world’s strangest hotels to stay at this halloween

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Worlds Strangest Hotels

Worlds Strangest Hotels To Stay at This HalloweenHobbit Motel, New Zealand

The authorities at Woodlyn Park decided to build two replica hobbit homes for visitors with slightly higher ceilings

Magic Mountain, ChileA gnarled, wooden cone with a waterfall cascading from its pinnacle, approached via a wooden drawbridge and with porthole windows peeping out at irregular spacesis the Magic Mountain Hotel at Chile

Free Spirit Spheres, CanadaThese spirit spheres are three wooden capsules suspended by ropes among the trees in a private forest on Vancouver Island. Looking a bit like giant eyeballs from below, inside they are surprisingly cozy, with basic mod cons

Dog Bark Park InnA hotel in the shape of a beagle named Sweet Willy, houses a double bedroom in his stomach and a loft room in his muzzleLegoland Hotel, USAOver 3 million pieces were used to create the sculptures that surround the hotel and comprises 250 rooms in a theme of pirate, kingdom or adventure theme.Mira Mira, AustraliaMira Mira offers an underground cave, accessed through a doorway shaped like a trolls mouth

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