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If you are a trainee and you are looking for the best place on earth to take your internship, don't hesitate, know more about Culiacan, Mexico and fall in love!


  • AIESEC welcomes you to its best committee in Mexico.

    AIESEC Culiacan!!

    Final Spring Campaign Award 2010-2011

    Financial Sustainability Award 2009-2010

    Excellence Award 2008-2009

    Best People Management 2007-2008

    Best Technologic Solution Implementation 2007 2008

  • Hello EPs from all over the world.

    Were really happy that you are interested in having an

    internship in our city, and we hope this booklet can be

    helpful for you.

    The entire committee of AIESEC Culiacan is

    committed to give you the best international

    experience you can have, we want you to learn and

    enjoy as much as you can during your internship, and

    we also expect to learn a lot from you.

    The whole membership of AIESEC Culiacan wish you

    the best and we are looking forward to have you here

    with us.

  • Mxico

    Map of Mxico:

    Mexico is located in the northern region of the

    American continent between the Gulf of Mexico on the

    east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is bordered

    by the United States on the north and by Guatemala

    and Belize on the south. Mexicos land area extends

    1, 964,375 sq km.

  • Sinaloa and Culiacan, its capital.

    Located on the Pacific coast in Mexicos northwestern

    region, the state of Sinaloa has a hot climate, beautiful

    natural scenery and gorgeous cities with strong

    traditions and culture. The capital of the state of

    Sinaloa is Culiacan and it is located in the center, this

    is our city and we are waiting for YOU!!

  • Currency:


    1 USD = 11.86 pesos.

    1 euro= 16.97 pesos.

  • (as of Jun 21th of 2011)

    Helpful tips:

    Basic Spanish:

    Spanish English

    Hola Hi / Hello

    Si / No Yes / No

    Por favor Please

    Gracias Thank you

    De nada Youre welcome Disculpe Excuse me

    Adios Good bye

  • Helpful phrases:

    Spanish English

    Hablas ingles? Do you speak English?

    puedes ayudarme? Can you help me?

    donde esta el? Where is the? No entiendo I dont understand

    Por favor escribalo Please write it down

    cuanto cuesta? How much is it?

    que es eso? What is it?

    Useful phone numbers

    Number Where you are calling..

    53 95 11 11 Red cross / ambulance

    068 Fire station

    060 / 080 Police station

    52 50 82 21 Tourist help

  • There is a big chance you hear some unknown

    words only Mexican people or even CULICHIS* use,

    and you might get confused, even if you speak

    Spanish perfectly. So, to avoid these situations

    (and have some fun) we will teach you some:

    Mexican Basics:

    Mexican English

    Que onda / Que rollo Whats up

    Wey Man / Dude

    Chilo Cool

    Orale Wow!

    Chingado Damn it!

    Pura cura Just kidding

    Madre Something you dont know the name of

    *CULICHIS: People from Culiacan

  • Transportation

    Culiacans airport

  • The airport, being the most important domestic gateway in

    the state of Sinaloa, and the second on international

    operations after Mazatlan International Airport, second

    before Los Mochis International Airport has undergone major

    construction consisting of a new terminal layout and a new

    boarding system. It has two jet ways. In 2010, Culiacan

    airport handled 1,059,904 passengers.

    The day and time you arrive there will be for sure a

    bunch of AIESECers waiting for you to greet you!

  • Culiacans bus terminal

    We have this bus station since 2000 and it connects

    Culiacan with the entire country by earth.

  • As of urban transportation comes, Culiacan has over 68

    bus routes, so you can get everywhere you like. This

    urban routes charge 7 pesos and if you are a student it

    cost over 3.50 pesos per trip. We cant wait until you

    experience a bus trip in our city, you will find them very

    singular since they are like moving night clubs because

    of the music they have, and if you are one of those

    people who like defending their rights everywhere, you

    will also have fun having arguments with the

    unconsidered bus drivers sometimes.

    This is all part of Culiacans charm.


    MEXICAN FOOD: We wonder you are excited to taste the most delicious and appetizing food in the WHOLE WORLD! As you may know Mexican food is

    SPICY and fun to eat. You shouldnt worry about this since the chilli on food is

    optional to you.

    Some of our traditional food:



    And many many more! VOLTAGE: As you may know, the voltage changes trough the different regions and so you will need a converter for 120 V. You can easily buy it here in

    case you cant find it in your home country.

    WE RECOMMEND : You bring light clothing, since even in winter the

    temperature its around 16C the lowest. Summer is hot (30-36C).

  • So this is it!

    Let the count down for your arrival begin

    We are looking forward to welcome you!

    In case you need something dont doubt to approach any of us.