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Wisconsins Strangest Laws

Wisconsins Strangest LawsEach state in the U.S. has their fair share of weird laws, including Wisconsin

It is Illegal to Not Give Livestock the Right AwayWisconsin Statue 346.21 States: operators of a motor vehicle MUST give farm animals the right away on Wisconsin roads and highways. (Enacted in 1957)

Adultery is a Class I FelonyWisconsin Statue 944.16 States: whoever does the act of adultery is guilty of Class I Felony.

Businesses May Only Operate Based on Central TimeWisconsin Statue 175.09 (3) States: any owner of a business operating his hours of business not on Central Time can be fined $25 to $500 and jailed between 10 to 30 days. (Enacted in 1931)

Wisconsin Cheese Must be Highly PleasingWisconsin is very serious about its dairy!ATCP 85.04 (a) States: In order for any cheese to be sold as Wisconsin-certified premium grade AA cheese it shall be fine, highly pleasing, and free from undesirable flavors and odors, except for that the cheese may have a very slight feed flavor.

It is Illegal to serve Margarine

Wisconsin Statue 98.17 States: It is illegal for restaurants to serve margarine unless requested by customer. Unless there is a doctors order, serving in prisons, hospitals, and schools is also not allowed. (Enacted in 1895)