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  • 2012

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  • H I

    S T O R Y

    AIESEC ITAM was founded in 1965, by Francisco Gil, former secretary of the treasure. In our long history we been able to develop a solid structure that guarantees the quality of our members and the TNs we offer.

  • O U R

    E P s

    We are very careful in our process of selection. AIESEC ITAM makes two anual recruitments in 8 universities in Mexico City. We have contact every year with more than 10,000 students of those around 1000 apply and we accept a bit less than 400 members.

    This way we look for people that really meets AIESEC requeriments, as GIP, GCDP, TM and TL participants. Our LC has the biggest rate of GEPs taken, and also we have got a rate of matching of 75%.


  • O U R

    G I


    GIPs are declining all around the world specially in Europe and America, AIESEC ITAM is one of the few committees in the world that has grown the number of GIPS available. With the implementation of our new processes our LC is now able to sign GIPs in only one day!

  • O U R

    G C D P

    Our hard-working team has signed several partnerships with different ONG in Mexico city and has started to search for internships in other states such as Oaxaca an Morelos, which has resulted in AIESEC ITAM beeing one of the top 10 comittees of the world talking about exchanges. The GIP GCDP team has also been keen in the creation of three different programs such as MyLanguageBuddy and Live2012.

  • I N T E G R A T I

    O n

    The LC of AIESEC ITAM is interested not only in the numbers but in the quality of the exchanges, that is why we have a specialized team of buddies that will help the TNs in their integration to our committee and with the cultural shock. Also we often make events for them to join us and live as part of AIESEC ITAM. Also roles are open to any EP that want to participate more actively in the LC. So join us we will be glad of having you here, making history with us!

  • AIESEC ITAM Ro Hondo No. 1, Col. Progreso Tizapn, Mxico, D.F. Mxico, 01080 Tel. +52 (55) 5628 4000


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