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  • 1. Different Types ofHouses Around theWorldBy Victoria, William, koko

2. Tepee (NativeAmerican House)Tepees are the transferablecone shaped house of NativeAmerican who move to live forhunting. When they move, theycarry the poles on thehorses. The house is 3.5 to 5.5meters high and there is theexhaust pipe in the center ofthe house. The house is coveredby buffalo hide. In these days,they use campus cloth in stead.They only use them when thefestival is held. 3. White Houses Santorini Island, GreeceThe entrance of the Island is fullyfilled with the white houses on thecliff. The Island used to be anactive volcano and the eruptionaround 1500 B.C. created this uniqueshape of the Island. 4. GelSouth Gobi Desert,MongoliaGel is theMongoliantransferable nomadhouse. Theymove the housewhen theirdomestic animalshave eaten thegrass in thatarea. The main 2poles in the centersupport the housewith theframework. Theycover theframework withthe white clothfilled with wooland hair of thedomestic 5. Wooden FrameHousesRheinland-Pfalz, GermanyThe wooden frame houses are very popular in Germany. T hey use the bricks for the wall and paint over the bricks which become very strong and last for hundreds of years. The wooden frames make them possible 6. Cueba (Underground Houses)Andalucia, Spain In Andulucia of south Spain, the underground house, Cueba could keep cool inside even it is