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Fun for Flyers Unit 10


  • tt ittiom " sfrerrgest gorg

    Witliom hoted getting up in the morningsl He loved lying in his wormbed and thinhlng obout Jtying in spoce rochets or Jinding dinosours.Thot wos much more interesting thon getting reodg Jor school. Hewos lote Jor school neorty every dog but he enjoged thinhing oJstories to tetl his teocher, too.

    'l'm lote becouse our dog ote mg moths homework, so I had to dothot ogoin beJore I hod my breohJast, ond mg litt[e sister threw mgschool uniJorm in the both. Mum hod to drg it beJore I could put iton, ond someone stote Dods car ot midnight lost night, so I hod towoth otl the wog here!'

    OJ course, the teacher didn't betieve Wittioms stories, but theother chitdren in the closs loved them. 'You might win o writingcompetition one dog!' hi.s best Jriend said. 'You might write o storgbooh one doy. You might be Jamous!' the others soid.

    One morning, Wiltiam loy in bed thinking obout visiting otherplonets. When he turned on his mobile phone ond sow the time, hethought, 'Oh nol I'm going to be lote ogoin!'

    He jumped out oJ bed and storted getting dressed. Then heremembered something importont. He hod to toke o dictionorg, opair oJ sclssors, some glue ond o botl oJ wool to school. He needed

    Sorrg! I'm lote becouse our dogote mg moths homework ...

    @ these Jor his Eng[ish, ort, geographg ond sclence lessons thot dog.

  • He Jound them, but Lt wos olreadg two mi.nutes to ninethe house. His lessons storted ot nine o,cloch, so he hadJost.

    He ron so Jost thot he JeL[ over ond hit his heod on the ground.When he opened hls eges, he wosn,r in the street bg the schoolployground. He wos slttlng Ln o spoceshi.p ond o space monster wasloughing ond pointing Lts long Jingers ot him.'We[t,' thought WiL[Lam, ,todog I,m going to be really lote Jor schooll'

    '//^*@@^>>,' the space monster soid.Wit[iam didn't understond, but themonster wos pointing ot Williqm's iruchsach, so Witliam opened it. Hisdictionorg Jet[ out. The spoce monsterhopped over, picked it up, smelt it ondthen ote it! 'Thot tosted delici.ous!, lt said.'Wowl' thought Wittiam. ,That,s Jantastic!Now it can speoh Engtish. When I gethome, I'm goLng to eot mU Spanishdictionorg !'

    when he [eJtto run verU

  • 'Whot else hove you got in gour ruchscck, Eorth Bog?' the spocemonster oshed.

    Wittiom showed lt the scissors. The spoce monster touched themcareJutlg with its long Jingers. 'Whot do gou use these Jor?' it ashed.Wiltiqm loohed Jor something thot he coutd cut. He saw o squqrepiece oJ gold ond sitver poper next to the spoceship's computer. Ithqd tots oJ stripes and spots on it.

    'For cuttlng,' Wiltiam soid, ond storted cutting the poper in hotJ. Thespaceshlp suddenty stopped movlng.

    'No! Stop! Thot wos mU most i.mportant space mapl' the spocemonster said ongrilg.

    'Wow!' thought Wittiqm. 'I've got a reotlg big problem now. Withouto mop, it might take much more time to get to schoo[!'

    Then the spoce monster sow Wi.ttiant'sgtue o.nd batt oJ woot. It piched themup but the gtue Jett through its Jingersand dropped on the Jtoor. The topcome olJ ond the glue come out. Itwent o[[ over the spoce monster's Jeet.'Do gou drinh this or wosh in it?' thespace monster ashed.

    'Jump in Lt ond see!' Wittiom onswered.


    No! Stop!

  • The monster jumped Lnto the gtue ond tried to jump out agoin buti.t coutdn't. It threw the bo[[ oJ wool in the oir, and when it stortedwaving its qrms round ond round, the wool went round ond roundits arms too. Soon the monster couldn,t move ot o[t.

