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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 1/38</p><p>Events This Week</p><p>Everything on GU's website is listed as being at "37th &amp; O Streets NW"</p><p>Here's a crappy map:</p><p> </p><p>John J. DeGioia</p><p>President of Georgetown University </p><p>requests the pleasure of your company</p><p>for a lecture and reception with</p><p>Thomas P. Melady and Margaret B. Melady</p><p>co-author of</p><p>Ten African Heroes, the Sweep of Independence in Black Africa</p><p>Wednesday, October 26, 2011</p><p>LECTURE</p><p>5:00 p.m.Riggs Library, Third Floor, Healy Hall</p><p>RECEPTION6:00 p.m.The Presidents Room, Third Floor, Healy Hall</p><p>Georgetown University</p><p>37th and O Streets, NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20007</p><p></p><p>THOMAS P. MELADYThomas Patrick Melady served as an American ambassador under three presidents and as a</p><p>sub-cabinet officer for a fourth, and remains active in foreign affairs and international</p><p>relations. He is the author of 16 books. He was appointed Ambassador to Burundi in 1969,</p><p>Senior Advisor to the US delegation to the UN General Assembly in 1970, and Ambassador</p><p>to Uganda from 1972 to 1973. In 1989 he was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and</p><p>Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Holy See. Since 2002, he is Senior</p><p>Diplomat in residence at The Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC. </p><p>MARGARET B. MELADY</p><p>Margaret Melady served as president of The American University of Rome from 1997 to2003. Founded in 1969, the American University of Rome is Italy's first American</p><p>independent degree-granting university. Dr. Melady is a former member of the faculties of</p><p>St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield (CT) and the</p><p>State University of New York in Oswego. She was the first woman promoted to an executive</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 2/38</p><p>position in public affairs at Stauffer Chemical Company, where she worked in both public</p><p>relations and governmental affairs. Her most current position is Vice Chairman of the</p><p>Board of Trustees, Catholic Distance University.</p><p>Contact Information</p><p>phone:202.298.0407</p><p>John Blee</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 3/38</p><p>Orchard Suite</p><p>(October 26 - December 31)</p><p>Private Reception with the Artists</p><p>Wednesday, October 26, 6:00-8:00 p.m.</p><p>The Ralls Collection</p><p>1516 31st Street NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20007</p><p>(202) 342-1298</p><p>John Blee, Orchard-Heart, acrylic on canvas, 58" x 58"</p><p>Adam Swart</p><p>Crimes and Celebrations</p><p>Adam Swart, Sainkho's Nomads (Soaring with Echoes of Creation), oil and mixed media on canvas, 30" x 30" </p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 4/38</p><p>Dont miss out on this weeks complimentary wine tastings! OnWednesday, explore our Spanish Wine selection. On Friday,kick the weekend off with Rob from Bacchus Imports.</p><p>Salute!ZWK</p><p>COMPLIMENTARY WINE TASTINGS</p><p>Join ZWK for happy hour and enjoy our weekly</p><p>pick of amazing new wines paired with ourartisanal cheeses.</p><p>Zola Wine &amp; Kitchen505 Ninth Street NW</p><p>Wednesday, October 26, 5:00-7:00 p.m.Explore Spanish Wines with ZWK</p><p> Conde de Subirats Cava</p><p> Altos de la Hoya Monastrell</p><p> Onix Priorat</p><p>Friday, October 28, 5:00-7:00 p.m.Meet a True Wine Nerd - Rob from Bacchus Imports</p><p> Ponzi Pinot Gris</p><p> Domaine Pichot Vouvray</p><p> Mazzoni Toscana Rosso</p><p> La Posta Pizzela Vyd. Malbec</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 5/38</p><p>The Cato Institute invites you to a</p><p>Book ForumOctober 27, 2011</p><p>Because of the ongoing</p><p>construction in our building</p><p>expansion, this Cato Institute</p><p>Book Forum will be held at</p><p>Mount Vernon PlaceUndercroft Auditorium</p><p>900 Massachusetts Avenue NWWashington, DC 20001</p><p>Is Liberty Losing Ground in America?</p><p>featuring</p><p>David K. Shipler</p><p>Winner of the Pulitzer Prize</p><p>Author, The Rights of the People(Knopf, 2011)</p><p>and</p><p>Susan N. Herman</p><p>President of the American Civil Liberties UnionAuthor, Taking Liberties(Oxford University Press, 2011)</p><p>with comments by</p><p>Paul Rosenzweig</p><p>Visiting Fellow, The Heritage Foundation</p><p>moderated by</p><p>Tim Lynch</p><p>Director, Project on Criminal Justice, Cato Institute</p><p>America is widely known as the land of the free, but is it also true that liberty has been yielding</p><p>ground to government power? Two recent books maintain that civil liberties have dramatically</p><p>eroded here in recent years. ACLU president Susan Herman argues that our constitutional</p><p>system of checks and