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1. About AIESEC60 years activating youth leadership The AIESEC way

2. AIESEC VUBOur local working Current projects

3. AIESEC and partners 4. Global Internship Program 5. Partnerships Case Studies 6. Appendixes

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Abo ut AIESEC 60 years activating youth leadership

AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their

potential to have a positive impact in society. AIESECs core activity is a uniqueleadership development program (AIESEC Experience) which is comprised of

international internshi ps, leadership opportunities, various activities in teams and projects and personal and professional development conferences.

AIESEC is present in the whole wide world, in over more than 106 countries. It

consists of an international network of 1100 universities worldwide, providing more than 6.500 leadership opportunities annually. Developing 80.000 highpotential students into globally minded, responsible leaders is our goal and giving

them cultural knowledge by taking care of 4,500 traineeships annually.

AIESEC in Belgium has more than 400 members from 12 Universities. Over 50 students go abroad for internships and over 200 international interns join

companies and organizations in Belgium. There are more than 100 companies and organizations partnering with AIESEC in Belgium to connect to our network.

The AIESEC Experience is the leadership development program that we offer to all our members. This same platform also serves to connect our partner organizations to the talented young people within AIESEC.

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AIESEC VUB Our local working

AIESEC VUB is the youngest Local Committee of the 12 committees in Belgium, and today, we are already the highest performing team in exchanges! Since August 2007, AIESEC VUB has provided internships for 14 foreign students in Brussels, and has sent more than 10 VUB students to countries like India , Nigeria, Brazil and Venezuela. We organize many different projects on the VUB campus, such as the Go AbroadFood Fair and the Brussels Skills School . Next to that, we organize events related

to current global issues. Last year, our teams worked on themes like socialentrepreneurship in developing countries, the BRIC countries and the geopolitical conflict in Georgia.

AIESEC VUB currently consists of 40 motivated and dynamic members , and we are constantly looking for more students who are willing to join and discover their potential with AIESEC !

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AIESEC VUB Current projects AIESEC VUB goes Nepal 2010

AIESEC VUB goes Nepal 2010 is a non -profit project, initiated and carried out by 14 students. We aim to have a positive impact on the lives of Nepali orphans.

In order to make our plan a reality, we are reaching out to businesses, family and friends. We offer the opportunity to help! We sincerely hope you consider sponsoring our project.

Your contributions may take any form and will be targete d at supporting Nepali orphanages.Why should you help us? What is in it for you? y

It is a simple matter of building your brand image. By donating to our cause you show the world that you reach out to those in need.


you demonstrate a fair amount of corpora te social responsibility. You make it a point to actively manage your impact on children, communities and the standard of living.


by donating, you give something back. Undoubtedly some organization have been a help to you at one point in time. This is you r chance to give back, to help the less fortunate, this is charity.


And last but not least, you gain considerable tax benefits.

For more information about the details of this project contact:

Ellen Clement Vice President External Relations


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AIESEC Pa rtners

AIESEC, as an international platform for development , makes sure that every stakeholder involved in its activities lives an enriching, learning and development experience through the interaction with its well -established global learning environment and the AIESEC network. Indeed, even if the focus is put on the member, every AIESEC activity is designed so that every stakeholder taking part (members, partners, students, society...) benefit s from it, in one way or another. Thisbenefit is usually articulated around four main areas:y y y y

living a personal and professional development having a positive impact in society connecting to a global network going through an international experience.

At the same time, we attract and cultivate young people with global mindsets and give organizations an incredible opportunity to interact with young people from all corners of the globe. Indeed, while benefiting from the development and learnin g experience AIESEC can provide partners also access additional value that AIESEC's platform facilitates:y y y y

improvement of the employer brand; access to top local, national and i nternational top talent; support key issues; and gather youth insights.

Talent development :

AIESEC gives your company the opportunity to be a part of our efforts to develop leaders of tomorrow. Every year AIESEC recruits university students to work voluntarily to facilitate in exchanging foreign and local graduates to traineeships globally.y

AIESEC recruits members every year through our presence at a number of universities internationally. Companies have the opportunity to become

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involved during recruitment to promote their respective business to university students. Such involvement includes promotion of companies through AIESEC marketing materials.y

Through skills training sessions/workshops in our National Conferences you build the competencies in this group of AIESEC members.


By supporting AIESEC in the development of tools and processes that will allow us to develop AIESECers with a professional perspective. E.G. Competency model, supported by Unilever.

Benefits for your organizationy

Direct involvement with young, dynamic students, who could be your future employees who are in line with your company values and ways of working.


Opportunities for company employees to develop their own skills through training and mentoring AIESEC members


Opportunity to position your company as an employer of choice amongst the worlds youth

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es of internshi s: Management raineeshi : M i , A ti , B A i i t ti , P j t M i ti lM t, . H Development Traineeship: l t S i lI E change General Benefits: ost-effective A i t ti l AH tf l ti f it t f Youth Top Talent Special Short term Projects t St t i Pl ti i t, , Technical Traineeshi : l t P l t M i . A l i E E cational Traineeship: ti S ft i , t, S t



Seasonal Loads t Y i it M

Target market fast visa process Y International Placement

ork permit exemption S l ti f

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Action1 AIESEC contacts the company in uestion and establishes main features of the collaboration. The corporation defines profiles, job descriptions, working conditions and remuneration of interns. The company assigns a person from within the organization, who is responsible for all actions implied by the AIESEC partnership. AIESEC promotes the defined opportunity in the target countries and pre screens the applicants according to the re uired profile. This is an internal pre-screening of candidates before a review board of interviews and tests. AIESEC presents a set of pre -screened candidates. You as a company decide on the most appropriate candidate . y Supplementary testing (online interviews, phone interviews, interviews at offices in the sending countries) can be conducted. In the end, the organization informs AIESEC about the s elected candidates and AIESEC informs the all the applicants about the decision . AIESEC has a work permit exemption so our interns do not need work permit for a maximum period of 1 year. Visa AIESEC keeps contact with the obtaining procedures are conducted by incoming interns and ensures AIESEC. ( owever, you as a appropriate reception of the company are involved all throughout intern. the process, supplying an invitation letter.) International interns arrival in Belgium Reception and integration of the intern:

Best case scenario timeline

Worst case scenario timeline



2 weeks

3 weeks


1 week

3 weeks


2 weeks

4 weeks

5 6

1) Cultural preparation before coming to Belgium 2) Pick up from the airport and welcome package 3) Taking intern to his first day of work 4) Finding accommodation before arrival or support in searching after arrival 5) Support in getting a SI card and opening a bank account 6) Scheduling appointment at the commune and going there with the trainee 7) Education about commune registration process 8) Support for any challenges that might appear d