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AIESEC University: Inspire project is a unique social program powered by AIESEC in Astana.


  • Kazakhstan: Did you know that?

    Astana city: Did you know that?

    AIESEC in Astana

    Project info

    Brief JD

    Action Steps

    LC Contacts

  • Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world

    More than 120 nationalities live in KZ

    Half of Kazakhstans lake Balkhash, one of the largest lakes in the world, consists of fresh water, and the other half of the salty


    KZ is a motherland of tulips. Also horses were first domesticated on the territory of the present Kazakhstan.

  • The capital of Kazakhstan

    Astana means capital in Kazakh language

    Astana is the heart of Eurasian continent

    Astana is the youngest capital in the world

    Astana will host EXPO-2017

    Astanas 2 buildings: Duman oceanarium and Khan Shatyr entertainment center are listed in the Guinness book of records

    Opera House in Astana is one of the 4 best theatres in the world, along with La Scala, San Carlo and The Grand theatre

  • Although AIESEC in Astana is

    comparatively young, the

    committee steadily grows and

    works to unleash its full

    potential! It already has 50

    active members with 19 leading

    positions; it already has raised

    20 project partners and has held

    numerous leadership

    conferences; it already welcomed

    5 international interns (+ some

    from other LCs for GV) and we

    are waiting for more!

    Come, gain experience and have

    unforgettable internship with

    AIESEC in Astana!!!

  • AIESEC University: Inspire is a unique program aimed at providing social experience for both exchange participants and children from

    Kazakhstan. The main idea of the program is to help kids to

    overcome language and social barriers for eased integration in the

    society. P.S. You will work with children

    from orphans house

  • Inspire project does not only focus on the language itself. Interns are expected to organize the professional orientation conference,

    which is going to help local students to choose their future careers.

    During this conference EPs will be asked to share their experience

    as students and try to answer several questions such as how they

    chose their future career, what difficulties they faced, what

    influenced them the most and etc.

  • Inspire project presents a great opportunity to get valuable and memorable experience. Try your organization skills, gain

    professional skills, work on time-management and, of course,

    meet new people and get to know their culture.

  • 1. Lead educational sessions for a group of school children;

    2. Organize a professional orientation conference with other EPs at

    the end of the internship;

    3. Participate in the Global Village cultural event giving opportunity to our interns learn about Kazakhstan and

    introduce their own culture;

    4. Participate in LC activities.

  • 1. Contact ICX Delivery Manager

    Ainur Mashpiyeva;

    2. Send your CV and EP AN;

    3. Fill out an EP application form;

    4. Have a skype interview;

    5. Get matched and have a great internship in Astana.

  • Photo HERE

    Vice-President of Incoming exchange

    Nazgul Zhanaidarova



    Organizing Committee President

    Miras Kazaliyev


    Skype: miras.kazaliyev

    ICX Delivery manager

    Ainur Mashpiyeva