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  • 8/4/2019 Blueprint - Challenging the Status Quo


    A Blueprint for Challenging the Status QuoNOTE: All steps will not be needed for every innovation.

    Getting to YES

    1. Prepare the ground. Be sensitive to egos.

    2. Talk to stakeholders.

    a. Test and refine the idea. Make sure it isrealistic, do-able.

    b. Get support.

    3. Have a persuasion plan.

    a. Find a path to Yes.b. Prepare proposal.

    c. Appeal to head and heart. (Addressinterests of decision-makers. Speak in theirlanguage.)

    d. Anticipate objections/obstacles.

    4. Be patient, persistent, and humble (Look for the

    right time; give others the credit).

    5.Have a Plan B.

    Getting to SUCCESS

    1. Be willing to lead, to sacrifice. Be committed,bold.

    2. Let stakeholders guide you. Be flexible.

    a. In the development

    b. In the implementation

    3. Know what success will look like. (Plan fordemonstrable progress, outcomes.)

    4. Anticipate obstacles.

  • 8/4/2019 Blueprint - Challenging the Status Quo


    5. Conduct post-mortems.

    6. Break challenges into chunks (Simplify!).

    c. In Size (small tests, pilot projects)

    d. In Time (measureable milestones)

    e. in Expectations (achievable expectations;incremental growth)


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