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We drive business forward through the use of strategic websites.


  • 1Driving business forward

    Digital Solutions for your business

  • 2Introducing Strategic WebsitesIn order to attract the market, your website needs to address the specific

    concerns of your clients.

    Normal websites dont have the smarts to do this since they dont know your business well enough to clearly communicate your value.

    Starfish makes strategically designed websites that have the built-in business intelligence. They answer the many specific needs of your clients which drives them towards your business.

    Why should I choose you over your cheaper competitor?

    What can you do for me and my business?

    but I need to know what you can offer me specifically

    Yes, I know youre the largest supplier in town

    Illustration: What clients are really asking. Clients will have different types of questions. A strategic website will speak to all of them clearly rather than just saying hey, were great , buy from us.

    Great branding but what is it that you do, exactly?

  • 3The strategic process involves understanding your business, your business goals, your industry, your competition and your clients and the continuous planning on the best strategies to meet your business goals.

    What is a Strategic Website?

    Illustration: The many dimensions of a business and the many goals of the many types of users are represented on a website

    A strategic website is a carefully constructed communication tool where the various dimensions of a business and the needs of your users are interwoven to create an easy to use, easy to understand website.

    Strategic websites are far better at interacting with your clients in a meaningful way which attracts them to your business.

    Brand Strategy

    Market Positioning

    Sales Strategy

    ClientUse Cases




    Business Objectives


    Customer Service

  • 4Your clients will find it easier and more appealing to do business with you.

    Your improved customer service will drive more people to your business.

    Your business will appear unique and stand out from the competition.

    People will immediately understand whats great about your business.

    Benefits of a Strategic Website

  • 5Small Business Websites

    Small businesses have a special need to stand out of the crowd. With small marketing budgets, they need to concentrate on differentiation rather than SEO.

    Consumer sites need to balance a striking brand presence and marketing message with a users need for easy access to no nonsense facts and easy to use functionality.

    The main concern of a B2B site is to prove professionalism without showing off, being too technical or too simplistic and appeal to a wide range of clients types.

    Retail & Consumer Websites Business to Business Websites

    Experts in Strategic website development

  • 6Corporate Websites E-Commerce Websites Entrepreneurial Websites

    Experts in Strategic website development

    Corporate websites have the largest remit since they are usually complex structures. It is important to keep the size of a website down to a manageable level that can be easily updated and maintained.

    The thing to remember is that onlineshopping is about the experience, not just the convenience. A generic website will give your users a dull and complex user experience but a strategic website wont.

    Knowing what to not to build is just as important as knowing what to build. Dont reinvent things for the sake of it . Keep the idea simple, learn as you go and dont go fea-ture-mad. Keep a close eye on the budget.

  • 7Management Tools Web Applications Business Software

    Experts in Strategic software development

    Its easy to manage your website. All our websites come with custom set of manage-ment tools, including a Content Manage-ment System. Training and documentation included.

    Starfish has lots of experience in making websites for one-of-a-kind web applications. Development, prototyping, User Interface design are all done at the same time using an Agile process.

    Your website is an extension of your business and with Starfish Enterprise, there are whole ranges of simple business tools that can help you run your business more efficiently. Starfish has them all.

  • 8Deeper thinking

    Bigger brighter teams

    Simple design philosophy

    Friendly collaborative relationships

    Were known for our clean and easy design that makes the complicated look simple.

    Speak your mind, we speak ours. Well work together to achieve your goals.

    We do the detective work to understand your goals, your business and your clients.

    With more experts on your project, you get stronger ideas and better results.

    The service behind the productWeve found a better way. Working with Starfish is easy, quick and reliable. After all, you

    cant make a better website without better thinking, better service and better people.

  • 9Introducing Business-ClassBusiness-Class is a fast, reliable and economical service that takes the headache out of web design and development.

    Illustration: You have the choice to speak to just one person in Starfish but you can take comfort that there is a team of people working on your behalf and who you can speak to directly, should the need arise.

    We work to fit around your schedule

    You can take your project in any direction

    We can take lead or follow your lead

    We keep to deadlines and budgets.

    Its an efficient and effective process

    Friendly, collaborative relationships

    No hidden charges, simple cost structure.

    Free senior level consultancy at any time.

    You have total control of your project.

    Advantages of Business Class

    This is your Account Manager speaking...

    Kindly observe your competitors below

    Please be seated and get ready for launch.

    Does the project plan suit your schedule?

    May I suggest a spot more red?

    Here are the images you requested.

  • 10

    Benefits of a business-class service

    A stress free, time-saving experience

    Youre busy enough as it is. Keep your workload to a sane level, well take up the strain.

    A safe, reliable, optimal investment

    Feel safe knowing that whatever your budget, your business is going to get a whole bunch of benefits.

    Experts to expertly advice you, anytime

    Boldly step into the digital future knowing youve got an experienced partner to show you how to do it right.

    A product that actually improves business

    Our websites arent pretty, theyre gorgeous but more

    to the point, theyre designed to meet business goals.

    Business-class service is not a luxury. Its absolutely impossible to design great products for our clients without understanding, listening, explaining, discussing problems and learning about our clients and their business inside out.

  • 11

    A business-class solution

    Fantastic support now and forever.

    Grow your website as well as your business.


    Logo DesignsWeb Hosting


    Content Writing

    As a full-service digital agency, we aim to provide every service you are likely to need.

    Move towards your digital goals phase by phase, improving as you grow.

    We value a long term relationships. Advice, support and maintenance. - its all part of the package.

    A complete service at your command.

    If you run a business, the last thing you need is an unreliable, unprofessional web agency. Upgrade to a fast, reliable and economical service that knows what its doing and takes all the headache out of web design and development.


    Areas of Expertise

    Online business development

    Corporate & brand identity

    Business Communications

    Products & services presentation

    User Interface Design

    User Centered Design


    Logo design


    Content writing

    Online marketing

    Website maintenance



    Strategic websites

    Large scale websites

    Content management systems

    E-commerce solutions

    Online applications

    Business management tools

  • 12

    A service you can trustWhen you hire Starfish, youre hiring someone with an established track record.

    We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their business goals

    Starfish is an Independent full-service digital agency based in Makati

    We are website specialists (web design / web development)

    Alive and kicking for over 8 years

    A close-knit team of 21 strategic, creative and technical specialists

    80% of all sales are through referral and/or repeat business

    Success through forming long term client/agency partnerships

    All strategic, creative and technical functions are performed in-house

  • 13

    How things get done around hereOur project management methodology

    Starfish follows a Waterfall, and at the same time, an Agile model based on

    User Centered Design. This not only involves an upfront specification, but also

    an upgraded, collaborative, iterative approach.

    Work out how to achieve your goals

    Scope of work brief

    Regular Testing

    Research and Analysis Planning

    Creative ConceptsFeedback

    Design, production and development

    Final QA

    LaunchSet a Budget

    Pricing and payment schedules

    The budget is defined in advance and is tied to an hourly rate. This means that

    there are no hidden costs. You can ask for anything, so long as its within your

    budget. The payment schedule is based upon reach