all the staff and residents were extremely grateful to the students and teachers especially Mrs Muir for the beautiful addition to the facility.

    The mural will brighten the whole area up. The residents are quite excited and are

    pleased the children created this masterpiece, she says.

    A group of residents from Casa Mia visited Heritage College to meet the students involved in the mural.

    After speeches were made each child received a certificate of appreciation from Christadelphian Aged Care marketing manager, Jane Burns.

    The children then sang some of their favourite songs, including the Egyptian mummy song, in which the residents also joined in the chorus!

    Here are some of the students reflections on making the mural:

    First of all we started by painting the boards to go on the mural. The colours we used were light blue, dark blue, red, green, purple and white. After we painted the boards we started to make clay

    lizards and things like that. After that Mrs Muir took them to her pottery class and got them glazed in the right colour. Then we made clay lilies but unfortunately I was away the day we did them. Mrs Muir also took those and we got them glazed. Then we made clay lily pads. I was there that time. Mrs Muir glazed them. Then we put them on the boards.

    - William

    Last year we made water lily pads for the nursing home because when they open their curtains all they see is a boring fence, so we painted it for them to see on the fence. it was so fun making the lily pads.

    - Daniel

    This mural was made for Casa Mia to give them happy thoughts. I had awesome fun doing the clay lily pads and water lilies and painting the background panel. The best thing about it was skipping class!

    - Nick

    A symbol of creativity

  • 4CAC News

    Ashburn festival a success

    Work on the redevelopment of Southhaven Nursing Home and Hostel in Padstow Heights is set to begin this May.

    The major hostel project will be carried out in two stages and will take around nine months to complete.

    During stage one the ground and first levels of the hostel building will be renovated, and during the second stage work will continue on levels two and three.

    The redevelopment will include expansion of the resident room onto the existing balconies, widening of corridors and the reconfiguration of lounge and dining areas.

    Small bathrooms will be developed into larger shared ensuites with vanity basins and mirrored cupboards located in residents rooms.

    Privacy is ensured due to the special operation of the bathrooms doors.

    Fire sprinklers will also be installed, as will building airconditioning, a call bell system and security cameras.

    The facility will also feature new outdoor balcony areas and renovations of the office areas, staff rooms, nurses stations, pan rooms and medication rooms.

    The nursing home and hostel will be, in latter stages, linked by an enclosed overhead bridge.

    Work to begin on Southhaven redevelopment

    An artists impression of the Southhaven redevelopment.

    An artists impression of the proposed enclosed overhead bridge linking the two sites.

    Plans for the redevelopment of the entry level of the facility.

  • 5

    CAC News A Cultural Day to celebrate the diverse backgrounds of staff and residents at Chamberlain Gardens will be held on July 10 this year.

    They will take a glimpse into the culture of other countries with food tastings, national costumes, photos and

    Cultural Day to celebrate diversitystories of peoples travelling adventures in other lands.

    Mementos from holidays will also be displayed.

    Please contact Sharon Mesic on (02) 4329 8000 if you have something you would like to contribute to this event.

    Kathryn Joseph and Daniel Mitsos were united in marriage on Friday, February 22.

    Kathryn is an assistant in nursing at Southhaven and last October, at the Spring Fair, Daniel rolled out the red carpet and with the crowd looking on

    Southhaven AIN ties the knot

    made a most romantic proposal.

    The happy couple honeymooned at Daydream Island in Queensland.

    Congratulations Kathryn and Daniel on your marriage, and may God bless you always.

    There were mixed weather conditions for Ashburn Houses International Music and Food Festival in April, but this did not deter visitors.

    The event hosted attendees from the local neighbourhood and the Christadelphian community, as well as our excited residents, their families and the supportive staff.

    Everyone enjoyed the amazing entertainment, aromas of freshly cooked cultural delights, homemade crafts and

    cakes, a barbecue with a sausage or two, jams, pickles and brightly painted childrens faces.

    Thanks so much to everyone who came to share the day with us and generously supported Ashburn in a myriad of ways, including the wonderful volunteers and staff who gave their time to make the festival a day to remember.

    The proceeds from this day will go towards purchasing new wheelchairs for the residents.

    Festival a success

  • 6

    As part of Casa Mias Year of Innovation project it was decided to have designated garden areas for the residents to create their own gardens.

    They would be able to plant vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit, and get their hands and knees dirty.

    However, many of the residents couldnt get out to the garden, so mobile beds were created.

    Peter, the husband of staff member Sue Geddes, put the frames together and residents and staff painted them. Resident Joyce Coulters son Barry maintains them.

    The mobile gardens are also wheeled into resident rooms to bring enjoyment to everyone at Casa Mia.

    Not only do the residents now get their hands dirty, they get to eat the strawberries and tomatoes, smell the aroma of fresh herbs and enjoy the colourful flower displays.

    Residents get their hands dirty

    The hebes and dwarf agapanthus propagated at Lakefront Village nursery are being successfully grown at Casa Mia.

    They are flourishing under the patient eye of Maintainence Officer Brett who planted them with great care during the extremely hot summer months.

    The dwarf agapanthuses surround the pond and the hebes grow near the roses.

    Lakefront Village continues to

    develop their nursery. Beds have been built on recycled screen doors at waist height to ensure no resident has to bend, and a spray irrigation system that can be easily adjusted to aim straight is used.

    If you have any questions about the plants please direct them to facility manager Geraldine. The Charmhaven Garden Club will have a stall at the Picnic on the Green on May 11 and will also be very happy to discuss your gardening questions.

    Lakefront plants flourishing

    Not only do the residents now get their hands dirty, they get to eat the strawberries and tomatoes, smell the aroma of fresh herbs and enjoy the colorful flo