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And on the Eighth Day God created Chocolates


The very thought of chocolates arouse a smooth, slimy and melt-in-the-mouth sensation. This is one thing most of us are addicted to shamelessly. The total consumption of chocolates between 1999 and 2009 worldwide has been 7.2 million tons while the total expected consumption by 2020 is 8.5 million tons. While UK consumes 16.3 lbs of chocolates per capita each year, the US holds a consumption of 9.5 lbs. The estimated sale of chocolates worldwide contributes $83 billion to the global economy.


Lets Acquaint You with the Worlds Strangest Chocolates


Camel Milk Chocolate Owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Al Nassama in Dubai is the worlds first company to provide camel milk chocolates. Called liquid gold in the Middle East, the chocolate is said to be low on fat and high on vitamin C, three times that of cows milk.


Cucumber Vodka

An invention of Christian Alexandre and Whajung Park, Cucumber Vodka chocolate is infused with unique flavours of cucumber pure, vodka and mint coated with dark chocolate. The alcohol in it leaves a tingling sensation on the tongue.


Cheese and Onion Chocolate We heard of cheese and onion chips but chocolates? Well, it exists and is insanely popular. Made in Ireland, the Tayto Bar covers pieces of cheese and onion crisps with chocolate. These chocolate bars have received mixed reactions with 100,000 bars already been sold in the host country.


Masclet Chocolates

Pastry chef, Oriol Balaguers avant-garde chocolate Masclet or Pop Rocks, consists of hazelnut praline, crunchy maldon sea salt and pop rocks coated with cocoa butter. Quite true to its name, the chocolate explodes and fizzles in your mouth like fireworks.


Havana TobaccoBelgian chocolatier, Dominique Persoone introduced the world to the most unique truffle, Havana. Made from cigar leaves marinated in rum and cognac, Havana lends a peppery sensation in your throat, quite similar to taking a drag.


Plum Liqueur ChocolateThis chocolate truffle is manufactured in Marys, a Japanese company. It contains ganache made from Japanese plum liqueur, called umeshu. The latter is made from unripe apricots soaked in sugar and shochu, a Japanese semi-distilled spirit.


Peanuts and KetchupCreated by Josef Zotter, Peanuts and Ketchup defines the taste of Americans. Though out of market, peanut nougat, the main ingredient, was flavoured with apples, tomatoes grappa, raisinsbirds eye, chilies and coated with dark and organic chocolate.


Pig's BloodMade by David Briggs only on Halloween and Valentines Day, Pigs blood finds its inspiration from blood sausages popular in Western Europe and Asia. The ganacheis made from smoked Spanish paprika, cinnamon and blood. It is then coated with Ecuadoran chocolate and some more paprika.


While these may not be quite appealing, the crazy love for regular creamy chocolates is irreplaceable. Enjoy your favourite pick this season and share them with us!!