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Youth to Business Forum is the event of AIESEC in Greece in order to connect our partners and our members. Trend topics are being analyzed so as to understand the needs of our socio-economical environment and maximize our impact, as young leaders.


  • 1. AIESEC Greece National Conference Friday 01.04.2011 31.03.2011 03.04.2011April 2011 Topics 1) Youth innovation | social networking 2) Global mobility | young people on global move Youth to Business Forum is a unique opportunity for AIESEC in Greece partners to interact and open discussions over important topics and global trends with young talented minds from the 7 biggest universities. 3) Sustainable thinking | responsible citizenship The purpose of the forum is not only to bridge the gap between Youth and Business but also to create paths and patterns in which each side will support and enhance the other. In the service of this purpose the outputs generated by this forum will be distributed to the press and to our stakeholders. In that way 4) Technological Revolution we maximize the impact and we raise awareness over some of the global trends.
  • 2. What is Greece calling AIESEC for? The Youth to Business Forum will help our members to think and discuss over the current trends our society and economy are facing. In this way we will be able to maximize our impact as organization in the Greek environment. The main question of the Forum is: What is Greece calling AIESEC for? And to answer that we must analyze the current trends and needs, the reality of the socio-economical environment and have the professional perspective. The Flow of the day A) Opening Panel: 60 minutes B) Workshops (2 per topic): 75 minutes each partner C) Focus Groups: 90 minutes D) Closing panel: 90 minutes 9:00- 10:00 10:05 13:30 14:30 16:00 17:30 19:00A} Opening Panel (60) KEY QUESTIONS: Harnessing youth opinion Into to the day Presentation of days objectives Youth innovation - How young people can drive change Opening speech from conference sponsor - How could our passion and energy impact our Talks from partners and supporters communitiesB} Partners Workshops (75 each) Two rounds of 75 workshops, one for each Global Mobility partner - How easy is for a young graduate to chase Co-operation with the other topic partner his/her future away of their home country? Workshop/case study on your perspective - Will the best young people stay in Greece?C} Focus Groups (90 groups 60 consolidation) Sustainable Thinking Groups of 10 delegates - Everyday responsibility: can habits change? Capture the output of the day - Consolidation - What should our environmental footprint be? You facilitate the groups along with AIESEC Technological Revolution facilitators - How the technological evolution is going to You drive the conversations affect the social and business future?D} Closing Panel - How can technology empower and protect Presentation of outputs to 300 delegates our societys future? Partners and students together
  • 3. Participation Benefits for your organization Empower your employer brand amongst 300 talented students Access to AIESEC youth opinion Assess your case in a 75min workshop Direct interaction with the most talented student community in Greece Design the methodology of discussion to capture specific output Brand visibility in published outputs Why Youth to Business. - During Youth to Business Forum you will the opportunity to show case your organization activities, mentality and perspective over the topic you will undertake. - You will have the opportunity to get inputs, ideas and thoughts from talented young students on anything relevant with the topic and their experience. - You will have the opportunity to impact our societys youth by educating and developing them from your perspective. - You will have the opportunity to conduct a 75 minute workshop and also facilitate a 90 minute session of focus The Youth to Business partners have a double groups. room for two nights in the venue including. You have the opportunity to bring more quests in preferential prices: 20 per person per PACKAGE BENEFITS: night including all meals. BANNERS DURING YOUR 75 MIN WORKSHOP Deadline for room reservations: 25.03.2011 PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL DISTRIBUTION DURING WORKSHOP DELEGATES PACK MATERIAL LOGO IN WWW.AIESEC.GR SITE Workshops checkpoint: Wednesday 23.03.2011 LOGO TO THE PUBLISHED OUTPUTS at Great Britain Hotel 17:00 AIESEC Hellas |64 Ermou str | Athens | (0030) 211 71 090 47 Panagiotis Karampinis | Sales Director |