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Here you can check what is going to happen in November 2011, during AIESEC Greece boggest National Conference. Greek Youth to Business Forum is officially launched! If you want to be part of it , do not hesitate to contact. (Ioanna Skouteli, Sales Director AIESEC Greece,


  • 1. AIESEC Greece National Conference Saturday 26.11.2011 25.11.2011 28.11.2011November 2011 Topics 1) Sustainability as Vital Strategy a. Human resources b. Financial Sustainability 2) Mobility a. Globalized Youth to Business Forum is a unique opportunity for AIESEC in Greece b. Internal Mobility partners to interact and open discussions over important topics and global trends with young talented minds from the 7 biggest universities. 3) The Role of Education a. Success in Action The purpose of the forum is not only to bridge the gap between Youth and Business but also to create paths and patterns in which each side will support b. Create your Career Path and enhance the other. In the service of this purpose the outputs generated by this forum will be distributed to the press and to our stakeholders. In that 4) Technology Radiation way we maximize the impact and we raise awareness over some of the global a. Technological Revolution trends. b. Social Media
  • 2. Crisis or a New reality? The Youth to Business Forum will help our members to think and discuss over the current trends our society and economy are facing. In this way we will be able to maximize our impact as organization in the Greek environment by creating the most diverse and credible Youth Voice. The main question of the Forum is: Crisis or a New Reality? And to answer that we must analyze the current trends and needs, the reality of the socio-economical environment and have the professional perspective.The purpose is to identify if we should still keep up acting as if we are in a crisis or maybe we should move and start accepting that we entering a new reality and adjust to the new conditions. The Flow of the dayA) Opening Panel: Introducing delegates to the topic of the dayB) Business to Youth :Workshops delivered by AIESEC Greece Partners giving the professional perspectiveC) Youth to Business: Group Discussion on topics, having delegates giving inputs in order to come up with solutionsD) Closing panel: Presenting the output of the day Youth to Business is one of the post powerful and impactful products that AIESEC Greece has to offer to its partners. The aim of this forum to bridge the gap between Youth and Corporate. AIESEC brings together those two groups and giving the opportunity to interact , exchange opinions and perspectives and both parties come up with solutions to provide the Greek society. For further information, please contact : Ioanna Skouteli | Sales Director Tel: +30 693 71 22 544 | Email: