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StarfishAlyssa Guerrero * Period 3 What is a Starfish?* A starfish or a sea star is an invertebrate animal that lives in the ocean. They are echinoderms that belongs to the class of Asteroidea.

Where do Starfish Live?* Sea stars are mostly found in tropical and temperate oceans around the world.

* They live in a variety of habitats from the intertidal zone to the bottom of the deep seas, but they mostly live in shallow marine environments.What Do Starfish Eat?* Sea stars are carnivores.

*They mostly feed on other invertebrates such as coral, shellfish, clams, and oysters

*They also eat fish and other animals.

*To catch prey they use their tiny suction cupped tubed feet

*Their stomachs then come out of their mouth and the stomach covers the prey to digest it.

Parts of a StarfishRegeneration and Reproduction* Sea stars have the ability to regenerate or re-grow their limbs after they have been removed.

* Their removed limbs can also form into a new starfish on its own.

*This is a form of asexual reproduction.

* Sea stars have the ability to reproduce sexually or asexually.

Starfish Predators* The starfish is preyed upon by many animals.

* Some common predators are: fish, crabs, sharks, humans, and birds.

Star Fish Fun Facts*Sea stars can change their gender if they need or want to.

* Sea stars dont need brains and they dont have blood.

*Starfish or sea stars are not fish.

* Sea stars have eyes.

* They can live up to 35 years.

QuestionsAre sea stars carnivores?

2. Do sea stars have brains?