balances is breaking down because of exaggerated claims of</p><p>presidential power in our war against al Qaeda terrorists. That shift in power has made it</p><p>difficult for the courts to fully examine whether certain policies are constitutional. Pulitzer Prize-</p><p>winning author David Shipler does not dispute the erosion of liberty since the 9/11 attacks, but</p><p>he says the Bill of Rights has also deteriorated because of the war on drugs. His book relates</p><p>numerous stories of searches without warrants, punishments without due process, and other</p><p>unreasonable procedures. In criminal justice as in counterterrorism, Shipler argues, the</p><p>executive branch has grabbed immense power and distorted the process of determining guilt</p><p>or innocence. Join us for a discussion of these legal trends and what can be done to correctthem.</p><p>Thursday, October 27, 2011</p><p>Noon</p><p>(Luncheon to follow)</p><p>Mount Vernon Place</p><p>Undercroft Auditorium</p>;id=4386573117&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=4386573117&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=4386573117&amp;e=bc2b99230e</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 6/38</p><p>900 Massachusetts Avenue NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>To register,,</p><p>fax(202) 371-0841, or call(202) 789-5229</p><p>by noon on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.</p><p>News media inquiries only (no registrations), please call(202) 789-5200.</p><p>If you can't make it to the this Forum, watch the archived video online at</p><p></p><p>Videos are usually available 24 hours after the event.</p><p>Copyright 2011 Cato Institute</p><p>1000 Massachusetts Ave NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>The Cato Institute invites you to an event.</p><p>The Cato Institute invites you to a</p><p>Capitol Hill Briefing</p><p>Thursday, October 27, 2011</p><p>How Much Ivory Does This Tower</p><p>Need?</p><p>featuring</p><p>Rep. Virginia Foxx</p><p>Chairwoman, House Subcommittee on Higher Education</p><p>and</p><p>Neal McCluskey</p><p>Associate Director, Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute</p>;id=2a1054886a&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=2a1054886a&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=2a1054886a&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=1fca5afeac&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=1fca5afeac&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=427dad1a41&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=427dad1a41&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=427dad1a41&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=427dad1a41&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=427dad1a41&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=1fca5afeac&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=2a1054886a&amp;e=bc2b99230e</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 7/38</p><p>moderated by</p><p>Laura Renz</p><p>Government Affairs Manager, Cato Institute</p><p>It is often asserted that taxpayer support for higher education is dwindling, endangering thenations economic future and forcing higher tuition prices. In reality that is far from the truth.</p><p>Almost any way you slice it the taxpayer burden for Americas ivory tower has been on the rise,</p><p>while the returns on investment have been at best indeterminate and at worst significantly</p><p>negative. Please join us for this important discussion of why the federal role in higher</p><p>education needs to be seriously reexamined.</p><p>Thursday, October 27, 2011</p><p>Noon</p><p>B-369 Rayburn House Office Building</p><p>(Lunch to follow)</p><p>Cato events on Capitol Hill are free of charge and open to the public.</p><p>To register,,</p><p>fax(202) 371-0841, or call(202) 789-5229by</p><p>noon on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.</p><p>News media inquiries only (no registrations), please call(202) 789-5200.</p><p>If you cant make it to the event, watch the archived video of this Hill Briefing at</p><p></p><p>Copyright 2011 Cato Institute</p><p>1000 Massachusetts Ave NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p>;id=fc3140ea19&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=fc3140ea19&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=fc3140ea19&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=2bcedbb413&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=2bcedbb413&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=2bcedbb413&amp;e=bc2b99230e;id=fc3140ea19&amp;e=bc2b99230e</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 8/38</p><p>You are cordially invited to attend</p><p>INNOVATIONS IN WORKFORCE TRAINING:HOW ARE PROGRAMS AND PUBLIC POLICIES CHANGING?