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Ancient Greece and Rome powerpoint, Survey 2014


  • 1. The Arts of Ancient Greece

2. Middle Neolithic cup,5th millennium B.C. 3. Cycladic harpist,Athens National Museum 4. Kamares ware jug, Phaistos 5. Gold pendant, Mallia 6. Faience snake goddess, Knossos 7. Palace at Knossos 8. Triangle Square, Akrotiri, Thera (Santorini) 9. Spring fresco,Akrotiri 10. Plaster castof a bedSpring fresco,Akrotiri 11. Linear A Linear B 12. Lion Gate, Mycenae 13. Gold from the shaftgraves, Mycenae 14. Daggers from the shaft graves, Mycenae 15. Nestors cup, shaft grave IV, Mycenae 16. The Dipylon jug, Athens 17. Geometric funerary krater,Metropolitan Museum of Art 18. Detail, prothesisGeometric funerary krater,Metropolitan Museum of Art 19. Protocorinthianaryballos 20. ProtocorinthianaryballosNew York kouros 21. New York kouros 22. New York kouros Peplos kore 23. Lekythos, Amasis Painter 24. Black figure side of Munich 2301 25. Black figure side of Munich 2301 26. Red figure sideBlack figure side of Munich 2301 27. The Euphronios krater, formerly in the Metropolitan Museum;returned to Italy in 2008 28. Temple of Apollo,Corinth 29. Naxian sphinx, Delphi 30. Temple of Artemis,Ephesus 31. Kritios boy 32. KritiosboyNew Yorkkouros 33. KritiosboyEuthydikos kore 34. White ground lekythos,Achilles Painter 35. Gold necklace, British MuseumWhite ground lekythos,Achilles Painter 36. Gold necklace, British MuseumWhite ground pyxis,Penthesilea Painter 37. Glass amphoriskos 38. Bronze mirror,Metropolitan Museum of Art 39. Acropolis, Athens 40. The Parthenon 41. Temporary ElginRoom, 1819 42. Threegoddesses,east pediment,ParthenonTemporary ElginRoom, 1819 43. Red figure hydria,Meidias PainterThreegoddesses,east pediment,Parthenon 44. AphroditeCastor and Eriphyle 45. Red figure hydria, Meidias Painter 46. Sir William Hamilton 47. Ivory head, Tomb II,Vergina 48. Ivory couch fromTomb II, Vergina,reconstructed 49. Gold larnax, Tomb II, Vergina 50. Gold larnax, interior 51. Fabric from gold larnax, Tomb II, Vergina 52. Gold diadem, Tomb II, Vergina 53. Gold necklace,said to be from Tarentum 54. Reconstruction of a Greek house from Priene 55. House of the Dolphins,Delos 56. Hellenistic silver looted from Morgantina, Sicily, formerlyin the Metropolitan Museum; returned to Italy in 2010 57. The Etruscans 58. Gold circlets, Cerveteri 59. Barberini throne, Praeneste 60. The Roman World 61. Augustus,Prima Porta 62. Ara Pacis,Campus Martius,Rome 63. Gemma Augustea,Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna 64. The Portland Vase 65. Pompeii 66. Pompeiian house 67. Atrium, House of theVettii, Pompeii 68. Chest from the atrium,House of the Vettii,Pompeii 69. Peristyle, House of the Vettii 70. Alexander Mosaic,House of the Faun, Pompeii 71. Villa of P. Fannius Synistor, Boscoreale.Painted room as installed in the Metropolitan Museumprior to the opening of the new galleries 72. Villa of P. Fannius Synistor, Boscoreale.New installation of painted room (2007) 73. Villa at Boscotrecase,Metropolitan Museum of Art 74. Silver from the House of Menander, Pompeii 75. Silver cups from theHouse of Menander 76. Bronze pitcher, Naples 77. Bronze pitcher, Naples Bronze stool, Herculaneum 78. Bronze folding table,Pompeii 79. Bronze folding table,Pompeii 80. Bed from Amiternum, Museo dei Conservatori, Rome 81. Bronze brazier,Temple of Isis, Pompeii 82. Bronze lamp,Bronze brazier,Temple of Isis, PompeiiPompeii 83. Necklace, Pompeii 84. Earrings, PompeiiNecklace, Pompeii 85. Earrings, PompeiiRings, HerculaneumNecklace, Pompeii 86. Rings, HerculaneumGold bracelets and earring,Herculaneum 87. Arch of Titus 88. The Colosseum 89. The Pantheon 90. Canopus, Hadrians villa, Tivoli 91. Green Room,Catherine Palace,Tsarskoye Selo, 1780 92. Box depicting the Colosseum,late 18th century 93. Pylon of Edfu from theDessert Service withEgyptian Views. Svres,1804-1808 94. Desk, workshop ofHeinrich Gambs, 1794.Pavlosk Palace 95. Desk, workshop ofHeinrich Gambs, 1794.Pavlosk PalaceIonic temple withminiature statue 96. Souvenir fan with aview of the Pantheon,ca. 1780 97. Parian ware bookends,W. T. Copeland andSons, 1882


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