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  • 1. By Fiona, Febi, Vincent andIbrahim

2. An igloo or snowhouse is a type of shelter builtof snow, originally built by the Inuit. Although igloos are usually associated with allInuit, they were predominantly constructed bypeople of Canadas Central Arctic andGreenlands Thule area. Other Inuit peopletended to use snow to insulate their houses,which were constructed from whalebone andhides. Snow is used because the air pocketstrapped in it make it an insulator. On theoutside, temperatures may be cold but on theinside the temperature may be warmed by bodyheat alone. 3. Mobile homes or static caravans are homesbuilt in factories, rather than on site, and thentaken to the place where they will be occupied.Being built on a permanently attached chassiswith highway-grade wheels and tires, they areusually transported by being pulled behind atractor-trailer over public roads to a homesite. Mobile homes share the same historicorigins as travel trailers, but today the twoare very different in size and furnishings, withtravel trailers being used primarily astemporary or vacation homes. 4. Modern houses are made from expensive tools.The modern houses were associated with somegreat houses and some powerful countries andcompanies. It became the equivalent of theClassical Style in the Georgian period. Since theseventies architecture styles have become morefractured. 5. Bungalow is a type of house, with varyingmeanings across the world. Common features tomany (but not all) of these definitions includebeing detached , low-rise and the use ofvverandahs. Such houses were traditionallysmall, only one story and detached, and had awide veranda. 6. Joglo houses has a typical trapezoidal linedwith four wooden poles rebuttal. Aninterpretation joglo causing Java architecturereflects tranquility, present among thebuildings that diverse. This interpretation ischaracterized by the use of a solid roofconstruction and arch-arch shape in space perroom.