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I am working in KWS as a environmental teacher. This presentation is about eco system. To understand all species are related, and even if 1 species dismiss, it will destroy all eco system.


  • 1. Starfish imepotea wapi? Takatoshi AKAI JOCV/231 KWSMalindi Marine Park

2. Sometimes, star fishout break in theocean. They hit hardly tofishery.They are very strong. Even if you cut down star fish and throw away to sea.It will survive and recreate themselves from 1 peace. 3. Seaweed Mytilidae / ShellCellana mazatlandica/ ShellPollicipes mitella/ ShellBarnacle / ShellStarfish 4. 3 months later Mytilidae / ShellPollicipes mitella/ Shell 5. Barnacle!! Get out of here!! Pollicipes mitella / ShellMytilidae / ShellBarnacle!!Get out of here!!Barnacle / Shell 6. Mytilidae / ShellPollicipes mitella/ Shell 7. Seaweed disappeared due to loss offoothold, such asBarnacle / ShellPollicipes mitella / Shell Pollicipes mitella / ShellSeaweed 8. Once seaweed reduced, its predator, such as Mytilidae, and Cellana mazatlandica disappeared, due to no food to eat. SeaweedMytilidae / ShellCellana mazatlandica/ Shell 9. Once some creatures disappeared,other species are also start to disappear.Even they are not related by food chain. 10. Conclusion Among the eco-system, each creaturesconnected each other complicated. So, even take out only 1 species out of itseco-system, it will lead to destroy wholeeco-system.