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A publication of Christadelphian Aged Care


  • April 2014

    Candlel ghtMagazine

    A publication of Christadelphian Aged Care

  • Editor-in-Chief: Jane Burns Editor and designer: Jenny Pogson Cover photo: Anne Forster

    The Candlelight Magazine is published by Christadelphian Aged Care, a not-for-profit provider of aged care and retirement services in NSW and QLD. 2014 Christadelphian Aged Care 11 Queensbury Rd, Padstow Heights NSW 2211, P.O. Box 690, Riverwood NSW 2210Phone: (02) 9782 6000, E:









    Knitted together with love

    CAC News

    Changes in aged care legislation come into effect this year

    Finding doorways to improve care

    A lifetime of love

    A helping hand to pursue further education

    Bringing experience and passion to aged care

    Passing on the right information

    Southhaven celebrates Harmony Day

    Books bring joy to residents


    Love, laughter and hard work

    Photos: Ridgeview Family Day

    Enterprise agreements unveiled

    This year will be one that will bring significant changes to the aged care industry.

    Some of the major changes will be a bigger focus on staying in the home longer, the removal of differences between low and high care, and changes to the way aged care fees are paid.

    Christadelphian Aged Care is in a strong position to adapt and embrace the new changes as they come into effect.

    In addition to industry changes, CAC is also undergoing major renovations to Southhaven Hostel and Nursing Home, Casa Mia and Maranatha to modernise the facilities and improve the environment for our residents.

    Our focus is always on providing a nurturing and comfortable home for our residents, and an enriching and friendly

    environment for our staff. Many of our staff are currently undergoing further education with the support of CACs scholarship program (page 8). Our organisation encourages staff to strive to be the best they can be both professionally and personally.

    We recently showed our appreciation to our staff and volunteers by giving them orange umbrellas for Christmas, as can be seen on our front cover.

    All the stories in this edition of Candlelight are testaments to the dedication of our staff and volunteers, and the beautiful stories each of our residents carry with them.

    We thank our God for all His blessings both past, present and future.

    Graham Cavanagh-DownsCAC Chairman

    Embracing change


    Our Facilities

    Types of Care

  • 3Our Facilities

    Types of Care


    Ridgeviews knitting group began in July last year by enthusiastic volunteers Jan and Jeanette.

    Every Wednesday a group of very keen knitters come together in the hostel to knit for a cause, and of course enjoy a chat.

    Last year we chose to knit for Wrap with Love, an organisation that gives wraps to people in need not only in Australia, but many other countries around the world for the relief of cold humanity.

    Who would have thought that we had so many keen knitters at Ridgeview!

    Maureen, Sarah, Anne, Daphne, Jesse, Barbara, Joan, Leila, Elsie and Frances kept busy knitting squares to be made up into blankets.

    At times, volunteers Jan and Jeanette couldnt keep up with the amount of squares they received each week.

    We delivered 14 completed blankets to Wrap with Love last year. That was 392 knitted squares in total. What an achievement!

    In January 2014 we entered three blankets in the Kiama Show and were absolutely delighted to place first and second for our division.

    When we visited the show it was a lovely surprise for our residents and volunteers to see our blankets proudly on display with a certificate for each one.

    This year the knitting group has chosen to knit knee rugs for all the residents at Ridgeview. To date eight rugs have already been completed.

    I would like to especially thank our volunteers Jan and Jeanette for giving their time each week to the knitting group and for the many hours they do at home to prepare and sew the rugs together.

    Congratulations ladies for all the hard work you have put into each and every rug. They have certainly been made with lots of love.

    Shell BonnerVolunteer & Pastoral Care Coordinator

    We delivered 14 completed blankets to Wrap with Love. That was 392 knitted squares in total. What an achievement!

    Knitted together with loveA group of residents and volunteers at Ridgeview come together once a week to knit blankets for those in need.

