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  • Ashfaq Amin UX Designer, Researcher +1 604.396.8272

  • BSc. in Computer Science & Engineering

    Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

    2007 2012 2013 2014 2016 2015

    MSc. in Interactive Arts & Technology

    Simon Fraser University (SFU)


    Junior Engineer Mukto Software Ltd.

    Software Engineer Mukto Software Ltd.

    UI Designer Playdom

    (Disney Interactive)

    UX Designer Grameenphone Ltd.

    (Telenor Group)

    Freelance UX Designer via Toptal

    Research Assistant Pain Studies Lab, SFU

    Teaching Assistant IAT 235: Information Design

    About Me


  • Skills

    UX User Studies and Research Prototyping Wireframing UI Design Quantitative Research Methods Qualitative Research Methods Service Blueprint Personas, Scenarios

    Softwares Balsamiq Mockups Axure RP Photoshop, Illustrator Sketch Invision Tableau Unity JMP, SPSS

    Code HTML5/ CSS3 jQuery LaTeX SQL (MySQL) C/C++ (basics) PHP, Python (basics) SASS (learning)

  • Data Gathering App

    The Arc, USA

  • Goals

    For Staff members who will use it to collect data from their clients on-the-go.

    Large amount of data requiring long forms.

    Mobile First

    My Role Ideation Wireframes Prototypes Visual Design High fidelity Mockup

    Software Axure RP Invision Pen and Paper

  • A freelance project

    Collaborated with Marketing team in USA and Dev team in India

  • Identifying Use-cases and User-roles

    Sketching the initial ideas

  • 5 step data collection wizard

  • Interactive Wireframe

  • Interactive Wireframe

  • UI framework built with React for faster development

  • No scope to test with actual users !!

  • First-Time Experience

    Grameenphone Ltd.

    Grameenphone Ltd. is the largest telecom operator in Bangladesh with over 50 million customers and 46% market share.

  • My Role

    Project: First-Time Experience

    Service Design Project

    User Research Interviews Focus Groups Guerrilla tests Personas Scenarios Customer Journey

    IxD Prototyping Detailed guidelines Managing front-end development

    Visual Design UI guidelines Web, Mobile, Print

  • Goal

    Redesign the onboarding process of the new Grameenphone (GP) customers and improve the essential services (internet packages, FnF, SMS, USSD) for the existing customers.

    Reduce the number of calls in customer service by 30%

    Improve GP brand NPS to work towards NPS leader in the market.

  • When a customer buys a GP connection for the first time, instantaneously they should be able to make calls, send sms, browse internet, add FnFs and discover voice and internet packages. Baseline research showed that the first time success rates for these major user tasks were significantly low.

    30% A staggering 70% test users were unable to perform very basic tasks likepackage change, FnF management, internet activation.

    20% Only 20% customers were able to identify their current call rates.

    Identifying the problems through Usability Analysis

  • We were able to increase the success rate for package discovery, and FnF management to more than 70% from 30%. And, we increased the current call rate identification to 90% from 20%

    Significantly Increased Success Rate

    The biggest impact was ~30% reduction in Customer Care calls regarding Package discovery, activation, and FnF management. Customers were able to perform these tasks significantly better regardless of the channel they were using.

    Reduced Calls in Customer Care

    Increased NPS

    We contributed to increase the Brands Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our usability tests showed a significant improvement in the SUS and NPS ratings.


  • Voice Internet


    Web Media Advertisements


    GP Devices

    Smartphone App Customer Support

    First Time Experience was a half-year long project which aimed at improving the whole GP multi-channel experience. I was involved in the UX process for all the channels. However, my major contributions were in the highlighted sections.


  • Previously we had three main personas created by the Product and Marketing teams which were outdated, and did not reflect the needs of Smartphones and Internet Usage. Based on our user research, I helped redefine the personas.

    Redefining Personas

  • Friends-n-Family (FnF) is useful in persuading customers to choose packages. However, FnF packages (all other packages in general) were created on-demand without following a guideline.

    Solving the problems for FnF and Internet


    Processes built on assumptions, but never validated A substantial lack in design-thinking among employees

  • The two most popular methods for activating and managing packages were SMS and USSD. I prototyped the new SMS and USSD formats that significantly improved the accuracy in finding and managing packages.

    Based on the findings of my initial user studies, I simplified the instructions for FnF management. I tested and refined the instructions in 3 iterations. For fast testing and refinement I used Whatsapp during the interview process.


    User Input

    Demo System Response


    30% success With previous USSD instructions success rate was very poor.


    90% success After modification the success rate was 90%

    Solving the problems for FnF and Internet

  • Observing and interviewing users in experience lab (IDI, FGD), in the fields (guerilla tests), at their home (diary studies)

    Solving the problems for FnF and Internet

  • We introduced 'Bangla' as the primary language for communication in web, text messages, USSD, and handsets.

    The Language Barrier

  • Ideation and user flow

    Paper wireframes

    Balsamiq mockups

    Envisioning a One-stop App

  • 60% word reduction

    I designed the final high-fidelity prototype manual in Adobe Photoshop.



    User Manual Redesign

  • Customer Journey

  • A lot of GP customers, especially the ones in the rural areas, buy smartphones sold by GP. Most of these phones are low priced and imported from 3rd party vendors. I made a device guideline so that every time GP brings a new handset to the market there is no need for the UX team to do the inspections. I documented and presented this guideline for all the teams working in GP.


    UX Specifications and Guidelines

  • I identified scenarios of different user groups and made guidelines accordingly.


    To improve the communication on the website about internet packages I created and tested different wireframes layouts.

    Identified process flows in different scenarios and, made guidelines for simplification.

    UX Specifications and Guidelines

  • In the discovery and baseline research phase I conducted in-depth interviews with current costumers to find out existing problems. Also, I conducted usability tests with existing processes and customers. After analysis and documentation, I communicated my findings across all the stakeholder teams in this projects.

  • I conducted Guerrilla Tests with the UX team before and after implementation of the different phases of the project.

    I led focus groups with different customer segments to test GP products across multiple channels.

  • DISCOVERY Stakeholder Interviews

    Card Sorting Surveys

    STRATEGY Personas Scenarios Workflow Maps Customer Journey

    DESIGN Information Architecture

    Wireframes Prototypes

    High-fidelity Mockups UX Specifications and

    Guidelines Implementation

    TEST Lab Evaluation In-depth Interviews Focus Group Guerrilla Tests


    UX Process

  • Portfolio Website Visit my website to get an idea about my UX and Research projects.

  • Thank You. CONTACT +1 604.396.8272