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Candlelight, formerly called The Caretaker, is a bi-annual publication of Christadelphian Aged Care.


  • A publication of Christadelphian Aged Care

    October 2012

    Candlel ghtMagazine

  • Editor and designer: Jenny Pogson Cover photo: Parlan and Lillian MacFarlane by Jane Burns

    The Candlelight Magazine is published by Christadelphian Aged Care, a not-for-profit provider of aged care and retirement services in NSW. 2012 Christadelphian Aged Care 11 Queensbury Rd, Padstow Heights NSW 2211, P.O. Box 690, Riverwood NSW 2210Phone: (02) 9782 6000, E:









    Taking life as it comes

    CAC News

    Chamberlains feathered friends

    Why become a volunteer?

    Learning to care

    Rediscovering a lost love

    Great day for a fair - and a proposal!

    Innovative care

    65th anniversary photo spread

    Education: the key to excellence

    Finding a pathway

    Hearing for life

    Our facilities

    Types of care

    Welcome to the Candlelight Magazine, Christadelphian Aged Cares newly renamed bi-annual publication.

    Formerly the Caretaker Magazine, the new name reflects the organisations brand and mission and brings it in line with our existing logo.

    The candle in our logo symbolises the warmth of human life, and the leaf represents fresh growth. Although peoples days are finite and pass along like a candle getting shorter over time, there is value to the quality of our lives as we get older, and a measure of comfort and hope to be experienced right through the latter stages of life.

    We will strive to shine forth this ethos in every edition of the Candlelight Magazine, and bring you stories of love, joy and hope from across all of our facilities.Congratulations to our renaming competition winner Bruce

    Thornthwaite who suggested the name. He has won a Myer voucher to the value of $250.

    This year has been a period of innovation and growth within our organisation. Staff at all the facilities are working hard to develop their Year of Innovation projects aimed at fostering teamwork and refining the excellence of care we deliver to our residents.

    We have also purchased a new property in Oatlands where God willing we will build another aged care facility to service the western Sydney area.

    We thank God for all His blessings this year and ask for His continued guidance for the future of all CAC projects. We also ask for His blessing on all of our dedicated staff who give of themselves to all of our residents.

    Graham Cavanagh-DownsCAC Chairman

    Our new name

  • 3The McFarlanes love story begins in British India in the 1940s where both Parlan and Lillian were born and raised. They met at a dance hall one night in Bombay, where Parlan tagged Lillian for a dance.

    Fifteen minutes later he had proposed, and five days later they were marred, on November 23, 1946.

    The Chamberlain Gardens residents devotion to each other is still evident after 66 years, as Lillian tucks Parlan into bed every night and doesnt leave his side until he is settled.

    Their take life as it comes approach has seen them through years of adventure and happiness, raising four children

    while travelling the world four times.

    Parlan was an acrobatic artist and Lillian a singer and dancer. They entertained in venues and cruise ships around the world.

    Even the children joined in on the act, with Parlan balancing them all on his arms and legs while juggling pins backwards and forwards.

    They moved to Australia in 1965, leaving their British lifestyle behind a cook, a nanny and a laundress making adjusting to this new way of life difficult.

    The first six months in Australia were a struggle for Lillian as she didnt know how to cook. They survived on cornflakes and egg sandwiches, which she

    cut differently every day so they didnt become boring!

    The MacFarlanes say they are very happy at Chamberlain Gardens and appreciate the big bathroom, lounge room and bedroom.

    The nurses take good care of us. They dont interfere with our lives but are always attentive when we need it, they say.

    They love the verandah out the back where they sit and enjoy the afternoon sun together.

    Fifteen minutes later he had proposed, and five days later they were marred, on November 23, 1946.

    Taking life as it comesChamberlain Gardens residents Parlan and Lillian celebrate 66 years of marriage.

  • 4CAC News

    Residents, staff, families and volunteers across all our facilities celebrated Christadelphian Aged Cares 65th anniversary earlier this year.

    Facilities were decorated in orange and green streamers, balloons, flowers and even food.

