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here you will find some usefull information :) if you have any questions i'm open for them ;)


  • AIESEC University



    Rzeszw POLAND


    Dear Trainee, Wellcome in Poland!

    Are you ready for an adventure?

    Rzeszw is waiting for you!

    You have been matched to our beautiful country which is situated in the heart of Europe.

    We will show you traditional hospitality of our nation and help you to discover the most interesting

    places in Poland. This booklet gives you some information about Polish life, read this carefully

    and you will be prepared for your travel

    Remember that you can always count on members of your host committee of AIESEC Rzeszw.

    We hope that you will avoid all misunderstandings.

    We are waiting impatiently for you!

    You will never forget this trip!

  • Table of content

    AIESEC in Poland

    AIESEC Rzeszw

    Short lesson about the Poland

    Polish culture and tradition

    Rzeszw, Warsaw, Cracow

    Usefull informaiton

    Pocket dictionary


  • AIESEC IN POLAND AIESEC helps young people to develop and work in an international

    environment. Poland is one of the leading countries in the AIESEC

    network, is part of AIESEC global association since 1973.

    For years AIESEC in Poland

    has been provider of both

    incoming and outgoing exchanges,

    now we have eigthteen local


    in seventeen cities and people like


    can travel around the world,

    meet new friends and have great


  • ABOUT AIESEC RZESZW Your host committee is Local Committee in Rzeszw which was created in 2009.

    So far, we have hosted about 200 international trainees who participated in projects

    organized by AIESEC Rzeszw, e.g. AIESEC University, Enter Your Future, The Heart of Art, International Kindergarten, The Childrens Place, Explore Yourself.

    What's more, AIESEC Rzeszw enables Polish students and alumni participate in voluntary or practices

    in many countries such as China, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia and Serbia.

    Encouring the development of our members we cooperate with colleges: University of

    Information Technology and Management in Rzeszw, Rzeszw University, Rzeszw University of Technology and the State Higher Vocational School in Sanok.

    Read more about us:

  • Short lesson about Poland Country's full name: The Republic of Poland

    Teritority: total area of the country - 312,685 km2 (120,727 sqm)

    Population: about 38,6 mln

    National flag:

    colors: top - white

    bottom - red

    National emblem: white eagle in a crowd against a red background

    Capital city: Warsaw

    National anthem: "Mazurek Dbrowskiego"

    Currency: 1 zoty (translation: gold) = 100 groszy

    Time: GMT/UTC plus one hour (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last

    Sunday in October)

    The President: Bronisaw Komorowski

  • Polish culture and tradition

    polish cuisine

    holidays and


    religion the most





    pierogi (dumplings) - a case of dough filled with a savory filling (as of meat, cottage cheese, or vegetables) and cooked by boiling and sometimes then


    ros - clear chicken soup, usually served with noodles or potatoes,

    gobki - cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat and rice or with mushrooms and rice served with sour cream or tomato sauce,

    pierogi ros gobki

  • placki ziemniaczane - potato pancakes usually served with sour cream,

    oscypek - hard, salty cheese from nonpasteurized sheep milk which is smoked over a fire,

    sernik (cheesecake) - one of the most popular desserts in Poland. It is a cake made

    primarily of twarg, a type of quark fresh cheese

    Placki ziemniaczane



  • Holidays celebrated in Poland

    January 1 - New Year's Day

    Springtime - Easter

    May 1 - Labour Day/May Day

    May 3 - Constitution Day

    Summer - Corpus Christi

    August 15 - Assumption Day

    November 1 - All Saints' Day

    November 11 - Independence Day

    December 24&25 - Christmas Eve and Christmas


    A lot of traditional customs are connected with Catholic religion. Catholicism is the

    major religion of Poland. Most Christians in Poland are Roman Catholic: 89.8%

    (about 75% practicing), Eastern Orthodox: 1.3%, Protestant: 0.3%. Other religions:

    0.3%, unspecified: 8.3%.

