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  1. 1. From starfish to websiteandFrom website to starfish
  2. 2. A starfish is a representation of a behaviordesign Web site navigation is a collection ofbehaviors Web site design is behavior design Each click on a web site is a behavior Each click must have a trigger Each click must be motivated Each click must be as simple as possible
  3. 3. From starfish to website Diane enters the websiteDiane submits Diane logs in Diane clicks on a photo a new walk Diane clicks onDiane clicks on the map of the her list of walks walk where the photo was takenDiane clicks on the list of top walks Diane downloads Diane printsDiane clicks onthe mapthe map Diane clicks ona walk she has Rate the walk, not yet ratedDiane walks but must the walk register firstDiane rates the walkDiane registers
  4. 4. Implement the starfish on the website Each user action on a web site a is behaviorthat corresponds to a block on the starfish Use behavior design knowledge startingwith B = MAT Keep the starfish up to date during webdevelopment
  5. 5. From website to starfish Design your website to collect trial data Its the paths that users take through the site that we care about For each user we must log each path taken A well designed site should be able to track motivation and ability waves
  6. 6. From website to starfish Identify the types of users by the paths theytake Find the probability of getting to the goalsfor each user type Make a new starfish to improve thatprobability Adjust the site to the new starfish Annotate and keep your dead starfish totrack what works and what doesnt work