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  • Social Media & Your UX Portfolio By Roma Wilson, whos a Junior UX Designer looking for opportunities to work on UX related projects.Contact InformationTwitter: @blueswilsonLinkedIn: Roma WilsonEmail:

    Youve put in a tremendous amount of work into building your portfolio site

  • How do get your portfolio out into the digital world?How can you attract potential employers/clients? Now what?

    Well, you can utilize social media to help attract people to your portfolio.

  • Why use Social Media?Social media is a fun tool to help you,Share your portfolio workBuild your network Look for opportunitiesDiscuss UX topics youre passionate about

  • Getting StartedIf you arent sure which sites to use, here are three to start with:

  • LinkedInHave an industry or company you want to network in? LinkedIn is a great place to startYou can join professional groups and expand your online networkAnd become a thought leader by contributing to discussions and publishing articles

  • LinkedIn & Your PortfolioOn your profile page you can add a link to your portfolio site LinkedIn also allows you to add portfolio pieces in the job description section

  • Using LinkedInFill out your entire profileWrite a detailed description that touches on,Your backgroundWhat you doWhat you want to do next

  • Using LinkedIn pt.2Start growing your network by adding friends & colleaguesPick a profile photo that relates to what you want to do**Do not use a selfie for your profile photo**

  • MeetupMeetup can help you find and network with other professionalsYou can find and join UX Design groups such as UXDT You can join groups related to the industry you want to get involved in as a UX Designer

  • Using Meetup Fill out your entire profile pageInclude links to your LinkedIn & Twitter profile, and your portfolioUse the same photo thats on your linkedIn profileLook for UX related groups in your area to join

  • TwitterUse Twitter to keep in contact with the professionals youve meet while networkingYou can link to your portfolio site and share some of what youve worked onYou can share personal aspects about yourself like your hobbies

  • Using TwitterYou only have 140 characters so make them count!Put the link to your portfolio site in your descriptionUse the same profile photo that you use for LinkedIn and Meetup

  • NDAsInformation is sensitive, and NDAs do govern what you can and cant postThe best thing to do is work with your employer/clients to determine what you can/cant shareMaybe your posts can benefit your employer/clients in some wayMost important: if in doubt, dont post it out

  • Final thoughtsIt does take time and effort to build your audienceSocial media is about building relationship not salesEnjoy the experience and have fun!