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  • 1. THE WORLDS STRANGESTANIMALS Julio Csar Garca Cano 2bachiller

2. THE NARWHAL 3. Lives in the artics seas Is a medium-size whale The male has a long , straighttooth that extends from deupper jaw Its used to attract a female 4. THE YETI CRAB 5. Lives in the depths of the southpacific ocean It`s a crustacean discovered in2005 Hasnt eyes Eats by growing bacteries in hiswhite hairs 6. MOONFISH 7. Sunfish & Great White Shark - YouTube 8. Is the heaviest known bonny fishin the world They can weigh 2000 kilos Is the fish that put more eggs inthe world 9. UAKARI 10. Is a small monkey thats live inthe amazon jungle Is really ugly because theyhavent any fat in the face Is threatened 11. GLAUCUS ATLANTICUS 12. Is one of the worlds strangestanimals Measures 3 cm His shapes and colours make hima beatiful animal Is a kind of sea slug 13. PINK FAIRY ARMADILLO 14. Is the smallest of species of armadillos It is found in central argentina Is a nocturnal animal Is threatened Can be buried in a few seconds 15. BLOBFISH 16. Lives in the deeps waters of de coastof australia and madagascar His density is lower than the waterand they dont waste so muchenergy Is a gristly fish Eats little fishes 17. STAR NOSED MOLE 18. Is a small mole found in northamerica His strange nose is used likesensorial receptors Is a good swimmer Eats small invertebrates 19. AYE-AYE 20. Lives in the madagascars jungle Is a lemur It is the worlds largest nocturnalprimate They are omnivores 21. MOLE RAT 22. In my opinion is the ugliest animal inthe world is the only mammal that has a socialstructure similar to that of bees andants Its only found in somalia They have a long longevity they canlive 28 years 23. Naked Mole Rat - YouTube 24. SUMMARY The horn of the narwhal is a tooth The yeti crab doesnt have eyes The moonfish is the biggest bony fish The uakari dont have fat in his face The galicus atlanticus is a kind of sea slug Can be bured in a few seconds The density of the blobfish is lower than thewater The nose of the star-nosed mole are sensorialreceptors The aye-aye is the biggest nocturnal primate The mole rat is the ugliest animal in the world 25. QUESTIONS1.Which is a nocturnal animal ?a) the uakari b) the aye-aye c) the mole rat2.Wich is a bonny fish ?a) the moonfish b) the blobfish3.Wich can be buried in a few seconds ?a) the pink fairy armadillo b) the mole rat c) the star-nosed mole4. wich have sensorial receptors in his nose ?a) the star-nosed mole b) the aye-aye c) the narwhal5. Wich is the ugliest animal ? a) the mole rat b) the blobfish c) the star-nosed mole 26. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION