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  • 1. ITS ABRANDNEW WORLDCREATING LIGHT, INA DARK MARKETRafael Jeffry Anwar SaniManaging PartnerCONFIDENTIAL NOTE: The information contained in this document is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named aboveand may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If the reader of thismessage is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication isstrictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please immediately notify the sender and delete the mail. Thank you.1

2. About us Were Candlelight Communications, an Indonesian marketing and Jakartabased strategic communications, concepts and branding company dedicatedto your success. We see the Candlelight in Communications picture andserve you as Consultants. Coming in from outside, we can take a fresh lookat the messages youre sending out and determine how wide the gap isbetween your brand identity and brand image. Communications perceptionOne advantage we have is were less likely to take things for granted, bothmethod wise and meticulous Our communications, brand identity and brand image research and analysisare completely objective. The irony is you do have something to say,something unique. Even in a crowded field - even if your product or serviceis like your competitions - your company and its brand identity and brandimage have a personality all their own. Your companys fingerprint is the keyto standing apart from the rest. And thats where we can help. We can closethe gap between your brand identity and brand image. Think Volvo and youthink safety, now thats a brand identity and brand image that are in completealignment 2 3. CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS started in 2008. Based inJakarta, we are today Jakartas leading business focused onWord of Mouth and Social Media marketing. What sets us apartis our comprehensive and consultative approach. We workclosely with brands to develop strategy. We have technologyplatforms to support the delivery of the strategy. And, we havethe teams to deliver your campaigns. Our teams includesseasoned marketers, developers and community managers wholeverage on extensive experience and the best tools available inproviding end-to-end Social Media and Word of Mouthmarketing services from strategy development to ideation andexecution. We work on project or retainer basis with leading international,regional and local brands spanning a wide range of industriesfrom ITC to government, entertainment, F&B, fashion, retail andmore. We have also helped leading brands to roll out successfulWord of Mouth and Social Media marketing programs aroundthe region.3 4. Philosophy The world is not waiting for you, or your brand identity, brand image,products, services, your company or its message. Without a clearprogram for communications, you just blend in - you become part ofthe scenery. So you promote, position and advertise at an attempt todevelop your brand identity and brand image. But along the way, communication often gets fragmented. A gapbetween your brand identity and brand image can cause majorconcerns with your overall branding communications. The result isyour audiences get inconsistent, sometimes conflicting impressionsand information. Or they may miss your message entirely. 4 5. Another side of us People have always made choices based on the opinions of others andtoday they are communicating more online friends, colleagues, experts andeven strangers influence your customers decisions. We approach word ofmouth as a Media the voice of thousands of your customers recommendingyour brand to create awareness, change perceptions and drive trial andsales. We Influencers for your brand and inspire them to have face to faceand on-line conversations about your products. We have the strategicplanning, technology platforms, campaign experience to help yousuccessfully leverage this media and create stronger brand advocacy. We use a structured, proven approach to planning and executing social andword of mouth campaigns and proprietary technology platforms to run andscale your campaigns cost effectively. From finding your brands advocate-Influencers to activating them with branded experiences, we can plan andexecute your campaign locally, regionally or globally.5 6. Another side of usWe are TechnologistsWere not just a group of seasoned marketing consultants, were technology geeks. Our team includes developers focused on creating innovative solutions to take advantage of new technologies and services.We are Creative Brand StrategistsWorking with your in-house brand managers and marketing agencies, our experience and expertise in integrating word-of-mouth & social media marketing brings new insights to brand strategies and complements above and below-the-line campaigns.We are Results-OrientedOur focus on measurable results means you have a clear picture of what you achieve for every marketing dollar spent. We use meticulous methods and custom tools to help you understand and access your customers, and tailor campaigns to meet your specific brand needs.6 7. Another side of usWORD OF MOUTH Word Of Mouth marketing is a key component of successful campaigns.CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS gets that. In fact, research shows that aface-to-face recommendation is more effective in changing a personsperception of a brand and in driving the action of trial or even brandswitching, than an online recommendation. Our proprietary Groundswell method and technology can help you identifyyour brands powerful advocates. We can also help you plan and roll out acalendar of activations to engage these Influencers and Opinion Leaders ofyour brand, giving them stories to share and topics to talk about with theirwide social network, face-to-face as well as online in the Social Media.SOCIAL APPLICATIONSCANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS Social Applications services can help you create your brands own rich, multi-way Social Media experiences for your customers.Bringing together our knowledge and experience in marketing, technology and Social Media, we work with you, leveraging on new and advanced digital technologies, to plan, design and create content or functionalities of high perceived value to your customers. Integrated with the Social Media, your brand will be able to engage, excite and enrich your customers, wherever 7 they are. 8. Another side of usEXPERIENTIAL MARKETING CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS believes that experientialmarketing has a big role to play in brand advocacy and Word OfMouth marketing. It is among the most powerful techniques we usetoday. By creating immersive environments for your customers toexperience your brand, we create opportunities for you to elicitpositive and powerful emotional connections from your customersfor your brand. Working with you, we can help you to structure, plan and drive yourbrands calendar of experiential activities and events, engaging yourcustomers online or face-to-face. These experiences will give yourbrands advocates compelling and positive stories to tell and thetriggers to start and fuel exciting conversations with their friendsand peers.8 9. Another side of usSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYThe ultimate aim of every good Social Media campaign is to increase the positive recommendation for your brand your brand advocacy. CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONSs inclusive strategy development framework will help you to measure and manage your brand advocacy levels and show you how to multiply the number of positive recommendations for your brand. Why? Because there is nothing more valuable for your brand than a personal recommendation from one friend to another.MEASUREYour brand advocacy level is important because it is the leading indicator of success for your brand. The more positive recommendations from your customers, the more success your brand enjoys. To measure brand advocacy, CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) a brand management tool used to gauge the strength of your brands relationship with your customers and gain the insight on how best to raise your brands game. 9 10. Another side of usMANAGE Once you know where you stand, you to need to know what toolsand technologies you should use and what activities you shouldengage in to reach your brand advocacy goals. To help you manage,CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS will work with you to design astructured set of activities and guidelines for your brandsinteractions in the Social Media.MULTIPLY A small number of individuals in your market are Influencers orOpinion Leaders. They have the power to powerfully affect how themarket views your brand. Using our proprietary Groundswellmethodology and technology, we can identify and activate these keyindividuals to multiply the positive personal recommendations foryour brand. 10 11. Another side of usBRAND ADVOCACY MEASUREMENTEvery positive recommendation helps you win new customers at lower cost. Every negative recommendation makes it harder and more costly for you to acquire new customers.NET PROMOTER SCORECANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONS can help measure the strength of your customer loyalty in the marketplace using the NPS metric. This essential tool will help you to correlate the measure of your brand advocacy to the financial performance of your business.CANDLELIGHT LISTENING TOOLMore insightful that conventional surveys, CANDLELIGHT COMMUNICATIONSs own VOC (Voice of the Customer) Listening Tool can you harness valuable insights from the most powerful person IN your company your customer. We can help you to design and build a programme to track your NPS and give you the diagnostic insight needed to improve it. 11 12. Another side of usLISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS You can listen to your customers in two ways. Directly and indirectly. Doboth and gain not only valuable insight from what your customers sharewith you but also be see