</p><p>Thursday, October 27, 8:30-10:30 a.m.Urban Institute</p><p>2100 M Street NW5th Floor</p><p>Breakfast will be provided at 8:30 a.m. The forum begins promptly at 9:00 a.m.</p><p>To attend in person in Washington, D.C., register at:</p><p> (Registration is required.)</p><p>Panelists:</p><p> Gerri Fiala, deputy assistant secretary, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Departmentof Labor</p><p> David Hunn, executive director, SkillSource, Northern Virginia Workforce System Jim Jacobs, president, Macomb Community College (Warren, Michigan)</p><p> Robert Lerman, Institute fellow, Urban Institute; professor of economics, American University Pamela Loprest, Director, Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute (moderator)</p><p>A high priority for the Obama administration is fostering innovative workforce training strategies. Severalinitiatives are under way or about to be launched, including the Trade Adjustment Assistance CommunityCollege and Career Training Grants, Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge Grants, Workforce</p><p>Innovation Fund, and Health Profession Opportunity Grants. In this time of high unemployment andsluggish employment growth, questions arise about the role of these new and ongoing initiatives. Theadministrations proposed jobs bill includes major new related funding for community colleges.</p><p>This forum will examine how workforce development programming and policies are changing at the</p><p>federal, state, and local levels. Among the questions to be addressed are</p><p> What expanded role can, or should, community colleges and workforce investment boards play toupgrade the skills of the nations workforce?</p><p> What is the effectiveness of skills training for short-staffed jobs?</p><p> What are the most promising skills-development strategies during tough economic times?</p><p> What directions should federal policies take to make sure training needs are met?</p><p>Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others?</p><p>Thursday, October 27, 12:00-1:00 p.m.</p><p>Lehrman Auditorium</p><p>The Heritage Foundation</p><p>214 Massachusetts Avenue NE</p><p>Washington DC 20002-4999</p><p>RSVP: </p><p>The 21st Century is witnessing an epic struggle between the forces of global governance and Americanconstitutional democracy. Transnationalists in the United Nations and the European Union but more importantly</p><p>among Americas leading elites are seeking to establish a global rule of law. The more sophisticated</p>;msgid=124378&amp;act=7339&amp;c=887481&amp;destination=;msgid=124378&amp;act=7339&amp;c=887481&amp;destination=;msgid=124378&amp;act=7339&amp;c=887481&amp;destination=</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 9/38</p><p>transnationalists realize that their goal can only be achieved through Americas voluntary submission to global</p><p>legal authority, presented to the American people in Orwellian fashion as leadership and engagement.</p><p>In Sovereignty or Submission, John Fonte reveals how this troubling and fast-rising movement aims to subordinate</p><p>American sovereignty. The global governance movement does not seek legitimacy in democracy, but rather in its</p><p>own partisan interpretation of human rights. Globalists argue that the U.S. Constitution must conform to evolvingnorms of international law. While this idea may seem utopian, the efforts to implement it constitute a real threat</p><p>to American democracy. The conflict between global governance and democratic sovereignty promises to be at the</p><p>heart of world politics as far into the future as the eye can see.</p><p>More About the Speakers</p><p>John Fonte</p><p>Senior Fellow and Director, Center for American Common Culture, The Hudson Institute</p><p>Hosted By</p><p>Steven Groves</p><p>Bernard and Barbara Lomas Fellow</p><p>Frightening memories of reading "The Jungle" in grade school!</p><p>Discussion:</p><p>"America Eats Series: Food Frights! Food Safety Then and Now"</p><p>October 27, 7:00 p.m.</p><p>McGowan Theater</p><p>The National Archives</p><p>700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20004</p><p>Ever hear of the Poison Squad and what its relationship was to our food, or author Upton Sinclairs expos ofthe meat packing industry? What is the story of how Americas government got involved in the food safety ofits citizens? In this illustrated discussion, we explore how this all started, how far we have come, and take a</p><p>look into the future. Moderated by David Gregory, moderator of NBC News Meet the Press, panelistsinclude Chef Jos Andrs, Chief Culinary Advisor for our exhibition, Whats Cooking,Uncle Sam?, PhilipDerfler, USDA/FSIS Deputy Administrator, and Suzanne Junod, FDA Senior Historian.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 26 October 2011</p><p> 10/38</p><p>Jazz concert by Sarah Riedel and band</p><p>(limited seating, cash bar available)</p><p>Friday, October 28, 7:3...</p></li></ul>