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  • AIESEC BratislavaAIESEC Bratislava was founded in 1966 which makes this LC the one AIESEC Bratislava was founded in 1966 which makes this LC the one with longest history and tradition among all LCs in AIESEC Slovakia. LC Bratislava operates at University of Economics in Bratislava and coope-rates with universities such as University of St. Elisabeth or Paneuropian university. LC Bratislava belongs to the top performing LCs in Slovakia and was rewarded as Best LC in AIESEC Slovakia for term 2012/2013.

    LC Bratislava realized 110 exchanges and fulfilled out plan by 109% in MC term 2012/2013.

  • VP CR Pao; VP PR Mika, VP ICP Pachi, LCP Zuzka; VP TM Baka; VP OGP Lucka; VP FIN Tom


    INTRO to Emotions

    EB structure 2013/14:






    Reach new ways with passion,grow with action.

    innovations * development * commitment

    LC Bratislava in MC term 2013/2014





    hard skills & advanced soft skills educationpublic relations

    global internship programmes

    LC PLAN *1.july 2013 - 30. june 2014*

  • Tom SchgerlVice President for Finance 13/14


    LC VP for FINANCETom Schgerl

    FA innovations in term 2013/14: new paying fees sytem (national confereces) alumni fund new pricing system grants

    GCPs we offer: time-management weekly mails to TLDs

    GCPs we are intersted in: making finance area attractive among LC bringing incomes through finance area

    Local Committee PresidentZuzana Maderov

    LC vision 2013/14:*Reach new ways with passion, grow in action* innovations*development*commitmentOn one side in our LC we want to provide the tailored deOn one side in our LC we want to provide the tailored de-velopment for all members thanks to which they can inno-vate processes in each functional area. On the other side we want to see the great commitment from our members not only to our LC goals but to AIESEC goals at all.

    GCPs we offer: agenda of leadershipbody meetings agenda of Local Induction Conference management of Board of Advisors

    GCPs we are intersted in: building commitment among leadership body members universities cooperations

    Zuzana MaderovLocal Committee President 13/14


  • Lucia KelnarovVice President for

    Outgoing Programmes 13/14AIESEC Bratislava


    FA innovations in term 2013/14: creating and sending booklet with basic info to potential EPs before interviews EP buddy manager matching manias also for people who have not applied yet online promotion

    GCPs we offer: cooperation with another LC in the same city good relations - eps and their buddies

    GCPs we are intersted in: matching of EPs EPs as promoters efficient sheets - tracking of EPs

    General profiles of EPs


    economic backround (mostly in combination with manage-ment or languages) they are studying for master or are gratuates they are interested in project management, marketing or HR excellent English, mostly German, Spanish or Russian lan-guage as the second one


    undergraduates good English interested in Europe, Asia interested in working with students

  • Zuzana PachingerovVice President for

    Incoming Programmes 13/14AIESEC Bratislava


    FA innovations in term 2013/14: individual responsibility (legi) focus on CRM fast job portals approaching targeted pool

    GCPs we offer: 4 GCDP project teams individual plan for every member GIP account management

    GCPs we are intersted in: matching process for GCDP TNs in non peak period explaining to members importance of CRM knowledge

    Teaching children in kindergarten from 1,5 till Teaching children in kindergarten from 1,5 till 6 years old depending on the classroom. Tea-cher will not teach the language as foreign language, but communicate the same way as if the children were native speakers. Tea-cher must find new attractive ways to teach children in a fun and playful way.

    Managing proactivity and professional re-lationship to create and maintain partner-ships between customer service and ex-ternal as well as internal customers in order to keep stable customer base.

    Service the Customer and Fix the Customer's Issue. Deliver results against pre-determined target metrics that measure individual, team and business performance.

    Finance & customer sup-port. Provides high quality purchase orders and con-tracts administrative man-agement service to the Procurement Organization within agreed ops scope.

    General profiles of GIP TNs

  • General information about GCDP projects

    National GCDP projects

    Educate SlovakiaEducate Slovakia si the project based on cultural presentation where a group of 4 Educate Slovakia si the project based on cultural presentation where a group of 4 interns alternate 4 schools. They present their culture, habits and characterstics, also communicate in English as well. The project requires interaction of participa-ting students so that students have to speak in English (or another foreign langu-age).

    Local GCDP projects

    BEEBee si project realized at high schools where intern spend 6 weeks by teaching lan-guage using and speaking about different topics. The project is based on interacti-on so that students have to speak and practise the language.

    Magical kindegartenMagical kindergarten is the project realized at kindergarten. The goal is to increase the interest of little children towards cultural differences, foreign language practi-sing by using teaching methods from country of origin of the intern.

    SPEAK!SPEAK! is the project for students attending the university and is based on langu-age practising by speaking. The difference from typica language course is in crea-tion of small groups and communication with foreigners. The goal is to make stu-dents speak in foreign language, not just focus on grammatical exercises.

    Me, myself and ITarget group of Me, myself and I are high school students and students at the uni-verities. The main goal is to teach participants soft skills as problem solving, assertivi-ty, leadership, etc. Everything done by practical examples and sessions based on interaction. A part of project is country presentation of each intern comes from dif-ferent country. Whole project is realized in English.


    FA innovations in term 2013/14: media cooperation universities cooperation special events in schools - Global Village, photo gallery

    GCPs we offer: media cooperations using of google adverts Global Village in school

    GCPs we are intersted in: special events for OGP support efficient online promotion social media management

    Barbora PriecelovVice President for

    Talent Management 13/14AIESEC Bratislava

    Michaela KadkovVice President for

    Public Relations 13/14AIESEC Bratislava

    LC VP TALENT MANAGEMENTBarbora Priecelov

    FA innovations in term 2013/14: international LIC leadershipbody education mentors fo every FA

    GCPs we offer:GCPs we offer: Education Wednesdays summer structure associate membership

    GCPs we are intersted in: personal appraisal meeting internal communication RCTM selection process

  • Patrik RumanVice President for

    Corporate Relations 13/14AIESEC Bratislava


    Innovations in term 2013/14: company mentor for each LC area all CR materials avaliable on cloud system new concept of local project Develop IT new local project Meet the Executive

    GCPs we offer: stakeholders meeting account management of companies individual plan for each CR member partners structure

    GCPs we are intersted in: company newsletter motivation of sellers

    General information about projects

    National conferencesTalents of TomorrowConference that connect students and graduates with corporate sector. They have opportunity to meet their dream potential employer.

    Youth to BusinessThis conference connect students with companies. They are discussing global issues This conference connect students with companies. They are discussing global issues like leadership, innovations, social entrepreneurship.

    Local projectsMeet the ExecutiveProject for company, which is looking for most talented students to hire them. Stu-dents come to office to actually see working environment.

    AIESEC NewsInformation bulletin for students to promote our products (internships etc.). And also space for comapnies to promote their job opportunities.

    Develop ITConference for IT studnets who are looking for their best future eployer, who want to get inspired by popular IT speakers.

  • AIESEC BratislavaDolnozemsk 1, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Executive board 2013/2014

    Zuzana MaderovLocal Committee

    Zuzana PachingerovIncoming Programmes

    Tom SchgerlFinance

    Patrik RumanPatrik RumanCorporate Relations

    Lucia KelnarovOutgoing Programmes

    Barbora PriecelovTalent Management

    Michaela KadkovMichaela KadkovPublic Relations