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The magazine is about the world's strangest houses. The descriptions of some of them, as they were created, etc ...


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  • 1 - History of the world's strangest houses

    1.1 Sphere house . Pag 3 1.2 House Bubble . Pag 6 1.3 The leaf house. Pag 8

    2 - All types of home Pag. 9

  • Sphere house The free spirit tree spheres

    could be described as large

    balls or pods suspended from

    trees, made by artisans in their

    construction are used natural

    wood from the forests that

    surround them, located

    Qualicum Beach, Vancouver

    Island, British Columbia,

    Canada is a special place

    where you can feel the spirit

    of nature.

    The talented man behind this

    project is the technical writer,

    boat builder engineer, by the

    name of Tom Chudleigh. He

    and his partner Rosey Cowan

    after a serious illness a few

    years ago, he spent

    considerable time decided to

    change their lifestyle by

    moving from the madding

    crowd of the city to the calm

    and tranquility that offer the

    majestic landscape of

    Canadian forests.

  • The spheres are

    made of two

    laminations of

    wood strips over

    laminated wood

    frames. The outer

    surface is then

    finished and

    covered with a

    clear glass fiber.

    The result is

    beautiful skin and is

    very hard. The skin

    is waterproof and

    strong enough to

    have the effects

    that come with life

    in a dynamic

    environment such

    as the forest.

  • H


    se b



    The furniture is built specifically for windows and holes in oval

    and convex. The windows have a wonderful view of the

    Mediterranean. The house has an area of 1500m2 and whole

    structure is surrounded by a vast oak forest at 600 meters

    above sea level.

    There are no walls or corners or regular lines, but only

    rounded walls, portholes oriented in different directions and

    shadows moving nonstop.

  • The Bubble House is located in

    France. It is an amazing

    building, both exterior and

    forms for different environments

    and proposals for interior


    It was designed

    by architect Anti

    Lovag. It has

    been classified

    as a historic

    monument by

    the French

    Ministry of


  • The Leaf House

    This house designed

    by Mareines,

    Patalano Architects,

    is a perfect example

    of the use of natural

    ventilation and

    passive sustainable

    design to achieve

    without much effort

    and maintain a

    comfortable and


    The location of this house the

    entire side of the beach is

    perfect for taking advantage of

    the trade winds blowing in Rio

    de Janeiro. With verandas and

    open spaces between rooms

    and no corridors, is an ideal

    place for social gatherings and

    parties. As a good sustainable

    design technique, the roof

    collects rainwater for use


    With the use of local and

    regional materials, this house

    achieves a good ecological

    level using simple and basic


  • All types of