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  • Capote Will Appear Truman Capote, the Streckfus Persons (Capote is

    paradoxical writer of fiction his stepfathers name) on and nonfiction, will speak on Sept. 30, 1924, he spent only the Jacksonville State four years of his life with University campus March 20 both real parents. Their at 8 p.m. in the Coliseum. separation and subsequent Admission is free. divorce resulted in his living

    Students, faculty and all most of his early childhood others who are interested with elderly aunts and will he given the chance to explore the personality and . Before starting to school, the philosophy of the writer he enjoyed reading the who has baffled critics with .Hardy BoysandRover Boys . his exceptional mastery of series. Edgar Allen Poe's all areas of prose. A "The Tale Tell Heart" racanteur, a writer, a provided the deepest early f~equmt guest on talk shcws, impression on him, He can a genius-he-is all rolled into &jli recite it verbatim. one. He began writing by the

    When "In Cold Blood" was rel-eased in 1965, critics wondered how this "clear- eyed, strongmuscled piece Truman Cap0te ~i~ first recorded story, the Student Council for Exceptional Children held at the of reporting" could come "old M ~ . ~ ~ ~ b ~ d ~ , ~ won a

    University of Alabama recently. Registering for the

    from the pen of such an contest sponsored by a Convention are Terri Schelleman (left) of Gadsden and

    author as Truman Capote age during that time were preferred his own twilight Mobilenewspaper. But when Joy Burgess of Birmingham. University of Alabama student Cece Mebger (right) of Mobile helps with whose past works included h ' p e ~ Lee, author of "To worl@, a world where babies the first installment was registration. "Other Voices, Other Kill a Mockingbird," and her dept, waiting to be gathered published, there was a furor Rooms" with its surrealism, brother Edwin. Harper Lee like morning lilies." Nance in the town. Four characters "The Glass Harp" with its remrded some of their ex- mnsiders t h s an apt profile. in his story were Deadline Nears For "delicate other worldliness" periences together in "To As Capote became the recognizable a s town and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Kill a Mockingtiird." Capote substance ot'the character of citizens. with its sophistication. has said that they are a very Dill in ~ a r p e r Lee's novel, SO n e uproar temporarily Financial As sistance

    Those critics failed to accurate record of those did she &ome that of dampened Capote's career. notice the "toughness" of years. Idabell nompkins in "Other But at 15 he began sub- students who will need scholarships and grants will Capote's character that his Capote's first novel "Other Voices, Other Rooms." mitting stories to magazines financial assistance next again be offered to students biographer, Prof. William L. vdices, other Rooms" was Capote has said, and literary quarterlies. "No academic year should be - who qualify. "students Nance, found in addition to "a dreamlike transmutation up in some place like writer ever forgets his first aware of the approaching should be particularly aware the "effortless intelligence, of some of the same ex- Monroeville. . . produced a acceptance; but one fine day deadline to apply for these of the Basic Educational and . . . genuine frien- pgiences," as Prof. Nance strange loneliness which when I was 17, Ihad my first, Programs, according , to 0 p p o r t u n i t y . G r a n t dliness." calls it. added to sensibility and second, and third, all in the Larry Smith, financial aid Program," he said, since

    "In Cold Blood," which Lee based the character of seemed to increase same morning's mail. . . . director. this is a gift from the federal deals with the brutal slaying Dill, the strange, brilliant in cl-eativity. ~n a way, I used dizzy with excitement is no Smith said that most aid government and does not of the Clutter family in "To Kill a Mockingbird," on up some of my loneliness by mere phrase," said Capote. Programs administered have to be reprrid." Those Kansas, was Capote's first Capote. The heroine writing. The.same thing has When he left Alabama, he through his office have who have no college at- "nonfiction novel," but as all provides this description of worked for a great many attended such private preference deadlines of ~ p r i l tendance prior to ~ p r i l 1, his other novels it bears him: "Beautiful things rural Southern community schools as Trinity School and 15. "Students who apply by 1973 are eligible to apply for clear traces of Capote's floatedaroundin his dreamy authors. The geographic St- Johns Academy. His this date will be given this Program. childhood, especially his head. He could read two isolation tends to sharpen parents sent him to a preference over all sub- Smith emphasized that years a s a boy in books to my one, but he talent." psychiatrist when Capote sequent applicants," he students who apply for most MonroeviUe, Al. preferred the magic of his His loneliness began a t an (See CAPOTE, Page ,,) stated.

