global warming, greenhouse effect and climate change

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  • 1. Global Warming Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change Iantorno. Mastruzzo. Bassini

2. Greenhouse effect is not the same of Global warming. Greenhouse effect produce Global Warming. Global warming produce the Climate change. For start we have to understand: 3. GREENHOUSE EFFECT Is a natural phenomenon, that permit lifes grow. If Earth wouldnt have the greenhouse effect, life can not exist. The temperature could be extremely low. 4. GREENHOUSE EFFECT Permit keep a average temperature of the planet, holding suns energy and reflecting this to the space. 5. GREENHOUSE EFFECT CFC: Chlorofluorocarbon Its formed by C0, 0, H0 (wter vapor), Ozone, Nitrous Oxide, CFC and Methane. Ozone CO Methane HO Nitrous Oxide 6. GLOBAL WARMING Its appears when we dont have a balance proportion of greenhouse effects gases. Now we have a lot of C0. 7. IMPACTS The cape of greenhouse effects gases increases. The Atmospher abrsorb all suns energy and dont reflecting this to the space. Producing planet get hottest. This brokes ecosystems and environments, killing spacies and destroing resours. 8. 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds 9. CO WORLD Big economies must be less contaminant. 10. CLIMATE CHANGE 11. CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTS 12. CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTS Deforestation increases environmental problems, as well as mining. 13. CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTS Hurricanes increase in strength, and produce higher deaths 14. Current sea level rise is about 3 mm/year worldwide. This rise in sea levels around the world potentially affects human populations in coastal and island regions and natural environments like marine ecosystems. CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTS 15. The change are in our hands 16. SOLUTIONS The humanity must understand, green and new energys are the future. We cant keep on with this form of think. We have to change for next generations. Phytoplankton 17. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY


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