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  • STARFISH Jeff Grimes iOS Development and Product Lead Prashanth Bala Backend Development Trevor Assaf Image Processing Matt Safian Design

  • Problem Women and girls have lots of nail polish. Friends often ask Nice nail polish! What color is that? What

    brand is it? Whered you get it? But its difficult to remember which brand and color it is.

    Starfish is an iPhone app that solves this problem. Users snap a picture of nails they like and get color and brand

    matches from Essie, OPI, LOreal, and other top brands. They can browse and purchase matching nail polishes.

    Think Shazam for nail polish.


  • Snap a picture of nails. 1

  • Browse top color matches and complementary colors.


  • View details and purchase. 3

  • Features and Technical Details Make slight adjustments to color after taking picture to

    compensate for different lighting conditions. Get results in under 1.5 seconds due to scalable database

    built in Scala (functional paradigms) with Akka Actors concurrency model.

    Purchase nail polishes with one click through Amazon. No open-source algorithm exists that trivializes the problem

    of color-matching with Amazon products, so we designed our own algorithm a hybrid of several proven image analysis techniques.

    The algorithms final step maps the color space of Amazon products to HSV for vector analysis.

  • The Story of Starfish Created in 24 hours at Greylock Hackfest 2013, an

    invitation-only hackathon held by Greylock Partners in San Francisco at Airbnb headquarters.

    Starfish won Top 10 honors out of 60+ teams. The team is working now to add the finishing touches to

    the app and release Starfish to the App Store.