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Top 10 Strangest World Records

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Record Holding Fingernails

Lee Redmond is the ultimate recipient of Guinness world record for longest fingernails ever. Her nails reached a total length of 8.65 m (28 ft. 4.5 in)Top Ten Of City

World's Largest Peasant Omelet

On May 8, 2009 in Bucharest, a record for worlds largest peasant omelet was created. It measured a huge 20 square meters and was made out of 30,000 eggs.Top Ten Of City

Largest Fruit Shortcake

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sliced a big Strawberry Shaped Shortcake made especially for her visit.Top Ten Of City

Biggest Onion

Pete Glazebrook from England, who has grown the biggest onion ever! Total weight of the onion is measured around 17 pounds.Top Ten Of City

Longest Time for Full Body Contact In Snow

Jin Songhao established a record for longest human body contact in Snow with nothing but just a pair of shorts, a cool hat, and a pair of stylish shades. He lasted 46 minutes and 7 seconds.Top Ten Of City

Longest Tongue

In the list of Top 10 Strangest World Records comes a name- Nick Stoeberl aka The Lick. Nicks tongue measures around 3.97 inches from tip to middle of the closed lip, and thats just halfway !!Top Ten Of City

Most Apples Crushed With the Biceps in One Minute

Linsey Lindberg, or famously known as Mama Lou. She squashed a total of eight apples with her biceps in 60-seconds.Top Ten Of City

Longest Metal Coil Passed Through Nose and Out from the Mouth

Andrew Stanton holds a record for passing a metal coil with length of 11 feet, 10.91 inches in March 2012.Top Ten Of City

Man with Extreme Piercing

Rolf Buchholz in 2010, hailing from Germany, who presented himself with a maximum of 453 body piercings.Top Ten Of City

Man with the Most Tattoo

Lucky Diamond Rich, an Australian, who spent unlimited hours in creating a canvas out of his body.Top Ten Of City

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