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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 1/26</p><p>Events This Week</p><p>Humanities Council Happy Hour: "DC's Triple Threat: Sex, Scandals, and Social</p><p>Media"</p><p>Date:</p><p>Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 5:00pm - 7:30pm</p><p>BAR 7</p><p>Venue Address:</p><p>1015 1/2 7th Street NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>United States</p><p>See map: Google Maps</p><p></p><p>Humanities Happy Hour is back with a series of four events each Wednesday from July 20 to August10 at Bar 7 on Mt. Vernon Square!</p><p>July 20 - "DC's Triple Threat: Sex, Scandals, and Social Media"</p><p>Join sex therapist Peter Chirnos, journalist Marc Sandalow, gossip columnist Amy Argetsinger, andblogger Stef Woods as they discuss scandalous behavior in the District and how it is increasingly</p><p>magnified by the media.</p><p>There is no need to register for any of these events. Just stop by Bar 7 after work and join in on theconversation! As an added perk, a percentage of your tab will support the Humanties Council of</p><p>Washington, DC! And, as usual, the bar will serve the famous HUMANITINI - don't forget to give it atry!</p><p></p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 2/26</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 3/26</p><p>Yoga in the Park</p><p>Date:</p><p>Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm</p><p>Meridian Hill Park</p><p>Venue Address:</p><p>15th St NW and W St NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20009</p><p>United States</p><p>See map: Google Maps</p><p>Join Citizen Effect for our 2nd Annual Yoga Challenge's FREE Yoga in the Park event!</p><p>This August is Citizen Effect's Yoga Challenge. Citizen Effect has partnered with yoga studios aroundthe city to give deals to anyone who signs up to raise $250 for Becky's Fund, a nonprofit organization</p><p>addressing domestic violence in the District. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for Becky's fund while</p><p>having fun and getting healthy.</p><p>Come out on July 20th for a free class, bring your friends, and be part of a critical cause here in DC!</p><p>The Citizen Effect Team.</p><p>Facebook event link:</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 4/26</p><p>2011 Indian Summer Showcase June 3-August 6</p><p>SPECIAL PERFORMANCE</p><p>FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC</p><p>Moccasins and Microphones</p><p>Wednesday, July 20, 7:00-8:30 p.m.</p><p>Rasmuson TheaterNational Museum of the American Indian4th Street &amp; Independence Avenue SWWashington DC 20024</p><p>The Santa Fe Indian School Spoken Word Team presents Moccasins and Microphones: Modern</p><p>Native Storytelling, a theater production based on the poetry of their award-winning debut album</p><p>featuring Native and contemporary songs and dances.</p><p>The show follows two Native American youth (siblings Joe and Anita) through their birth, education</p><p>at an Indian boarding school, and early adult lives as Natives in todays world. The celebrated SFIS</p><p>Spoken Word Team has traveled throughout the US and internationally to perform their poetry and</p><p>has been featured on the New York Times, the PBS News Hour and HBO. .</p><p>Click here to RSVP</p><p>Unsubscribe</p>;cid=1083;cid=1083;cid=1083</li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 5/26</p><p>Come by ZWK this Wednesday as we present the PerfectSummer Wines or join us Friday &amp; meet Chris fromInternational Cellars. Theres always something happening atZola Wine &amp; Kitchen!</p><p>Salute!</p><p>COMPLIMENTARY WINE TASTINGS</p><p>Zola Wine &amp; Kitchen</p><p>505 Ninth Street NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20005</p><p>Join ZWK for happy hour and enjoy our weeklypick of amazing new wines paried with our artisanal cheeses.</p><p>Wednesday, July 20, 5:00-7:00 p.m.</p><p>ZWK Presents: Chillable Red Wines - Perfect for Summer!</p><p> Chiarli Lambrusco Shindig Red Blend G.D. Vajra Langhe Rosso</p><p>Friday, July 22, 5:00-7:00 p.m.</p><p>Meet &amp; Taste Wine with Chris from International Cellars!</p><p> Pradio Friulano Malgra Nebbiolo Coste della Sesia "Kindred" by Sparkman Cellars</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 6/26</p><p>WORKINGMAN COLLECTIVE: Prospects and</p><p>Provisions</p><p>AN EVENING OF SWING POETRY</p><p>Casey Smith, Assistant Professor, Corcoran College of</p><p>Art + Design</p><p>Thursday July 21, 7:00-9:00 p.m.</p><p>Hemphill Fine Arts1515 14th Street NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20005</p><p>A group of DC poets will take over the installation of</p><p>Swing for a lively and informal reading. Disregardeverything you think you know about poetry readings; this</p><p>one will prove your expectations wrong. Organized by</p><p>Casey Smith. Participating readers TBA.