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Dear incoming interns, Thank you for choosing Ireland as the destination for your GIP. We are looking forward to seeing your arrival in Dublin! Until then here is a guide to help you get to know our wonderful country :)



    Welcome to your new internship!

    Cad Mile Filte

    A hundred thousand welcomes

  • Table of Contents: About AIESEC in Ireland.3 What you can expect from us.4 What we expect from you5 About Ireland6 Dublin today.7 Money8 First month check-in...9 Telephone Tips...10 Transportation11 Buses.12 Luas.. 13 Taxis .14 Accommodation......15 Arriving in Dublin16 Airport Pick-up17 Places to go18 Welcome Party ..19 Contacts...20 Ireland experience Check List21

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  • About AIESEC in Ireland

    Established 1973

    4 LCs within Ireland

    20 exchanges per year

    Leadership Opportunities

    2 National conferences

    HQ based in Dublin

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  • What you can expect from us:

    Send you a reception booklet (Check)

    Help you find accommodation

    Assign a buddy to you

    Pick you up on arrival

    Help you with any visa issues

    Take you to work on your first working day

    Show you around in the first few days

    Introduce you to the other members and interns

    Expectations alignment and preparation

    Constant communication

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  • What we can expect from you:

    Read our reception booklet.

    Send us a copy of your travel tickets.

    Fill out the wish list (We will send you an email).

    Keep clear and open communication- meet our expectations and help us meet yours by talking to us about your needs beforehand.

    Answer our emails on time.

    Attend all physical and online meetings necessary.

    Fill out the evaluation forms .

    Be patient and resilient. We will do our best to help you.

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  • About Ireland Population: Around 4 Million.

    Language: English speaking with 10% speaking Irish fluently.

    Weather: Warm summers /mild winters with no weather extremes. Abundant rainfall is a characteristic of Irish weather 151 rainy days a year on average.

    Ireland is divided into 4 provinces: Connaught, Ulster, Munster, Leinster (where Dublin is situated)and has 32 counties.

    Ireland was voted The best country in the world according to The good country index (this index ranks nations according to their levels of culture, science and technology, international peace and security, World order, Planet and climate, Prosperity and equality)

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  • Dublin today Dublin is Irelands capital and one of Europes most

    vibrant and multi cultural cities.

    The main party area is Temple Bar filled with tourists and locals alike.

    50% of the cities population is under 25.

    There are over 1,000 pubs in Dublin

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  • Money The currency in Ireland is

    like most European

    countries the Euro.

    A common Irish nickname for money is quid.

    We recommend banking with

    the same bank as the company

    which you work with as this

    makes it easier to transfer


    The most common banks in

    Ireland are:

    Bank Of Ireland


    Ulster Bank

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  • First Month Check-List Had your first day at work.

    Begun accommodation search.

    Been to the PPSN office to get your PPS number (social security number).

    Asked what bank your company uses.

    Had PPS delivered to your new accommodation (now you have a proof of address!)

    Opened bank account.

    Found accommodation.

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  • Telephone Tips

    After arrival it will be necessary to change phone company to an Irish one.

    If you have a smart phone and want to get an Irish sim card we recommend the phone company 3 which offers 20 a month for unlimited data.

    If you want to buy a phone while you are here it is possible to buy a one for around 30 with cheap phone companies like Lyra, 48 months, and tesco

    mobile all having budget deals.

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  • Transportation Dublin is a well connected city with three types of public

    transportation in the city alone Dublin bus, Luas (tram), and the Dart (a small Dublin train line).

    We also have an excellent Rent a bike scheme in Dublin where a 20 yearly fee will buy you unlimited use of the Dublins city bikes located all over the city.

    We recommend getting a leap card which is a charge card for all Dublins transport services.

    Prices vary but most single tickets cost around 3 with a 15% discount given when using a leap card.

    We recommend looking at your companies location and trying to plan the best route.

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  • Buses Dublin bus has hundreds of routes and is well

    connected. Download the Dublin bus app to find out

    times and schedules in advance and also this app

    has live tracking which can tell you how long to the

    next bus.

    You must pay with either your leap card or with the exact amount in coins.

    An average one way journey costs about 3.

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  • Luas This tram/light rail service gets you through Dublin

    fast and works on the honor system.

    The cities Luas service has two main lines (Red Line and the Green Line) with a third currently being built

    within in the city.

    The red and green lines range from the north to the south of the city.

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  • Taxis Dublin is filled with taxis and we recommend

    downloading the Hailo app which allows you to pay for your taxis directly from your bank account (handy for late night trips home)

    An average journey costs around 10

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  • Accommodation Finding a place to live is the most important task for any new

    incoming intern.

    September is one of the toughest times to find accommodation as an influx of 20,000 students who are all trying to find housing within the city.

    Most interns company cover the cost of temporary accommodation for the first two weeks.

    Sites like are vital in hunting for a new place. Facebook groups like rent in Dublin and Ideal housemate

    Dublin are also handy when searching but houses go quickly. Have clear guidelines of what you are looking for but remember

    it is very difficult to set up viewings in advance of arrival. (Price, sharing, location, transport links etc)

    If you find a place you like- ACT FAST. We will create another guide for accommodation in the coming


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  • Arriving in Dublin Please let us know in advance your travel plans and

    times so that we can have someone waiting at the airport

    for you!

    Dublin is a very safe city and there is no need to feel worried when travelling! We are so happy to see you

    coming and look forward to your safe arrival.

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  • Airport Pick-up

    A group of Irish AIESECers will be waiting for you upon arrival and we will travel there by the airport bus link.

    (bus 747 or the air coach)

    Please let us know of any delays.

    Cad Mile Filte= 100,000 welcomes!

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  • Places to go: Ireland is famed for its beauty and culture.

    We recommend fitting as much travel and sight seeing as possible during your stay- Ireland is a

    small country so you can see a lot of it over the

    course of your stay.

    Cliffs of Moher, The Giants Causeway, The Burren are all popular tourist attractions. Dublin also has

    numerous attractions such as the famous Gunniess

    storehouse, Temple bar and Dublin zoo.

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  • Welcome party!

    After your first week of work in your new job AIESEC will hold a welcome party for you so that you can meet the

    new interns and members of our local chapters.

    Irish people love a good party more than anything. We use the Irish word craic to describe the atmosphere of party. So when you arrive you can expect some serious


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  • Contacts

    NST ICX : Therese Walsh (intern support)


    Mobile: 0857809998

    Skype: therese.a.walsh

    MCVP ICX: Mike Karr


    Mobile: 0892340620

    Skype: mike.karr.91

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  • Experience Check-list Have an awesome welcome party. Drink a pint of Guinness. Selfie with the Spire. Experience an Irish coffee. Meet some amazing AIESECers. Have the craic. Attend the AIESEC in Ireland discovery conference. Try to figure out the Irish accent. Get lost in Temple bar. Walk around Phoenix park (Europes largest park). Celebrate St.Patricks day in Ireland!!! Be a Buddy! Help other new interns settle in Party like the Irish do.

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