the greenhouse effect and global warming ghb 2005

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The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect and Global WarmingGHB 2005

SUNSome of the heat radiation from the sun reflects back into spaceHeat RadiationSome heat radiation enters to the atmosphereEarthAtmosphere What is Green House Effect?

Some heat radiation is absorbed by the ground / the earth What happens next ?Some heat radiation is reflected back into the atmosphereThen what happens to heat radiation after it is reflected by the ground?

Some heat radiation reflects back into spaceSome heat radiation is trapped by gases that consist of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and CH4 (methane) H2OCO2CO2CO2CO2CO2CH4CH4CH4CH4CH4If carbon dioxide and methane are in normal condition or balanced in the atmosphere, it will keep our earth warmN2OH2ON2ON2O carbon dioxidemethaneCarbon dioxideMethane(Respiration)(Mostly burps, but alsosome farts!)Burning fuels producesAnimals produce

Rotten vegetation producesSources of green house gases are.

Carbon dioxideWhat is global warming ?

Sun 12345The heat radiation can not be reflected into the space because it is trapped by the higher concentration of gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide and methane) in the atmosphere. So that the temperature in the atmosphere is getting hotter. It called global warming CO2CO2CO2The more heat radiation that is absorbed by greenhouse gases the warmer the atmosphere becomes.The higher the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the more heat is absorbed by the atmosphere.What are the causes of global warming ?Mostly because of peoples actionsuch as

Why does peoples action influence to global warming ?Peoples actions above influence to global warming because factories , transportation, and fire produce much CO2. The connection: The heat radiation can not be reflected back into the space because it is trapped by the higher concentration of gases (carbon dioxide and methane) in the atmosphere. So that the temperature in the atmosphere now is getting hotter. Another cause of global warming is there are many people chop down the trees.

Why does chopping down tree influence to the global warming ?Plants need carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, in a process called photosynthesis. Plants also produce much O2 (oxygen). Chopping down trees increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. However , the earth less O2. What happens if the temperature of the atmosphere increases?The polar ice caps willmeltThe effect of global warming to the world climateWhat happened if the polar ice cap melt? Can you explain ?No place to live for polar bearsNo place to live for penguinsWhat would happened to those animal next? Can you predict?

riseSea levels willThe effect of global warming to the world climateWhat happened if the sea level rise? Can you explain ?Flood The area of island is decreasedSome of small island gone What would happened to the people who live there? Can you imagine?But the biggest effect of global warming is.Climate Change Why the climate is changing ?The climate is changing because the pattern of the wind in the earth is changing. Wind is moving air. In the normal condition, the wind moves from the hot temperature to the cold temperature. Now, the temperature in the surface of the earth and the poles are same. It influences to the world climate. What is the effect of climate change to the world?We can not predict the weather and season. It usually comes regularly, but now unpredictable. It also impacts on farmers because they cannot predict when start to plant and harvest.Extreme weather====> there is a heavy rain, suddenly the rain stopped and shiny Drought (the water evaporate easily because the earth less plants. There is no root trees that absorb and keep the water)Food crisis. Why ?Diseases. Why ?

Can you predict another effect of climate change ? Ways to counter act climate changePlanting trees? Yes ! The more we plant trees, the more O2 (oxygen) will produce. Remember, O2 can reduce the hot temperature.Recycled things. Do you know why ? Some times people throw rubbish everywhere. The rubbish can cover the land. If the land is covered by the rubbish, the heat radiation can not be absorbed by the ground. So the temperature will be hot. Recycled things mean you let the heat radiation is absorbed by the ground.Save the energy by using electricity wisely. Why ? Use public transportation. Why ?Eat more vegetables than meat. Why ?Do you have another idea ?