  • 4CAC News

    The Southhaven Hostel building was constructed in the late 1970s, and since then - apart from some minor refurbishment - has essentially stood unchanged.

    The renovations currently being undertaken are a complete gutting and restructure of the building that will bring it up to a standard acceptable in todays market.

    The first stage of the hostel renovations (ground and first floors) is progressing well. The ground floor has been handed over and the residents from level two have moved in there. The builders have commenced work on level two and the first floor (carpark side). It was estimated this stage will be completed by March, with residents moving in a few weeks later.

    The construction of a link building at Southhaven will provide access to both the hostel and the nursing home on a level platform. The building will have three levels with a lift servicing a link across

    to the hostel and a second link across to the nursing home. It will have a welcoming entrance, coffee shop and offices for the facility manager and immediate staff. The DA was lodged with the local council in February.

    Installation of fire sprinklers for the nursing home has also commenced.

    The construction work at Chamberlain Gardens has finished. We now have first-class nurses stations and lounge areas that are being fitted with new furniture. Landscaping in the creek area is also being undertaken.

    Only minor refurbishment at Casa Mia has taken place since its construction in the late 1990s. Major works were planned to commence in March. Some of these included re-flooring and painting of the building, modifying the dementia area to allow for a modern lounge and dining rooms, and improvement of outdoor areas, particularly for dementia residents. Other work will also

    include remodelling and refurbishment of the entrance, facility managers office, additional and relocated nurses stations in two wings, and the creation of a staff entrance.Of particular importance will be the installation of fire sprinklers.

    The Maranatha refurbishment of the three older wings includes widening of corridors, modernising the central dining room, expanding the Sunflower Caf, and creating additional lounge and dining room areas.

    A corridor link will be created at the rear of the three wings to facilitate efficient operation and integration with the newer nursing home wings. Various other works are proposed including a new loading dock, expanded laundry, a more secure entrance foyer and the relocation of garbage bin storage.

    Carpeting and new vinyl flooring in areas of Ashburn House will commence shortly and include some painting.

    Im keen to share my industry knowledge and experience gained in having assessed a variety of systems and processes across a number of aged care facilities throughout NSW, ACT and Victoria.

    Major renovations well underway


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    CAC News

    Towards the end of its term the former Federal Government introduced the Living Longer Living Better legislation that will bring substantial changes to the operation of aged care services in Australia.

    The bulk of the changes come into force from July 1 this year.

    In summary the main changes are:

    Increase in Home Care Packages

    Changes to the way care subsidies and fees are calculated for residents who enter care on or after 1 July, 2014.

    Removal of the distinction between low and high care

    Introduction of a combined income and assets (means)

    test to replace income tested fees that sets annual and lifetime caps on means tested fees.

    Residents will choose how they will pay their accommodation costs. They can be paid by daily fees, a bond or a mix of both.

    New terminology and acronyms:DAP: Daily Accomodation PaymentRAD: Resident Accomodation DepositMPIR: Maximum Permissible Interest Rate.

    Residents in care as at June 30, 2014 will continue under the current arrangements

    From July 1 residential care operators will set prices for rooms on the basis of establishing a RAD amount for that room.

    There may be different prices for different rooms in the same building reflecting the relative quality of the room and facilities available.

    Room prices will be published on and on

    The equivalent DAP option will be calculated via the MPIR that represents an annual interest amount calculated to a daily rate using the MPIR set by the government.

    Further details in relation to the changes are available at

    CAC staff are undertaking extensive training to keep up-to-date with all the new legislation

    CAC is well advanced in meeting the requirements of the new legislation.

    Ross PedenChristadelpihian Aged Care CEO

    CAC is well advanced in meeting the requirements of the new legislation.

    Changes to aged care legislation come into effect this yearChristadelphian Aged Care CEO Ross Peden explains some of the recent changes to the aged care legislation.

    New terminology and acronyms: DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment) RAD (Resident Accommodation Deposit) MPIR (Ma