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  • from vintage booksNewsO Og o l d e n b o y

    truman capote

    truman capote , a New Orleans native, was born on September 30, 1924. His first novel, Other Voices, Other Rooms,

    was an international literary success when first published in 1948,

    and accorded the author a prominent place among the writers

    of Americas postwar generation. He subsequently sustained

    this position with short-story collections (A Tree of Night,

    among others), novels and novellas (The Grass Harp and Break-

    fast at Tiffanys), some of the best travel writing of our time

    (Local Color), profiles and reportage that appeared originally

    in The New Yorker (The Duke in His Domain and The Muses

    Are Heard), a true-crime masterpiece (In Cold Blood), several

    short memoirs about his childhood in the South (A Christ-

    mas Memory, The Thanksgiving Visitor, and One Christmas), two

    plays (The Grass Harp and House of Flowers), and two films

    (Beat the Devil and The Innocents). His final, unfinished novel,

    Answered Prayers, was published posthumously, as was an early

    novel, Summer Crossing. Too Brief a Treat, a selection of his let-

    ters, was published in 2004, along with his Complete Stories.

    Mr. Capote twice won the O. Henry Memorial Short Story

    Prize and was a member of the National Institute of Arts and

    Letters. He died in August 1984, shortly before his sixtieth


    now aVailaBle in eBook

    for the f irst t ime and in

    paperBack in Beautiful ,

    iconic repackaged edit ions

    An incomparable stylist and entertainer...clean and cool...[with a] superb, near-perfect pitch with dialogue.

    The New York Times Book Review

    A gift from an unbridled genius. Exciting...irresistible...should be cherished as top-flight work from a master.

    Los Angeles Times Book Review, about Answered Prayers

    A masterpiece...a spellbinding work.

    Life, about In Cold Blood

    An abundance of riches. It is not hard at all to open to any page and be amused, moved, intrigued.

    Newsday, about Too Brief a Treat

    Truman Capote is the most perfect writer of my generation. He writes the best sentences word for word, rhythm upon rhythm.

    NormaN mailer

    It is a stunning experience to reread this fiction...and to realize how very golden this golden boy was. We are in the presence of a tremendous talent, and a fully mature technique as well.

    The New Criterion

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  • truman capotee b o o k a n d p a p e r b a c k r e i s s u e s p u b l i c a t i o n s c h e d u l e

    e B o o k o n s a l e m ay 1 5 , 2 0 1 2

    Answered Prayers $11.99 978-0-345-80304-7

    Breakfast at Tiffanys $9.99 978-0-345-80305-4

    The Complete Stories of Truman Capote $11.99 978-0-345-80306-1

    The Grass Harp $11.99 978-0-345-80307-8

    In Cold Blood $11.99 978-1-588-36165-3

    Music for Chameleons $11.99 978-0-345-80308-5

    Other Voices, Other Rooms $11.99 978-0-307-43157-8

    Too Brief a Treat $11.99 978-0-345-80309-2

    pa p e r B a c k o n s a l e j u ly 3 , 2 0 1 2

    Answered Prayers $15.00 (Can. $18.00) 176 pp. 978-0-679-75182-3

    Breakfast at Tiffanys $14.00 (Can. $17.00) 160 pp. 978-0-679-74565-5

    The Complete Stories of Truman Capote $15.00 (Can. $18.00) 320 pp. 978-1-4000-9691-6

    The Grass Harp $15.00 (Can. $18.00) 288 pp. 978-0-679-74557-0

    In Cold Blood $15.00 (Can. $18.00) 368 pp. 978-0-679-74558-7

    Music for Chameleons $15.00 (Can. $18.00) 272 pp. 978-0-679-74566-2

    Other Voices, Other Rooms $15.00 (Can. $18.00) 208 pp. 978-0-679-74564-8

    Too Brief a Treat $16.00 (Can. $19.00) 512 pp. 978-0-375-70241-9

    the faCtsO O


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