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  • Top 10 Strangest and Most Amazing Flowers in The World

  • White Baneberry (10)This plant is a native plant in North American forests. It is called also the dolls eye because of the strange shape of its fruits. It has attractive red thick stems.

  • Baseball Plant (9)This plant is a native one in South Africa. It has the shape of a baseball and it hasa long tap root that makes it adapted to hot and arid climates. This plant is toxic and it can make a skin problems.

  • Hydnellum Peckii (8)It is a special type of fungi the bleeding tooth fungus" that produces blood or juice. You can find it only in North America. This plant has an unpleasant odor. The red juice has a good taste.

  • Welwitschia Mirabilis (7)There is really nothing like it as it can only be found in the desert of Namibia. It is a very old plant; as the estimated lifespan of this strange plant is 500 to 1500 years.

  • Lithop (6)It can be called flowering stones or living stones; as it resembles small stones in their natural surroundings. This plant can be found only in South Africa. Its leaves are in brown or grey.

  • Mimosa Pudica (5) It can be called the shy plant or the sensitive plant as you can feel the reaction of this plant so, you can say the most strange about the leaves is that fold up by touch.

  • Corpse Flower (4)You will find this flower in a greenhouse at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. It is called titan arum and it is the largest flowering plant in the world. It has average height of 8.2 feet from the ground.

  • Rafflesia Arnoldii (2)This flower is the biggest individual flower in the world of plants. It is found only in the forests of Sumatra. It grows up to three feet, and it has also an unpleasant smell.

  • Venus Flytrap (2)You can describe this plant as a trap for insects; this plant consumes small insects and animals as food. It can be found in east part of Carolia. It has special lobes to trap the prey animals.

  • Pitcher Plant (1)It is a carnivorous plant that can be found in South East Asia. This plant is a very beautiful one and easy to grow. It has an attractive deep color, an attractive smell and awesome leaves that can catch thousands of nasty insects such as ants, flies and wasps.

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