</p><p>Workingman Collective: Prospects and Provisions is on</p><p>view through August 20, 2011.</p><p>Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday10:00am5:00pm, and by appointment.</p><p>Images top to bottom: Workingman Collect ive, Swing, 2011, steel, fir, powdercoat, clay pots, and</p><p>assorted houseplants. 108" x 110" x 115", Ed. 3; Workingman Collective, Table, 2011, cherry, steel,G scale train set, B+O locomotive and coal car, 96" x 70" x 148", Ed. 3</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 7/26</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 8/26</p><p>So come on out for Happy Hour on Wednesday, July 20, where the Scoutmob team will be in attendance tomeet and mingle with the SMC-DC community! The 20th is their official launch date in Washington, DC, and</p><p>we're happy to have them celebrate it with us. The local social media community is looking forward to meetingyou.</p><p>A Great Divide? How Westerners and Muslims See Each Other</p><p>Thursday, July 21, 12:15-1:45 p.m.</p><p>Carnegie Endowment for International Peace</p><p>1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20036-2103</p><p>RSVP:;event=3327 </p><p>Ten years after 9/11 and the start of the war in Afghanistan, how has the relationship between Western and Muslim</p><p>publics evolved, and what does this mean for policy makers? A panel of experts will discuss a new Pew Research Center</p><p>report on Western and Muslim publics views of each other, based on a survey conducted this spring by the Pew Global</p><p>Attitudes Project. The report will provide insight into perceptions of relations between Western and predominantly Muslim</p><p>nations, attitudes toward Islamic extremism, attitudes toward Muslim minorities, and the image of various religious groups.</p><p>Pew Research Centers Andrew Kohut will present the new findings, followed by a discussion with Georgetown</p><p>Universitys Samer Shehata and the Atlantic Councils Shuja Nawaz. Carnegies Marwan Muasher will moderate. </p>;event=3327;event=3327;event=3327;event=3327</li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 9/26</p><p>The Cato Institute invites you to a Book Forum Is this email not displaying</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 10/26</p><p>correctly?View it in your browser.</p><p>The Cato Institute invites you to a</p><p>Book Forum</p><p>July 21, 2011</p><p>The Ethics of Voting(Princeton University Press, 2011)</p><p>featuring the author</p><p>Jason Brennan</p><p>Georgetown University</p><p>with comments by</p><p>Bryan Caplan</p><p>George Mason University</p><p>Author, The Myth of the Rational Voter</p><p>moderated by</p><p>John SamplesCato Institute</p><p>Purchase Book</p><p>Nothing is more integral to democracy than voting. Most people believe that every citizen has</p><p>the civic duty or moral obligation to vote, that any sincere vote is morally acceptable, and that</p><p>buying, selling, or trading votes is inherently wrong. Jason Brennan argues that voting is not a</p><p>duty for most citizens in fact, he argues, many people owe it to the rest of us not to vote.</p><p>Bad choices at the polls can result in unjust laws, needless wars, and calamitous economic</p><p>policies. Brennan shows why voters have duties to make informed decisions in the voting</p><p>booth, to base their decisions on sound evidence for what will create the best possible policies,</p><p>and to promote the common good rather than their own self-interest. They should vote well or not vote at all. He argues that voting is not necessarily the best way for citizens to exercise</p><p>their civic duty, and why some citizens need to stay away from the polls to protect the</p><p>democratic process from their uninformed, irrational, or immoral votes. In a democracy, every</p><p>citizen has the right to vote. Come hear Jason Brennan reveal why it's sometimes best if they</p><p>don't.</p><p>Thursday, July 21, 2011</p><p>4:00 p.m.</p><p>(Reception to follow)</p>;id=aa24cb8919&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=aa24cb8919&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=aa24cb8919&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=cd3256f4e8&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=cd3256f4e8&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=0bafaa1fa7&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=0bafaa1fa7&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=0bafaa1fa7&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=0bafaa1fa7&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=cd3256f4e8&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=aa24cb8919&amp;e=bc2b99230e</li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 11/26</p><p>F. A. Hayek Auditorium</p><p>Cato Institute</p><p>1000 Massachusetts Avenue NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>To register,,</p><p>fax(202) 371-0841, or call(202) 789-5229by noon on Wednesday, July 20, 2011.