    'A^&o/o'> my ship!' it shouted. (lt wos Jorgetting its Engtish words.)'l've got o horrible heodache beco.use I,m >^( * gour strqngelanguoge. Yor,lve brohen mU spoce ^^/! or mg ormsl I'm sendi.ng gou home! Go home right nowl'Wi[iom wos suddentg on the ground outside the empty schoolplogground. It wos Jive post nine. He ron into his c[ossroom qndsoid, 'l'm sorry I'm [ote. You see, I wos in a spoceship ond I coutdn'tget owqg. A spoce monster ote mU dicti.onorg. Then I cut up thespoce mop, so the spqceship coutdnt move. Then I gtued the spocemonster's Jeet to the Jloor ond mg wool went otl round its orms,whlch mode it realty ongrg. But evergthing,s OK now!,

    His Jriends coutdn't stop loughlng.

    'We[[,' the teocher said. 'Wi[[iom,thot's the strongest storg yourlveever told me. I don't betieve ongoJ it!'

    Wittiqm smiled ond loohed insidehis emptg ruchsach. 'We[[, I hnowolt oJ it realLy l'toppened,' heloughed.

  • v.l i\\rom's stron g est storg

    Who's totking obout this storg?tick the right box.

    New words for gou!Write o word under eoch picture.

    drg mobile phone spoceship touch

    [;;;t&Con gou remember?Cross out the wrong word in eoch sentence.Exomple: Wiiliqm wos

    -..--- for school neorlg everg dog.

    I The children in Williom's ctoss his stories.2 Wittiom took some to school with him thot dog.3 The spoce monster Wittiom's Engtish dictionorg.4 Wittiom cut up o with his scissors.5 At the end of the storg, the spoce monster wos

    @ G@,'Listen ond

    tr t,,

    Fred f, Heten ! Peter !

  • @ l'm lqte ogoin becouse ...Choose different words to compteteWi[liom's storg.

    I'rn lofe becoose o .....999.1..... ote rng (1)..................homewonk, so I hod to do fhqf ogoin befone I ofe rng(2)..................

    . Then rng liftle sisten fhnew rng school(3).................. in fhe bofh, (t)....... hod to dngit befone I cocrld puf if on, qnd soneone sfole Dqd's(5).................. ot nidnight lost night so I hod to(6)

    .................. fo school this rnonning,

    I might see o spoceship!'Whot might hoppen tomorrow?''l don't know I might ... A spoce monster might ...

    tqke to eqch












    @@u',Listen ondEnglish






    Whqt must Wittiomlesson?



    H i)i.._---)


  • @ Find the differences.Look ot the first picture on pqge 78 ond ot this picture.Find 6 differences.

    @ *not do gou tike doing?Tett the others in gour closs.Whot do gou like doinglWhot do gou enjog reoding?Whot do gou love eoting?Whot do gou hote doing?

    @ Did wittiom do this?Choose q word for eqch spoce.

    for on off off over .upr up

    Exomple: Williom didn't tike getting ..{1P.. in the morning.I Wittiom turned ........ his mobile phone to see the time.2 Wittiqm felt ........ neor the school plogground.3 Wittiqm took ........ his shoes ond put them in the spoceship.4 Wittiqm cut........ the spoce mop.5 Wittiom turned ........ the computer in the spoceship.6 Wittiom looked ........ something thot coutd hetp the spoce monster.

  • @ wirtiqm's diorgWrite the missing words ond find 3 spe[ting mistokes!


    I didn'f ......9.q1...... op ontil 8.15 this rnonning becqdse I wosfhinking oboof (i) to onothen plonet I rnighf do thotone dog. I non oll the wog to school, bot then I fell(2)..r..!..........r.ond hurf rng heod. I cotlldn'f beleive fhe nexf fhing fhof hoppened,I wos in o spoceship qnd I couldn'f get owog. A cnozg spocernonsten ote rng dicfonorg. Then I ctrt up his spoce rnop. Thespoceship cottldn't rnove offen thot I got ongng fhen becose Iwonfed (3).................. get fo school, so I fold fhe spoce rnonsfenfo sfond in sorne gloellt couldn'f rnove. lt got ongrg too then ondrng wool went oll noond ifs qrrns. If senf rne horne often fhqtl

    Mg fniends looghed (t).................. rng sfong, bot I know ifhoppenedl I'rn going to wnite o longer stong on rng cornpoter(5).................. rneeting the rnonsfen I (6).................. writingstonies. I rnight wrife q book one dogl

    @ *ng were gou lote todog?Complete the sentences.I'm sorrg I'm lote!

    Then mgond ofter thot, .............

    @ Ptog the gome.Whot do gou use this for?You're totking to the spcce monster. lt's gotsome questions for gou!