  • RZESZW Are you looking for beautiful, small academic city?

    Rzeszw will be ideal for you!

    You probably don't know that Rzeszw is a city where as much as 353 per 1,000 inhabitants are students.

    This is the largest number of students in the EU in relation to the


  • Rzeszw is the capital of the Subcarpathian region, with a population about 179,455, Rzeszw Area abound in belonging to the richest in Poland deposits of natural gas and crude oil.

    Rzeszw is rich in number of cultural institutions - cinemas, theaters, art galleries and photography, community centers, museums. An interesting program for the residents of the city prepare

    Theatre Wanda Siemaszkowa and Theatre "Mask".

    You can spend a pleasant time in the numerous restaurants, pubs, cafes, pizzerias and discos.

    The city has museums, galleries, photography and painting as well as cultural. The most interesting are:

    Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of the History of the City of Rzeszw and Underground Way. Emphasis is also to create the conditions for leisure and relaxation and expansion of the existing base of sports - leisure


    The Old Town in city centre is small

    and easily manageable by feet. There

    are regular bus services from the

    centre to New Town and suburbs.

    One-way ticket ('bilet normalny')

    costs 2.80 PLN. It is valid only for one

    certain route and for one bus on this

    route (you cannot change buses on

    the same route).

  • WARSAW The capital of Poland with a Mermaid as the

    emblem. This is one of the greenest metropolises

    on the continent, with Europes wildest river Wisa flowing through the center of the city. You will find

    here several hundred historical places, some of

    them very unique not only on the European scale.

    Splendid palaces and sanctuaries, sometimes

    from the Medieval Ages, among them the Royal

    Castle, St. John Cathedral, Barbican, the defence

    walls. You will find here symbols of socialist

    architecture the Palace of Culture and Science built in 1956.

    Visit wonderful azienki Palace and Park, the Wilanw Palace and Park, Krasinski Garden and Palace. its worth to see the monuments and places of remembrance: the Column of Zygmunt III Waza, monuments of Adam Mickiewicz, Prince Jzef Poniatowski.

    Warsaw is a city full of astonishing contrasts and it never ceases to amaze with its


    of dimensions and themes, which are there to be discovered, absorbed and understood by

    the inquisitive. Everyone will find funny, exciting and entertaining ways to spend time in


  • CRACOW Poland's cultural capital, historic city.

    Cracow was the capital of Poland from

    the 11th - 17th century. The city has an

    impressive central market square (the

    second largest in Europe after St. Marks Square in Venice) and the beautiful

    Wawel Castle, which sits atop a hill. In

    1364, the Cracow Academy was

    established and it was the first Polish

    university (today - Jagiellonian

    University). The city was registered as

    one of the 12 sites on the UNESCO

    World Heritage List. It is hard to list all the

    tourist attractions in Cracow. For sure,

    however, each tourism will discover his

    own "magical" Cracow. Some will follow

    the footsteps of Nicholas Copernicus,

    others will be interested in sites linked

    with John Paul II, some others will wander

    around the alleys of the Jewish Kazimierz


    Its a meeting place of many cultures and nations, successfully claims its position as a Central European metropolis, a city of culture, art and science. This town offers fantastic nightlife, with many of bars and

    restaurants the cobbled streets of the Kazimierz district in particulary.

  • Transport from the airport in Rzeszw

    By bus: The airport is connected with Rzeszw city centre by public transport (bus from 'MPK' company), special line 'L'. Journey to/from airport takes about 25 min and costs 8 z (under 2) if you pay in z, or 3 if

    you pay in (tickets are sold by the driver, price includes the carrying of luggage). Buses terminate at railway station and depart from the same stop. Generally, bus timetable

    is synchronized with flights' arrivals and departures and in the case of delayed flight, bus is waiting for

    passengers. However, it is strongly advised to check the bus and flight timetable before travel.

    Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport - Rzeszw Railway Station timetable:

  • Useful information