    His best friends of his own own invention. . . he early age. h r n Truman Campus jobs, loans, (See FINANCIAL. Page 5)

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    The Editor always rushing to class and Change, we have been led to inches tall, weigh is 205 lbs., dismissal of competent never gettLng there on time. believe that because the cans Brown Eyes, Black Hair and teachers is one of the major Ten minutes may have been a re lighter, the tran- Born under the sign of Virgo. reasons that the quality of enoughtme to go from sportation costs would be Any letters sent would be education here is admittedly

    Dear Students, Dear Students, to class when the classes less. The transportation deeply appreciated and and comparatively below Please let me thank You Thank You. It has been an met in Bibb ckaves and costs truly less but, the w d d be answered with par. A teacher that does not

    for making the past year so honor, a privilege, and a Ayers Hall, but snce the cost ,f ,,king the container haste. Thank you for your fall m the preditermined much fun. Serving a s your pleasure to serve a s a campus has just about is having a two-fold effect of time and concern. exact, puppet-like stature SGA Vice-president has Student Government officer tripled in size, there's just r~sing*prices and using up Yours respectfully, required by this school had been the highlight of my life. over the pastayear. I have the too much distance to cover in - a b 1 H_erbert Burke better beware, (and most I have big hopes for highest respect for my fellow ten minutes. resources. are) because the hiring and JACKSONVILLE STATE officers and the students at Way back when I was a Aluminum is derived from firing is done by the whim and will never forget my J a c k s o n v i l l e S t a t e naive little freshman t h raw bauxite. Changes Here? and fancy of one man. experiences here ! University. I truly have registering for the first time the use of huge

    As Vice-President, my mjoyed working with the I couldn't understand why quantities of water and In the following In the military a main responsibility was Student Government in what everyone warned me against electricity, it is converted paragraphs I will discuss r e p r e s e n t a t i v e b o a r d entertainment, and believe I consider to have been a scheduling my classes back into aluminae and then several different topics, that oversees occurences of this me it was a big respon- good Year for the SGA. Most to back. I thought they were After the cans hopefully will merge into one nature. In a democracy a sib~lity. I hope that each of this SGA's effectiveness is crazy. My idea of a con- a e used one time, they are afterthought that will bring a checks and balances system student found at least a few duetothehardworkofsindo venient schedule was to discarded. ~f they were change, somechanges,or at functions very well and in programs enjoy able. You Mayor, Bert Stewart, and schedule all my claSes in recycled, it wouldtake 80 per least some redirection. In that democracy there is the have supported campus JOY hlullins whom I h o w the morning and get them cent less electricity to attendance here for the vote, and there are certain entertainment better than have donemuch. of the over with. After about two convert the used can back second year, I feel somewhat basic rights that people ever before. This is the key senators such as Lyceum weeks, I thoroughly un- into a once again useable qualified in stating that I am have, but not at Jacksonville to a sucessful program. Chairman-Gary Wolfe, derstood the reason for all a part of, and interested in State University.

    It would be hard to thank Liason Chairman-Terry the warnings. I had to hurry What happened to the many aspects of the Many professors come each person who made the F a r m e r 9 C o n s t i t u t i o n along just to get to class on nickel Coke? We discarded University. One aspect of the he re enthusias t ical ly , job so easy and fun. The Chakman-Dennis Pantazis, time. The second semester it, as we do the used cans, for school has come to my at- urllling, reaey and able to coliseum, entertainment 1974 Election Chairman- was even worse. 1 had one the sake of convenience. tention and I feel compelled teach but come under the mmmitte, executive officers Randall Bain, 1975 Election little ole professor who to speak out. "Dark Age Eye" that per- of the SGA, the ad- Chairman-Lewis Morris, always kept us ten minutes My focus falls on the meates so m