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for French and English speakersThe 10 strangest Spanish wordsby Edyta Pukocz

Many Spanish words are similar to the English and the French ones.

However there are some exceptions which are completely different. Which ones?Check out my selection of 10 crazy Spanish words that have nothing to do with their French and English equivalents.

In French Basilic In Spanish AlbahacaIn English Basil

In French Avocat In Spanish AguacateIn English Avocado

In French Cleri In English Celery

In Spanish Apio

In French Aubergine In English Aubergine

In Spanish Berenjena

In French Carotte In English Carrot

In Spanish Zanahoria

In French Courgette In English Courgette

In Spanish Calabacn

In French Pche In English Peach

In Spanish Melocotn

In French Cousin In English Cousin

In Spanish Primo

In French Oncle In English Uncle

In Spanish To

In French Carrousel In English Carrousel

In Spanish Tiovivo