    Anniversary cakes were the centerpieces for the tables, and families grouped with residents, staff and volunteers to enjoy the celebrations and companionship.

    CAC CEO Ross Peden unveiled the updated organisations Values and Mission Statement which is displayed prominently at our facilities.

    Many of the staff added to the occasion with impromptu speeches of care and compassion given to residents and staff.

    Chief Financial Officer Andrew OToole thanked God for the many blessings He has given to Christadelphian Aged care over 65 years.

    Were inspired by the love of God and the example and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, he said.

    Celebrating 65 years

    Christadelphian Aged Care recently acquired an aged care facility development site at Oatlands in Sydneys west. The 6400sq/m site has an existing development application for a 100 bed aged care facility and there are currently 79 licenses allocated to the site.

    This site provides CAC with the opportunity to develop a facility in the west of Sydney where it presently has no representation. The possibility of co-locating a small retirement village adjacent to the site will also be explored. The existing building at Oatlands will be demolished in early 2013, and management is currently evaluating some modifications to the existing plans.

    Work has also commenced to build a new meeting room and nurses station at Chamberlain Gardens, which is expected to be completed before Christmas. The building of new storage areas for chemicals and food at Casa Mia has begun and should also be completed

    prior to Christmas. An outside staff area is also being extended.

    A development application has been lodged with the local council for the replacement of a retaining wall, enlarging the front foyer, replacing the nurses station and the relocation of the dining room in the dementia area. The lounge areas will also receive a facelift, and work is expected to begin next year. Renovations to the ground and first floors of Southhaven Hostel are anticipated to commence early next year.

    Rooms are to be extended onto balconies, halls widened and new dining rooms and lounge areas built using the latest innovative design concepts and modern technologies to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and encourage social interaction.

    New aged care site purchased

  • 5

    CAC News The long awaited opening of the Treetops caf at Southhaven Nursing Home certainly didnt disappoint.

    The new venue was alive with excitement on opening day, with balloons strategically placed along the ceiling and green ribbon strung across the doorway.

    Treetops cafe opened at SouthhavenThe Friends of Southhaven tirelessly raised money towards this project, and were delighted to officially cut the opening ribbon.

    Without their dedication and perseverance residents, staff and families would not have this peaceful place to enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate.

    The dining and lounge areas at Ridgeview were ablaze with colour for the annual Spring Ball in September.

    Balloons, streamers and flowers set off the room as the residents entered to music played by rock n roll band Stepn Out.

    Champagne, punch and canaps were served on silver trays as 150 residents and guests arrived dressed in their finery.

    Rocking out at the Ridgeview Ball

    Residents had made crepe paper flowers to adorn the entrance walkway, and this was a highlight of the evening.

    Rock n roll dancers got everyone in the mood to groove as they encouraged everyone to get up and dance.

    Residents eagerly claimed the balloons at the end of the night, tying them to their walkers as they retired to their rooms, exhausted but happy.

    Nearly 40 wedding and flower-girl dresses were loaned from staff, relatives and friends for the annual Chamberlain Gardens Bridal Fair.

    Many volunteers, some being students from nearby Heritage College, modelled the outfits.

    Jenny Sawells live harp music floated around the corridors, and ballroom dancers waltzed and twirled gracefully around the floor to the delight of the residents and visitors.

    Leah Donohue made and decorated the three-tier wedding cake, which was cut at the end of the parade and served with afternoon tea. Staff and volunteers were exhausted after all the hard work, but the residents bright, happy faces proved the endless hours of preparation had certainly been worth the effort.

    Bridal fun

    Visitors to Christadelphian Aged Cares website and Google Maps pages will now be able to go on a virtual tour of all our facilities.

    The tours were created by Google photographer

    Go on a virtual tourDaniel Veljanoski. The 360 degree interative tours showcase the available facilities at all our sites.

    The tours can be viewed on Google Maps, and on our website

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    Residents at Chamberlain Gardens in Wyoming now share their garden with an abundance of birds after the installation of an aviary.

    Recreational Activities Officer Gail loved to hear lots of birds singing and chirping together an