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  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


    Mona El -Bayoumi 2011 Rajie Cook 2011

    John Halaka2011 Najat El -Khairy@2005

    For millennia, artists have used their talents to express thoughtsand emotions deeply personal, as well as reflecting their reactions tothe world around them. In light of this, The Jerusalem Fund Galleryinvited 11 artists from around the U.S. and Canada, including RajieCook, Mona El-Bayoumi, Najat El-Khairy, Elena Farsakh, Adib Fattal,John Halaka, Michael Keating, Ellen OGrady, Ammar Qusaibaty,Mary Tuma and Helen Zughaib to create a work of art reflectingtheir perceptions of the separation wall in Palestine. Interpreted inpainting, sculpture, video, photography, porcelain and other media,each artists work speaks in a unique voice to this issue.


    Kim Ki-young's Wild Women

    Freer Meyer Auditorium

    Freer Gallery of Art

    Jefferson Drive at 12th Street SW

  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


    View two of Kim Ki-young's eccentric, perverse films that center on one of the late director's favoritethemes: women gone wild.

    Woman of Fire '82

    Friday, May 20, 7:00 p.m.

    In this florid interpretation of his 1960 classic The Housemaid , Kim moves the action to a chicken farm. Anewly hired maid seduces the owner and clashes with his wife, unleashing a torrent of murder, jealousy, andflying feathers. (1982, 121 min.)


    Sunday, May 22, 2:00 p.m.

    A seemingly conventional love triangle becomes anything but when two women set up a timetable forsharing their man. One unforgettable love scene involves diapers, a baby bottle, and a huge pile of candy.(1984, 105 min.)

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    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _

    FILMS: Tickets are not required for films screened in the Freer Gallery's Meyer Auditorium. Seating isavailable on a first-come, first-served basis. Auditorium doors will open approximately 30 minutes before

    each film.

    IMAGE CREDITS: Detail, Album: Birds, insects, and animals with flowers, early 19th century, Hokuga (fl. early 19th c.), (Japanese,Edo period), Ink and color on paper, H: 27.0 W: 36.5 cm, Japan, Purchase--Funds provided by the bequest of Edith Ehrman,F1976.41a-y; Cover image for Woman of Fire '82 .

  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


    Dawn of Modern China: The 100th Anniversary of Chinas 1911 Rev olution and the Significance of the Republic ofChina

    Friday, May 20, 12:30-5:30 p.m.

    Lunch will be provided prior to the start of the discussion.Falk Auditorium

    The Brookings Institution1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW

    Washington, DC 20036


    2011 marks the centennial of Chinas October 1911 Revolution, a landmark event which ended Chinas imperial era andunleashed a host of changes upon Chinese society and the world which continue to reverberate today. The Republic ofChina (ROC) was established in the wake of the revolution as a new, modern political order, but it was soon wracked bywarlordism, foreign invasion, and further revolution. But the ROC survives on the island of Taiwan and continues to play amajor role in world affairs.

    On May 20, the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies at Brookings will host leading historians and analysts for adiscussion of some of the political ramifications of the 1911 revolution; the roles that the Republic of China has played inthe history of China and the world since 1911; and the significance of the Republic of China in contemporary and futurecross-strait relations and international politics. Mary Backus Rankin, a leading expert on the 1911 revolution, will deliverthe luncheon keynote address. Ambassador Jason Yuan, representative of the Taipei Economic and CulturalRepresentative Office in the United States, will deliver opening remarks prior to the beginning of the panel discussion.

    After each panel, the speakers will take audience questions.
  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


    Happy Hour Featuring

    Pablo Caviedes


    Friday, May 20, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

    Studio H

    408 H Street NE, Second Floor

    (Pictured above: In Focus. Acrylic on Canvas. 48"x48")

    Please join us for a happy hour at the gallery from 6:30-8:30pm to browse the

    work of Ecuadorian artist Pablo Caviedes while enjoying some refreshments. This is

    your chance to see the show if you missed the opening or in case you wanted to

    see his work again!

    The exhbition has been extended to June 10, 2011

    Here is more about the exhibition in the artist's words:

    "As a Latin American artist I feel that speaking about our art is like connecting with

    the fable, the myth, and the constant metamorphosis of this fascinating culture.

    One that arises as a result of a great encounter that began five centuries ago

    between the old continent, the Western world, and our millenarian American


    The color, the magic, the exuberant nature, the mysticism, the races and the

    alternative system of living are some of the examples of the grand accretion of

  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


    culture, the product of a great fusion between two mega civilizations, in which the

    magical realism and the visual metaphor become part of a fascinating language of

    daily lives of towns and cultures. I am part of that language.

    I have developed my most recent series Mannequin with the same language of

    metaphors and the use of some iconic visual figures present in the magical realistic

    world, which I touched some years back in my creative process. This concept

    returns in Mannequin, to be updated and fused with the dilemmas of the society

    within the modern world. An example of these dilemmas is the loss of the essence

    of what is natural and human in our daily coexistence.

    The series reflects my own experience over the last yea rs. Im a faithful witness to

    these new realities in which we live and observe that all that appears to be natural

    has often been previously preconceived. The new way of living seems to make us

    closer, connect us, but instead we are more and more disconnected and pushedaway from what is tangible, real and furthermore natural and human. As a

    synonym of artificial life, the Mannequin series attempts to revive and make us

    remember the irony of these moments, which have become part of our everyday

    life. The connecting thread in the series are spaces that look like if they were

    staged scenes- with cameras, tripods, lamps, monitors and screens with cables

    unable to connect. The characters in my works are partly extracted from actual

    fauna and in part from my imagination. Like actors or presenters, they illustrate,

    narrate and describe the Mannequin story. By using humor I intend to deliver a

    subliminal message to be read through the visual metaphors."

    About the Artist

    Pablo Caviedes (b. 1971 Cotacachi, Ecuador) studied at the Colegio de Artes

    Plasticas Daniel Reyes in San Antonio De Ibarra, Ecuador where he won numerous

    prizes in local and national competitions. In 1994, Caviedes won the Paris Prize

    sponsored by the Alliance Franaise allowing him to study art at the prestigious

    Ecole National Suprieur des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. Only four years later, in

    1998, Caviedes was one of two artists under age 40 chosen by an International

    Jury for the grand exhibition Latin America and the Caribbean: a new Generation of

    Artists ( Identits: Artistes dAmrique latine et des Carabes 1999 ). The

    international jury was chaired by such distinguished members as Jean-Jacques

    Aillagon, President of the Pompidou Center, Alfred Pacquement, Director of the

    Ecole National Suprieur des Beaux Arts and artist Antonio Segu y Marwan Hoss,

    General Commissioner of Fine Arts of the International Development Bank which

    sponsored the biennial event.

    Now an internationally acclaimed artist who has shown his work in France, Spainand Ecuador, Caviedes currently resides in New York City where he shows


  • 8/6/2019 bMichael Events This Week 20 May 2011


    Artist Lecture and Reception

    Friday, May 20

    Slide Lecture 7:00 p.m.

    Reception 7:00-8:00 p.m.

    Washington Studio School