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Ancient Greece versus Ancient Rome

Central IdeaPast civilisation shape present day systems and technologies.By Kylee Ing Laura CunninghamTerm 3 2009

What was Greek Education Like?

A public school in North Attleborough, Greece

Girls were taught how to fight because of the war between Athens and Sparta

What did the greeks use for writing? How?

This is a table of the Greek alphabet

Boys in Athens writing on a wax-coated tablet with a pen called a stylus

How did the Romans get taught at School?

One of the many schools in Rome

A Roman Abacus to help simplify counting.

What was the Romans way of Writing?

A quill

A roman wax tablet

What are the similarities& differences between Greek & Roman education?

This is a picture of to roman females playing ball.

This is what the greek had to do to practice Gymnastics.

What are the similarities& differences between Greece and Romans way of writing?

A Greece wax- coated tablet with a stylus.

A quill that romans use

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