</p><p>News media inquiries only (no registrations), please call(202) 789-5200.</p><p>If you can't make it to the Cato Institute, watch this Forum live online</p><p>Copyright 2011 Cato Institute</p><p>1000 Massachusetts Ave NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>Heather Levy Solo Exhibition</p><p>(July 1-August 1)</p><p>Reception</p><p>July 21, 5:00 p.m.</p><p>The City Club of Washington DC</p><p>555 13th Street NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20004</p>;id=72d379d38e&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=72d379d38e&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=72d379d38e&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=27cb961183&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=27cb961183&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=27cb961183&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=27cb961183&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=72d379d38e&amp;e=bc2b99230e</li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 12/26</p><p>Poetry ReadingFriday, July 22, 6:30-8:00 p.m.</p><p>Touchstone Gallery901 New York Avenue NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>All welcome. Free of charge. Refreshments provided.Touchstone Gallery presents a Maryland Writers' Association poetry reading on Friday, July 22, 2011. Theprogram, which will include refreshments, runs from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. The reading will feature several writers</p><p>whose publications range from A Little Breast Music to The Hartford Review. As Gregg Wilhelm, ExecutiveDirector of the CityLit Project, describes it, Life in Me Like Grass on Fireis the confluence into which the manystreams of love flow. Ride the current of these words through rapids and still waters to places new yet familiar.For more than twenty years, the Maryland Writers Association has nurtured and supported the Maryland literaryarts community. In honor of that tradition, select MWA members deliver a heartfelt introduction to the regionswriting community in MWA Books second anthology, Life in Me Like Grass on Fire, reflections on love. The</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 13/26</p><p>anthology is divided into several sections, ranging from first love, lost love to love as we age. The anthology features 50 poets, edited by Laura Shovan, a Maryland State Arts Council Artist-in-Education andeditor of the art and literary journal, Little Patuxent Review.The poets other credentials range from those justembarking on their literary careers to those with impressive publication lists.</p><p>Maryland Writers Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art, business,</p><p>and craft of writing.</p><p>Hudson Institute cordially invites you to an event on...</p><p>Export Controls: What's Ahead from the Obama</p><p>Administration and Congress</p><p>Monday, July 2512:00-2:00 p.m.</p><p>Export controls in the United States are at a crossroads, with</p><p>potentially significant consequences for both national security</p><p>and the global defense industry.</p><p>The Obama administration has been developing export controlreform proposals for nearly two years, which it plans to unveil</p><p>at the Department of Commerce's 2011 Update Conference on</p><p>Export Controls and Policy taking place on July 19-21. The</p><p>administration is also finalizing its statutory proposals, and</p><p>there are competing Republican and Democratic bills already</p><p>introduced in Congress.</p><p>To examine the future of U.S. export controls, Hudson Institute</p><p>invites you to attend a panel discussion featuring current and</p><p>former decision-makers:</p><p>Michael Froman, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy</p><p>National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs</p><p>Douglas J. Feith, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and former</p><p>To RSVP please click</p><p>here.</p><p>Complimentary lunch</p><p>will be served.</p><p>Betsy and Walter Stern</p><p>Conference Center</p><p>Hudson Institute</p><p>1015 15th Street NW</p><p>6th Floor</p><p>Washington, DC 20005</p>;event_id=868;event_id=868;event_id=868</li><li><p>8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 July 2011</p><p> 14/26</p><p>Under Secretary of Defense</p><p>William Schneider, Hudson Institute Adjunct Fellow;</p><p>President, International Planning Services, Inc.; former</p><p>Chairman, Defense Science Board and former Under Secretary</p><p>of State</p><p>Brandt Pasco, Attorney at Kaye Scholer LLP and formermember of the National Security Council Task Force on Export</p><p>Control Reform.</p><p>North Korean Security Challenges: A Net Assessment</p><p>Mark FitzpatrickDirector, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme, IISS</p><p>Monday, July 25Lunch 11:45 am 12:00 pmRemarks 12:00 1:00 pm</p><p>International Institute For Strategic Studies</p><p>1850 K Street NWSuit...</p></li></ul>